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20071100_ic__2007. Top Ten Social Media Aggregators. As the popularity of social media has grown, so have the number of networks to update and track across platforms.

Top Ten Social Media Aggregators

What is right for you? How can you better manage all your content and networks under one umbrella service? For the hundreds of thousands of businesses that have made the move toward incorporating social media into their business - the guiding principle should be - streamline, streamline, streamline. This TOP TEN list of social media aggregators will provide users with some insight as to which one(s) are currently gaining traction and those that might work best for you and/or your company. At the end of the blog, please take our POLL and let us know which aggregator(s) you prefer. 1- Google Buzz With all the flack Google Buzz received at launch regarding crossing the line on some privacy issues (see When the service is accessed with a supported mobile device, Buzz will tag posts with the user's current location. 2- Microsoft's Spindex. Welcome to Namesake. Social Networking: The Future.

Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.”

Social Networking: The Future

Social Networking: The Present. Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.”

Social Networking: The Present

Read Part I first, this one, and then Part III. Follow him on Twitter @msuster. This series is an adaptation of a recent talk he gave at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking.” You can watch the video here , or you can scroll quickly through the Powerpoint slides embedded at the bottom of the post or here on DocStoc. Social Networking in Web 2.0: Plaxo & LinkedIn In my last post, I discussed the origins of social networking online, beginning with CompuServe, Prodigy, the Well, then the rise of AOL, Geocities and Yahoo Groups. And come after they did. And importantly Web 2.0 ushered in the era of “participation” – we all know that. But the masses didn’t want to blog. Modern Social Networking: Friendster, MySpace & Facebook Except that MySpace didn’t handle images or video well. Enter Facebook. Social Networking: The Past. 10 Enterprise Social Networking Obstacles - The BrainYard. Why wouldn't every organization flock to the vision of an agile, transparent, people-centered, and collaborative team?

10 Enterprise Social Networking Obstacles - The BrainYard

Let's count the reasons. I enjoy telling enterprise 2.0 success stories, and I've told a lot of them over the past year. Success stories are seductive because they are much easier to obtain than stories about social business failures. Vendors serve up success stories on a silver platter, whenever they can convince a customer to serve as a reference. 6 Interesting Tools For Enterprise Social Network.

List of social networking websites. This is a list of major active social networking websites and excludes dating websites (see Comparison of online dating websites).

List of social networking websites

For defunct social networking websites, see List of defunct social networking websites. This list is not exhaustive, and is limited to notable, well-known sites. The Alexa website rankings are from various time periods. See also. Screenshot of Microsoft "TownSquare" - Social Networking at Work. We mentioned Microsoft TownSquare today, the new offering from Microsoft for internal social networking and document sharing, and we have a screenshot for you to check out.

Screenshot of Microsoft "TownSquare" - Social Networking at Work

From what we can see it looks like you get a steady stream of activity based on employee which is really, really cool and helpful, along with an RSS feed to track the activity. From a project management standpoint, this is a huge. We'll keep an eye out for more info and keep you up to date. Is this something you would want to use at work, or would it creep you out? Be sure to check out Microsoft Office Labs too. 3 Social Media Aggregators That Bring It All Together. Thanks to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and a host of other social media services, people are more connected than ever.

3 Social Media Aggregators That Bring It All Together

But keeping up with all the tweets, posts, and status updates isn't easy, because they often come from a variety of social media sites. So how do you connect the different services that keep you connected? How do you steer all of that stuff to one spot on the Web where it's a snap to manage? New tools called social media aggregators have risen to address that challenge. Business Handbook - OnTheSystem (tsWB Strategies, Inc.) The Enterprise Social Network. Knowledge Sharing - The "New" Power in the Enterprise. I grew up with the concept that knowledge is power and that hoarding knowledge could lead to a strong power base in an organization.

Knowledge Sharing - The "New" Power in the Enterprise

That's not an unusual view from the recent past and fits a hierarchical structure inside a pre-information age company. In the old structure information generally flowed in one direction and had to pass many choke points. In the days of interoffice mail, bulletin boards, and face to face meetings it's easy to see how information could pool at certain points. All a manager had to do was not pass it along and that effectively created his information hoard. Hoarded information could then be used when and where it was most beneficial for the individual who controlled it. As computers invaded the workplace and we started to connect computers, first internally and then eventually through the Internet externally as well, companies tried to implement "collaboration" solutions.

Corporation 20/20 - Designing for Social Purpose. Business Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking.