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Best Java IDE to do more high-quality code in less time. Java 8 & Java EE 7 Support Straightforward User Interface Editor New Features New Tools for Android Developers Refined Gradle Integration New Tools for Database Access IntelliJ IDEA 13.1, the Java IDE with the fastest-growing mindshare, includes support for Java 8 and Java EE 7, new tools for Android development, the editor enhancements, and refined Gradle integration. IntelliJ IDEA 13 adopts Java 8 and Java EE 7, the latest versions of Oracle's Java language and enterprise platform, along with support for new versions of enterprise application servers. The new editor comes with Sublime Text style multiple selections and also introduces Postfix code completion, a new kind of completion for Java which extends your productivity even more. IntelliJ IDEA 13.1, the Java IDE with the fastest-growing mindshare, includes enhanced support for Java EE 7, better Spring support, new tools for Android development and refined Gradle integration.

Intellij vs. Eclipse. Choosing the right IDE can make you or break you as a coder. Most developers would be lost without the comfort of their preferred IDE, which takes care of classpath, make files, command line arguments, etc. The problematic dependence on the IDE, while very beneficial, is off topic and a discussion for another post. We concentrate on 2 main platforms, Eclipse and Intellij Community Edition, comparing them, mainly in the Java SE context. Disclosure: Nadav uses Intellij on a regular basis, and Roi uses Eclipse. Walking through history lane, Eclipse is around since 2001, while the real major release was Eclipse 3.0 in 2004. We use Java as our main development language. Plugins: Eclipse marketplace offers 1,276 plugins, and the Intellij Plugin Repository offers 727 plugins.

For a conclusion, a programmer should be able to find the right tool given a specific task. References: Intellij vs. Tool Suite - The Best Development Tool for Enterprise Java. Eclipse - The Eclipse Foundation open source community website.