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Pyro & Destruction

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Wall "Brick" Impact System.....Test. Explosion v04. Detailed Version. Particles & Smoke containers. Custom Smoke Solver Asset with Particle Source. Debris bounce. Coke can disintegration expirements - od[forum] - Page 1.6. Thanks Peter!

coke can disintegration expirements - od[forum] - Page 1.6

In fact, I solved the "floating island" last night by using a method similar to your suggestion using a connectivity and partition and a foreach loop to assign a primnum attribute *the number of primitives* in that group, and if that number is under a given thresh hold, I delete those prims. How to emit fire from texture? How to light objects with fire? Emit smoke from particles. Pclaes, on Jul 8 2009, 06:48 PM, said: This is a pretty cool workflow !

Emit smoke from particles

However, I was advised not to use it because you don't have a lot of control over how the voxels sample the particles and therefore when you upres the results become different.I've just implemented a different way to transfer attributes from particles/points in sops. I, Houdini: Deforming RBDs. Simple setup that uses a SOP solver and deforms the geo at points of impact.

I, Houdini: Deforming RBDs

The impact data is already available in the SOP solver, the normal is the impact direction and there is a pscale attribute for the magnitude of the impact. In this setup I just used attributeTransfer to get the impact data onto the mesh, then a vopsop to deform the mesh. There is a minimum impact so that resting objects don't get deformed. Also I divide the impact magnitude by the mass... the heavy box was denting itself from just resting there. Houdini - Impact deformation for RBDs from Sam Hancock on Vimeo. Also going to try getting some volume preservation going on!

Transfer Point Attributes to Volumes. Thanks for your comments and support.

Transfer Point Attributes to Volumes

I'm in the process of converting that example into a digital asset - so you almost have a "atribute transfer sop" from sops to volumes. - and so it works with scalar and vector volumes, float and vector attributes. If you combine that with the wet maps/sop solver digital asset that Jason made in this thread: with this asset: You can get some pretty cool results I think. -- Well at some point you are building a simplified version in sops of what really is done inside of the solvers in dops. The main reason I want to transfer attributes is to define those volume fields so I can feed them into the solver.

Link this with some of the trail tutorials on my dvd and you get some sweet possibilities. Anyway, when it's done I will post some of this here or on odforce, might put that asset on the exchange. Particle rasterization to voxel grid. 'johner', on 31 Mar 2009 - 11:03 PM, said: This is actually something I've been wondering about, so I went ahead and created an example.

Particle rasterization to voxel grid

Create hollow cavities within fracture object. Top ten basic things about dynamics. Workflow question: Activating RBD objects over time. Impact Dust. Animating a crack up a wall in houdini. Voronoi - dynamic - location based fracture (WIP) - od[forum] - Page 6. Aaron Caswell. Simulation of destruction. High Resolution Explosion. 'pclaes', on 27 Feb 2011 - 2:35 PM, said: Hey Ahmad,I asked Julien to have a look at it and he suggested the following:In order to get your volume to expand more, you can scatter points in it on every frame and have those points add to the divergence field.

High Resolution Explosion

You could choose to use your vorticles too. You can also scatter vorticles on the edge of the fluid at every frame to break up the edges of your smoke volume. (So you would have two sets of vorticles, 1) which flows and gets advected with the simulation and another set which just advects the edges (and gets regenerated each frame) -- basically you scatter points only on the edges where your "density < 0.3" for example.)

(gas particle to field will help you transfer values). Hey Peter, Thanks, this is definitely working better already. Gas Vorticle DOP does not seem to import vorticles every frame, only the start frame, any way around that? I'll attach a file soon! Thanks a load:) p.s. Explosion. Here are some basic pyro tips on sources.


Always flip the various field visualization tabs on and off on the Smoke Object DOP. Create a floating parm pane or some other way to keep this up all the time. It is very common to toggle off Multi Field and turn on temperature, fuel, divergence, burn, heat, velocity (especially velocity) and the others so you can see what is happening in the sim.

Source Emitter is everything for the first 3-5 frames For the first 3-5 frames of the explosion, the source geometry is everything! By default the shelf tool creates hollow emitters. Add Point Velocities Add initial point velocities normalized in SOPs and then scale them up in DOPs. With the emitter roughed in, go to DOPs and tweak the combustion settings. You can call it a day and start tweaking out the pyro sim settings to get a nice explosion. See explosion_basics.hip.