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Review of Multi-Tube Downloader. OnSoftware - get more from software. Completely FREE Software - 32-bit (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7) Text-based Programs, page 10. - Download Free Software. EVEREST Home Edition. EVEREST Home Edition is a system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for home PC users.

EVEREST Home Edition

It offers memory benchmarks, hardware monitoring, and low-level hardware information. The Home Edition will not run on machines connected to a domain. For those, you will need to buy the Professional Edition. Note: EVEREST has gone totally commercial from 1 Dec 2005, so you will no longer be able to download the Home Edition from their website. Microsoft Anna is Windows Vista and Windows 7 Text to Speech voice. Microsoft Anna is the all-new Windows Vista and Windows 7 replacement Text-to-Speech voice.

Microsoft Anna is Windows Vista and Windows 7 Text to Speech voice

Microsoft Anna replaces the older robotic sounding TTS voice known as Microsoft SAM. Microsoft Anna is a major improvement if you are comparing her to Microsoft SAM, she sounds more natural. You cannot download and install Microsoft Anna as it is pre-installed only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Anna only speaks English and is installed on all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default except Chinese releases as they have their own Chinese voice called Microsoft Lili (微软莉莉), which speaks Chinese.

This means if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 English edition, Anna speaks English, and if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 Spanish edition, Anna speaks English. If that sounds unfair to you, we could not agree more. English OS = English TTS voice Spanish OS = Spanish TTS Voice French OS = French TTS voice etc, etc. For TTS voices that support other languages, please see Cepstral. FREEWARE GUIDE - Your Guide to the Best Free Software and Freeware Sites! Web Replay Free 3.5 Freeware download - tested and reviewed software downloads from SnapFiles.

Freeware download categories at fully reviewed and rated. Freeware is a common term for programs that are free to use and keep.

Freeware download categories at fully reviewed and rated

The vast majority of apps you'll find in this section are just that - free. Some authors bundle their software with a sponsored toolbar or similar third party component in order to raise funds for further development. We are very selective when it comes to promotional bundles and only accept a limited range of them. You can read more about our Adware/Spyware policy here. local and remote pc monitoring screen capture tool with image sharing logo design software portrait enhancing software remote control and desktop sharing capture and edit screen captures. Business. AbiWord 2.6This word processor strives to have a user-interface very similar to Microsoft Word - in order for user to easily migrate to AbiWord.


It also support import and export of Microsoft Word documents and... Read more Alfresco 2.1Alfresco (Italian for "outdoors") is an open source, less expensive alternative to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The plentiful ECM (enterprise content management) features of Alfresco rival the... Read more Clonezilla Clonezilla is an open source solution to computer backup, restoration and "ghosting". DataVision 1.1DataVision is an open source reporting tool for almost any database available e.g. Evolution Evolution is an e-mail client built from scratch to be an alternative to Outlook on Linux. Fedora Core 6With it roots and backing in Redhat - Fedora is a easy to use and to configure. IObit Malware Fighter 1.11 Download. Freeware Home - Free Software Downloads.

The Best Free Software of 2010 - Conferencing/VoIP. Conferencing/VoIP 47.

The Best Free Software of 2010 - Conferencing/VoIP

Adobe ConnectNow Part of Adobe's suite of tools, ConnectNow provides you with a meeting room where you can invite up to two users to do some collaborative work. Attendees can share screens, take part in text chats, whiteboard, and video conference via webcam. The free version lets you create up to five PDF files and there is a cap on the size of files. If you'd like to invite additional attendees and get more robust conferencing features, you can upgrade to a monthly or annual plan. Best Windows Software. Windows is bathed in a sea of free applications.

Best Windows Software

Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed. We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software for all your needs. Almost all of the applications are free and you can quickly find what you need by browsing the listed programs by category. Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that’s pre-selected to install. Last updated: December 19 2014 Navigation: Antivirus, Malware Removal, Firewalls, Defragging, File Recovery, Uninstallers, Backup & Sync, PC Maintenance, Browsers, Email Clients, Communication Tools, Image Viewers, Image Editors, Audio Tools, Video Tools, Files & Drives, Online File Storage Tools, Text Editing, PDF Tools, Ebooks, Productivity, Optical & Disc Image Tools, Download Tools, Miscellaneous. Windows Apps Free Download, Download All Must-have Free Windows Apps in One Click.

Free software downloads and software reviews. Top 100 downloads of free software & freeware for Windows XP, Windows 7 & Vista. Freeware Nonags - Free Software Downloads. Find, Create, and Publish Open Source software for free.