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5 YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know (+5 Extra) - IT Certification Master. Before I ask you about your favorite YouTube channels, I want to share with you my opinion about this type of free learning method. I love social media. Thanks to platforms like LinkedIN or Twitter I have access to news about new technologies or certifications. For IT professionals like you or me, there is something else – YouTube. Yes, YouTube. On this list you can find channels that are updated on regular basis and provide high quality materials. 5 YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know I’m sure you will find something useful in these videos. 1.

This is one of the most interesting YouTube channels I know. 2. Keith Barker is one of the most skillful and funny instrucotrs on the planet. 3. CBTNuggets is a company I trully love. 4. This channel is dedicated to network engineers who think about becoming an expert (CCIE). 5. TrainSignal is also a training company. [Extra] 6. This one was recommended by Rahul. [Extra] 7. Another great channel recommended by Bart Van Den Bremt. [Extra] 8. Why You Should Learn To Code (And How To Actually Do It) - DIY Genius. In the Lost Interview with Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” I like to think of coding as applied math and sciences because it teaches us an iterative approach to solving problems and testing out our ideas.

While I don’t consider myself a coder, apart from HMTL/CSS I don’t code in my daily work, I did find that learning the basics of how to code on CodeAcademy has done wonders for improving my problem solving skills. Now that software is eating the world by automating all kinds of routine jobs, the basic knowledge of how lines of code create the digital worlds we explore every day is becoming a fundamental digital literacy. Coding isn’t particularly easy to learn but that’s exactly why it’s so valuable. Watch the video below to discover why coding is the new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in in 90% of schools. Fortunately, it has never been easier to learn how to code. 800 Free MOOCs from Great Universities (Includes Certificates) Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities. Most offer "certificates" or "statements of completion," though typically not university credit.

A "$" indicates that the course is free, but the credential costs money. (See the key below to understand the credentials offered by each course, and see our MOOC FAQ if you have general questions.) Courses are arranged by start date, while evergreen courses, which can begin whenever you wish, are found at the bottom. Free Courses Credential Key CC = Certificate of Completion CA = Certificate of Accomplishment HCC - Honor Code Certificate VC$ = Verified Certificate VCA$ = Verified Certificate of Accomplishment SA = Statement of Accomplishment SP$ = Statement of Participation CM = Certificate of Mastery NI - No Information About Certificate Available NC = No Certificate February 2019. How to learn more in 2014. Albert Einstein once said, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” It’s one thing to be aware of what’s new in web design, quite another to be in the thick of it actually producing usable designs that solve problems.

To keep up in this industry, You need a heightened sense of curiousity and a desire to keep learning. As a user-centered designer, I literally spend half of my days meeting with stakeholders, peers, and subject matter experts. As the Kano Model reminds us, today’s delights rapidly transform into tomorrow’s minimum expectations from users. It’s not easy keeping up. So what’s your secret, or not so secret, weapon? Let me start by sharing what has worked for me personally, and in turn invite you to reveal where you go when you need to stay up to date. I’m aware that there are many resources out there that I have yet to try, such as Adobe TV, Code Academy, Tuts+, Code School, and others.

Treehouse has also gamified the learning experience for subscribers. MIT Technology Review. 10 Amazing Google Search Hidden Tricks That Will Surprise You. How to search on Google like elite Hackers | Ethical Hacking Tutorials | Hacking guides | Hacking Class. Google is best search engine in the world. Actually people think that Google's popularity is because of its simple and fast searching interface but friends, its more popular because it has rich operators and query support that will make your searching experience even better. Most of us doesn't know which operators are supported by Google and if they know some of them, they doesn't know how actually these operators work and enrich our searching practice.

Today, i will tell you How we can search on Google like elite hackers or simply say computer experts do. But for this its necessary that you should know and understand all the Google operators properly. So lets learn how we can enrich our searching experience in Google. Google operators: Google operators are classified into two basic categories:1. Basic Google Operators:- Advanced Operators:- 1) Intitle :- This operator searches within the title tags. intitle:"index of" returns all pages that have string "index of" in their title. 1. 2. 3. Themes for Twitter Bootstrap - WrapBootstrap. The complete list of Windows Logo keyboard shortcuts. When it comes to keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows 7, I admit to being a bit of a novice. I fall back on the menu system or, now that it is available by default in Windows 7, I use the search box located on the Start Menu.

But, as the following list shows us, there are definitely opportunities for increased efficiency within the matrix of keyboard shortcuts. One of the more powerful, and probably least used, set of keyboard shortcuts involves the Windows Logo key, which is common on most keyboards packaged with a Windows-based personal computer these days. Table A lists the keyboard shortcut combinations associated with the Windows Logo key and what each combination will do. Take a good look, because there may be a key combination or two you can use regularly that will make your computing life just a little more efficient. Table A - Source Microsoft Also read: Mark W.

Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites. 5 Sites Providing Free IT Certification Training. Image Source: There are so many IT certifications out there; where do you start? What if the expensive study guide you buy ends up being the wrong track for you? Why don’t you start with what’s free? There’s no shortage of Websites offering courses in certifications in video or e-book form.

The ones listed below are free and have no obligation. They don’t give you free tests, though some might have sample tests available. ProProfs free resources include a great deal of subject matter as well as thorough study guides, practice questions, and basic information like how much the tests cost and where to take them. Professor Messer The good professor offers a bunch of online video courses in entry level IT careers.

W3Schools You can use W3Schools as a quick reference to find that HTML tag you can’t quite remember, but you can also use it as a guide to earn Web development certifications. SeachSecurity Guest Post by: About Guest Guest Author has written 116 post in this blog. 100 Vim commands every programmer should know. SAP's Next Enterprise Software Journey. Datamation: IT Management, IT Salary, Cloud Computing, Open Source, Virtualization, Apps.

Graphical Network Simulator - GNS3. Open Source Hardware Junkies. 100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know. If someone asks you, off the top of your head, what search engines you use or know off, chances are you’ll be naming the regulars: Google, Bing, Yahoo. The Internet however is a really big place and there are plenty more search engines out there that can cater to very specific requirements. General Search Engines We’re skipping the search engines that everyone know about so you won’t be seeing Google, Yahoo or Bing in this list. Here are many other alternative search engines available out there. <img src=" width="800" height="400" alt="ecosia">Pin itMyWebSearch – MyWebSearch is search engine that shows results from Google.

Regional Search Engines <img src=" width="800" height="400" alt="najdi">Pin itSearch Nigeria – Search Nigeria is a web based portal and search engine. Kid-Safe Search Engines Social Media Search Engines. Firefox Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts. 70 Free Useful Portable Applications You Should Know. Editor’s note: This post has been updated with more apps and fixed links. Portable apps are the software requiring no installation unlike usual executable apps yet recall your history and configuration options unlike zipped apps. In this post, we’re showcasing the top 100 useful portable apps that you can carry in a pen drive or your phone’s storage or SD card. 30 Must-Have Free Windows Tools 30 Must-Have Free Windows Tools Windows is the most popular operating system for desktops, so it's no surprise that it supports a plethora…Read more Portable apps for Windows platform lets you carry your favorite apps along with you on the go – with all the data and settings, ready to be launched at a click on any computer running Windows XP or above.

Development Apps Geany Portable. Notepad++ Portable. Pin it Database Browser Portable. Cppcheck Portable. NSIS Portable. Sqliteman Portable. XAMPP. Education Apps Artha Portable. Marble Portable. Stellarium Portable. TIPP10 Portable. AniFX Portable. 50 Best Portable Apps (Windows/Mac/Linux) Do you travel very often to client place and use different computers? If yes, then make sure your USB drive is loaded with some common tools that can make your life much easier. I have compiled a list of 50 portable tools that you can carry on your USB or flash drive. 1. Foxit PDF Reader – What if Acrobat Viewer is not installed on customer’s PC. Always carry Foxit reader to read PDF files. 2. Pidgin – For multi-network chat pidgin is the best option. 3. uTorrent – Always carry a torrent client in your flash drive. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 7-Zip Portable – No need to install winrar or winzip. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. iKill – The most common source for spreading virus across computer is none other than USB drive or pen drive. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Tagged as: Application and Software, USB, Utilities. Hackety Hack! Internetworking Technology Handbook   [Internetworking. Internetworking Technology Handbook - Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News. 101 Most Useful Websites You Dont Know About. Basic Unix Commands - SHellium Wiki. This is a list of common Unix commands along with examples. Unix commands you need to know. First of all, for every command there are more options, which can be investigated by typing <command> --help or man <command>. Basic Unix commands: File Commands ls The list command. Ls -a The list command followed by -a. Ls -l The list command followed by -l. The list command followed by -i. Ls -i ln ln <src><dest> The link command creates a hard link. Ln -s <src><dest> The link command followed by -s.

See full man page at: rm The remove command. Rm my_file The remove recursivly command. Rm -rf mv mv The move command can move a file to a new directory or rename the file. cp cp The copy command. Cp my_file /newdirectory/ tar To archive files together tar -czf <archive name><file1><file2> To extract .gz archives tar -zxvf <archive_filename> chown To change the owner of a file chown <user><file> chmod To change the modes of a file (man chmod is suggested to find out the modes) dd find gzip sed.

101 Free Admin Tools. We know administrators love tools that make life easier – especially when they’re free! So here are 101 of them! System and network analysis 1. NTFS Permissions Explorer Using this MMC snap-in you can quickly visualize the user and group permissions of a local or remote folder or drive in a hierarchical format to help identify problems. 2. Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful Wi-Fi management and troubleshooting tool that allows you to locate and verify Wi-Fi devices, detect rogue Access Points, troubleshoot connections, and search for Wi-Fi networks. 3. Whois performs a lookup of the registration information of a given IP address or domain name. 4. ShareEnum allows you to scan and view the security settings of file shares on your network. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Introduction to Unix and Linux - tutorial. Forty-Three of The Best Free Windows Enhancements That You Should Know About. There is an impressive range of excellent freeware Windows enhancements and tweaks. This posting will present forty three excellent additions to Windows that you will like. When I first thought of this post, I more or less knew what programs I wanted to list here. The common theme that brought these together was that they were all really cool Windows “enhancements”: i.e. apps that tweak or change the way we work with files, folders, applications, or the system environment itself (or, apps that brings functionality to the Windows environment that could or should have been a built-in option in Windows Two more things to say before presenting the list itself; the first is that this list might not include some well known titles because in some cases I shied away from Windows enhancement apps that try to do many things at once in favor of simpler, more straightforward ones.

Note: this post took a long time to write, so please Stumble or Digg! Here’s the list: A clone is NOT a copy. The Geek Stuff.