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Improve Staff Performance Using Zip POS Reporting Software. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Improve Staff Performance Using Zip POS Reporting Software

With Zip POS Dashboard, It’s Possible to Identify Staff Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Efficiency Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard is POS reporting software that is capable of turning up invaluable company data and offers much more than consumer and financial metrics alone. Zip POS Dashboard Senior Developer today announced the practical applications of the company’s POS reporting software in relation to staff productivity. Now, restaurant and retail managers have a means of discovering where their staff is hitting the mark as well as where they could use some improvement.

“Tracking individual employee performance with free POS reporting software can deliver some surprising insights,” states Zip POS Dashboard’ Senior Developer. “Strengthening the staff team is often as simple as taking a peek at a store’s transaction history and receipts – a little-known fact our company hopes to reveal on a grand scale. A Point of Sale Software Mobile Device for Retail Businesses. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

A Point of Sale Software Mobile Device for Retail Businesses

Free reporting software keeps crucial business data within mobile reach while helping traditional storefronts mold positive shopping experiences Costa Mesa, CA: Today, Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager revealed an additional branch of functionality within its business analytics software. Zip POS Dashboard is capable of providing instantaneous business information, even for businesses utilizing mobile point of sale software. Mobile point of sale software is quickly becoming the backbone of the retail sales experience, according to Zip POS Dashboard’ Product Manager: “The only other device known to reduce checkout wait times, index products into easy-to-find categories, and provide guided customer experiences is the Internet.

Point of sale software development for use with a mobile device has introduced various perks for the retail industry, including elimination of heavy wait times to reach the register. Compatible With Micros Point of Sales System. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Compatible With Micros Point of Sales System

Point of Sale Systems Analytics Provider to Adopt Micros into Family of Supported Transaction Software Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard – trusted software provider known for its downloadable business process management and point of sale systems compatible analysis tools – announced today the upcoming inclusion of Micros into their current web of supported providers. Zip POS Dashboard has previously been compatible for use with Aloha, Xpient, and Hula, and will soon add another widely-recognized provider to this list of congruous brands. Acquired by Oracle in 2014, Micros has since been enhanced to mesh the best aspects of standalone point of sales systems with powerful guest engagement-driving features, resulting in the development of the improved Micros Workstation 6. Of the implications this push to get Micros users up to speed with Zip POS Dashboard will have on the company’s future, the Product Manager had this to say:

Developing the Zip POS Dashboard Mobile App. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Developing the Zip POS Dashboard Mobile App

Web Based POS Software for Business Managers and Owners. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Web Based POS Software for Business Managers and Owners

Zip POS Dashboard Leverages the Cloud to Provide Expert Analytics and Peace of Mind Costa Mesa, CA: Zip POS Dashboard Product Manager today announced the purpose behind the company’s integration of cloud storage with their business analytics software. Leveraging the cloud to store a business’ invaluable data within a web based pos system ensures an added level of security and protection that other analytics providers aren’t able to offer.

“Security is paramount in the digital age,” states Zip POS Dashboard Product Manager. Transforming Cash Registers into Business Analytics. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Transforming Cash Registers into Business Analytics

Zip POS Dashboard Released Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. Requests for a mobile app have been answered.

Zip POS Dashboard Released Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Costa Mesa, CA, December 7, 2015 – Hubworks, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for small business operations, announces today, the release of Zip POS Dashboard’ mobile app for Android and iOS. Mobile apps for Android and iOS were a huge missing piece for the reporting solution offered by Hubworks. One of the great appeals for mobile apps for Zip POS Dashboard is being able to access reports anywhere at anytime. With the mobile apps available for both Android and iOS, managers and owners can stay up to date with their business while they are away from their office or computer. While the design and interface for the software looks impressive on the computer, the mobile design gives it a run for its money.

The reports are just as easy to read and understand on the mobile app as it is on the computer screen. Keep your eye out for new innovative developments and improvements in the future. How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip POS Dashboard - Zip POS Dashboard. Zip POS Dashboard Web Application Goes Live - Zip POS Dashboard. New POS reporting software brings free business analytics to SMBs Costa Mesa, CA – Hubworks, the maker of Zip Schedules and Zip Clock, today announced the release of its new web-based POS reporting software.

Zip POS Dashboard Web Application Goes Live - Zip POS Dashboard

The software turns complex data into smarter data by breaking down the data collected from the POS system and generate various dimensional views. This allows small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers to see and understand trends, patterns, and outliers in their business, and gives them the insight to make smarter business decisions. POS reports can be dry and a bore to look at, and this makes it difficult and unpleasant to draw insight from them.

“Our customers told us they wanted something simple, affordable and easy,” said Hubworks Product Manager Adam Yee. Big Data for Small and Medium Businesses eBook - Zip POS Dashboard. What the Heck is Restaurant Business Intelligence? Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

What the Heck is Restaurant Business Intelligence?

By now, you’re probably sick of the term “Big Data”. To you, it seems like just another thing that’s coming out of Silicon Valley. Every start-up and Fortune 500 company is jumping on board the Big Data wagon, raving about how data analytics is the key to business success. Since you own or manage a restaurant, you might think that Big Data has nothing to do with you. But believe it or not, you’re already an expert on the power of data… You just don’t know it yet.

Your Whole Day is Driven By Data Don’t believe us? Think about all the different things you do as soon as you walk through the doors of your restaurant. You even manage stacks of spreadsheets about the cost of food, inventory, and labor – not to mention employee schedules and special customer requests. All of this information is data – and if you know how to manage it, you can unlock the secrets to a wildly successful restaurant business. What the Heck is Restaurant Business Intelligence? The Definitive Guide to Compare Performance Reports - Zip POS Dashboard. When it comes to comparison shopping, you consider yourself quite the bargain hunter.

The Definitive Guide to Compare Performance Reports - Zip POS Dashboard

For example, when you walk onto a car lot, you know you better come into the sales pitch with an idea of what the other guy’s charging. That way, you can get the best price possible without feeling as though you’ve been duped. When you’re looking to make a big purchase, you better compare the two products so you understand what features you’re getting.

Otherwise, you could end up spending your money on a product that fails to meet your requirements. Yes, when it comes to comparison shopping, you’ve got the game nailed down pretty well. Best Data Reporting Tool for Restaurant Managers. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! If there’s a buzzword that could accurately describe the business world for the past five years, it would be “data”. Business leaders are obsessed with data – and for good reasons. When used properly, data can help a company understand crucial sales knowledge, identify accurate customer ROI, identify and prepare for seasonal trends, and acknowledge superior employee performance. Data can even help business leaders grow successful companies, as all the information in a data report can produce productive employees, better sales numbers, and happier customers.

But maybe you haven’t jumped on the data train yet. Ready for a shock? It’s Not the Size That Counts Data reports aren’t just for big businesses – even a small restaurant can benefit from the kind of data reporting tools we’re about to show you. Is there a seasonal trend that impacts your company’s revenue – and if so, when is it? Labor Costs. Electronic POS Reporting Tool and Application for Business Managers. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

It’s almost a guarantee – whether you’re running a business, managing one, or just working in one, you’re going to come across a host of problems. Maybe your budget runs out before you’ve finished a project. Maybe a key employee decided to up and quit in the middle of implementing a significant strategy. Zip POS Dashboard App for Your Business Decisions. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! As a small business owner, you know that running an efficient and productive organization is critical to your professional success. You don’t exactly have the kind of money that’s rampant in a Fortune 500 company – but you still need the same tools and talent in your organization. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend like a Fortune 500 company to run your business like one. At, we’ve developed a Zip POS Dashboard app that gives you instant, real-time access to the data that matters the most.

The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Understand Your Data. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! What if we told you there’s a way to predict the future of your business – would you believe us? Would you ask us all those burning questions about your company’s future successes? Or would you dismiss the very notion that you predict the rise – or fall – of your company?

If you opted for the latter, we have news for you: It’s possible to make extremely strong predictions as to how your business will do over the course of the next week, month, and even year. How to Make Better Decisions with Zip POS Dashboard App. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Making business decisions is one thing. Making business decisions with confidence is quite another entirely. After all, you can’t exactly predict the future – and that means every decision you make could impact your organization in ways you haven’t foreseen. That’s why the best business leaders use valuable insights from their own data. By aggregating and analyzing company data – whether it’s past sales, email campaigns, or seasonal revenue trends – business leaders can forecast the outcome of most major decisions. Electronic POS Reporting System for Inventory Management.

Understanding the Cost of a New POS System. Restaurant Owners Should Invest in Restaurant Management Software. Enterprises POS System Software and Tools for Restaurant Business. Free POS Reports Software & Business Intelligence Tool. Tablet vs. Traditional POS Systems: Which one is for You? Point of sale (POS) systems have given the restaurant industry a huge boost over the last few years, and as the technology continues to develop, so too will be opportunities that come with it, including faster service, improved payment methods and internet integration. The days of scribbling orders on a pad and passing barely-readable checks through to the kitchen are fast coming to an end, with even the smaller, independent restaurants and cafés choosing to embrace POS systems and all the advantages that they provide.

The question on most restaurateurs’ minds is: “If I’m going to invest in POS systems, should I go mobile or stay traditional?” In truth, it all depends on the type of establishment you are running, and whether or not your services require a mobile device like an iPad or tablet to take orders.