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Steve Cutts - Home. Josh Worth Art & Design. Isaac Cordal - Cement Eclipses - Urban Art. SOPHIA WALLACE Conceptual Artist based in NYC - Άδάμας. - Art And Illustrations Concept Art, Illustration Jobs - Damon Hellandbrand - Windsor, Ct. Eric Standley. Guillaume Cornet - Illustration. Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM)

Exceptional exhibits are highlighted each quarter.

Partners The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM)

Selections from previous seasons are archived here. Please consider joining our MoOM Board of Directors won't you? You'll receive some nice swag and can lord it over your less civic-minded friends. Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum has embraced the web like no other major arts institution. 150,000 works are beautifully scanned and available for "patrons" to search, download, remix, and pretty much do with whatever they like. Check The Rijks Studio project Sometimes the name of a site is all we need to know that it belongs in The MoOM. like this for example, The Space Food Hall of Fame from NASA.

From Will Schofield's excellent 50 Watts comes a series of warnings and admonitions about Dutch workplace safety. Kenglye's deviantART gallery. Damien Hirst. Jonas Mekas. Andrew brodhead. Natalia Rojas. My Modern Metropolis. Space and Culture › Welcome to Space and Culture – the international journal and weblog dedicated to social spaces of all kinds. Design and the Elastic Mind. Lars Spuybroek. Art in Context - Index. Milas Kütüphane Otomasyon Sistemi 4.703.293. Cinemagraphs. There are times when, while lurking the web – or as I like to call it – conducting online research, you may stumble upon deliciously awesome work that makes you stop, pay attention and want more… This happened to me recently when I discovered the fuckin’ (yes, so good, it made me curse) stunning collaborative work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.


Jamie (Photography), and Kevin (Web Design/Motion) worked together creating beautiful and intricate animated gifs they called Cinemagraphs. Utilizing an old technique to create something new and beautiful with such attention to detail and love is truly impressive and inspiring! Hylozoic Ground - Home. Patricia Piccinini. Sky Series Selected Works 2011. / Çağdaş Müzemani / Türkiye'de 2002-2012 Arası Müze Girişimleri Dökümü. Çağdaş zamanlarda insanlık bir müze salgınına tutuldu.

/ Çağdaş Müzemani / Türkiye'de 2002-2012 Arası Müze Girişimleri Dökümü

Dünya adeta bir müzemani yaşıyor ve bu müzemani giderek Türkiye’yi de sarıyor. Peki neden acaba? Eğer en temelinde müze bir tarih sahnesiyse, aniden bir tarih düşkünlüğüne mi kapıldık? Yoksa Fukuyama gibi birçoklarının iddia ettiği gibi, 1989’da Berlin duvarının yıkılması ve Soğuk Savaş’ın sonuyla tarih sona erdi de, “ne kurtarabilirsek kârdır” derdine mi düştük? Bu müze çılgınlığı sırasında açılan yeni müzeler, müzeleşmenin altın çağı sayılan 19. yüzyılda açılan Louvre gibi, Berlin Altes gibi “evrensel müzeler”den ve hemen hemen her Batı başkentinde açılan “ulusal müzeler”denfarklı. 20. yüzyılda açılan ve en bilinen örneği New York MoMA olan modern müzelerden de farklı.

O zaman, adları, sanları, markaları, bedenleri, maddî ya da fikrî her şeyi müzeleştiren bu ‘tarihe karşı’ tarih nöbetini nasıl açıklamalı? E-Dergi, Sanat Tarihi. Art History Today. I must have known Hasan Niyazi for about four to three years, though we never met more’s the pity.

Art History Today

Thinking back on the exchanges we had, I got the impression that he was taking a long time to get used to Poussin. That’s true for many people! One thing I do recall is that Hasan was fascinated by a remark that Poussin is reported – by Bellori- to have made that Caravaggio was brought into the world to destroy painting. Hasan was intrigued, perplexed and agitated by this remark as Caravaggio was one of his favourite artists on TPP.

Go here for a sample of his writing on Caravaggio. As for Poussin’s view of Raphael via De Piles who is surfacing in the debate about liking or disliking Raphael, I strongly suspect that Hasan would have been exercised by the remark about Raphael and the ancients. Poussin and Raphael. STREET ART UTOPIA - We declare the world as our canvas. KATALIST. Ayşe Erkmen. Journal Of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory #1 (1997-99) Arts. Dream Worlds Revealed On Canvas. Along with some magnificent dreams, Jacek Yerka finds inspiration for his masterful paintings from his childhood memories: the places, remembered feelings and smells of 1950′s Poland.

Dream Worlds Revealed On Canvas

He studied fine art and graphic design before becoming a full time artist in 1980… and we’re glad he did. His paintings will take you through incredible worlds of imagination, bending reality in captivating and clever ways fit to inspire a novel or film. See many more examples of his find paintings at See Also ENDEARING MONSTER DRAWINGS POP FROM THE SCREEN Via: ISTANBUL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Sanat İçin Alan.

The Largest Public Art Event Ever! - Art By Chance Ultra Short Film Festival. SALT. The Museum of Modern Art.


INTERIORS (PAGE FOR RENE MAGRITTE) Pleasure 1927 The Lovers 1928 False Mirror 1928 The Treason of Pictures 1929 Los Angeles County Museum of Art The Human Condition 1935 Oil on canvas Simon Spierer Collection, Geneva.


The Discovery of Fire 1935. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Bassano is easily the least known of the great painters of sixteenth-century Venice—a galaxy that includes Giorgione and Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese, and Lorenzo Lotto.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Why this should be so is not altogether clear, for he was an artist of remarkable originality and in his lifetime enjoyed a European reputation. However, the fact that he chose to remain in his native Bassano del Grappa, northwest of Venice, and there established a family practice that included his sons Francesco... High quality art prints, canvases, postcards, mugs.


DeviantART: where ART meets application! Artsy Magazine. ArtLex Art Dictionary. I AM NOT AN ARTIST - AN ANIMATED GIF PARANOIA ABOUT NONSTOP DESIGN WORKERS. We Feel Fine / by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar. Arts. Çağdaş sanat neye yarar ya da huzursuz ruhlardan öğreneceğimiz ne var? «Entarteti Kunst» Düşünmeye ihtiyacınız, arzunuz, haliniz yoksa çağdaş sanat size hiçbir şey söylemez.

Çağdaş sanat neye yarar ya da huzursuz ruhlardan öğreneceğimiz ne var?

Söylemediği gibi, bu saçma sapan şeyleri sanat diye yutturmaya kalkanların sizi aptal yerine koyduğu hissi, ortak bir kanıya dönüşür. Sıkılan zenginler için bir tür eğlence midir bu (yoksa neden büyük sermaye çağdaş sanatla bunca iç içe olsun), küçük burjuvazinin kültürel iyi niyetinden faydalanan bir faaliyet alanı mı (entelektüel oyalanmanın, süslemenin başka bir biçimi mi)? Çağdaş sanata bu şekilde bakmadan önce unutmamamız gereken bir şey var. Düşünmeye gerçekten ihtiyacımız var mı? Düşünme faaliyeti, insanı akıldan ibaret sayan kartezyen ilkenin, cogito ergo sum, « düşünüyorum öyleyse varım » ilkesindeki zorunlu/gerekli/yeterli bir varlık koşulundan fazlasını gerektirir. Kutluğ Ataman’ın Mezopotamya Dramaturjileri sergisini gezmeye giderken, önceki deneyimlerimden kaynaklanan izlenimim, yine bir yandan irkilten, bir yandan tuhaf bir şekilde içine alan işlerle karşılaşacağımdı.

Junkculture. Art in the - An introduction to art history.