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Creative Agency, Branding & Packaging Design. Creative Agency, Branding & Packaging Design. Creative Agency, Branding & Packaging Design. Florence and Mary. Healing Gemstone Massage Oils by earthoils. Bath body goodness by seagrapesoap. About THEOCTOBERUNION. Botanical Magic Handmade In California by THEOCTOBERUNION. About Yoshimomo. Oil Cleanser Oil Cleansing Method Natural by BotanicalBuddha. Milk and Honey Face Mask with Liquid Mask Base. by AngelsandSages.

Acknowledgement Font. Studio apothecary branding. Ursa Major - Super Natural Skin Care. Free Font Source Serif Pro by Adobe. This license can also be found at this permalink: Copyright 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated ( with Reserved Font Name ‘Source’.

Free Font Source Serif Pro by Adobe

All Rights Reserved. Source is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at: —————————————————————————————- SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1 - 26 February 2007—————————————————————————————- Ornate Apothecary Labels: Free Printables. Once again I’ve teamed up with to bring you some fantastic goodies- I think you’re really going to like these!

Ornate Apothecary Labels: Free Printables

They are five separate sheets of blank border labels in lots of sizes I designed using graphics pulled from some of my favorite antique resource books, such as old rubber stamp catalogs, printer cut catalogs and advertisements found in very early 20th century magazines. Below is just a sampling of the many designs. You can download the free label designs, which have been prepared as fillable PDF files (which means you can type in the labels following the instructions,) over at’s blog. Print the files to full sheet label stock, trim with scissors, a craft knife, or paper trimmer to use in so many ways, from decorating bottles, boxes and things, to gift tags, to product labels. Chivas Skin Care - Calming Goat Milk Facial Creme Fragrance Free - 2.17 oz. More on glycerin and psoriasis.

Last week, I wrote about my experience treating psoriasis with inexpensive vegetable glycerine.

More on glycerin and psoriasis

I want to briefly follow up on things I’ve since learned, some comments and some questions. The Research The folks on the Inspire forum are amazingly helpful (a hallmark of any ePatient community!). I’ve was pointed to BrianFH who is believed to be the progenitor on the topic. In this post, BrianFH lays forth his hypothesis on why glycerin is effective in treating psoriasis.

Many of the early posts on Inspire related to glycerin point to a few key journal articles and news sources. News Sources. Is it Time for a New Approach to Paediatric Eczema? I have specialised in working with babies and children with eczema – and other skin conditions – for the past 10 years. first as a research analyst in a large Pharmaceutical company – working with off licence immuno suppressive drugs and latterly as a homeopath, slight change of career there!!

Is it Time for a New Approach to Paediatric Eczema?

It was never something I intended to do, rather something I fell into and found profoundly interesting. I think as mum to four young children myself lots of parents resonated with me so when I set up my own homeopathic clinic and drew in my first patient – a 1yr old suffering with severe eczema – word spread and I quickly became known as “the lady that treats childhood skin problems” and have seen a steady stream of baby eczema referrals ever since over the years.

One thing I have learnt is how stressful living with a baby with eczema can be. So, what can make a difference? What is Polysorbate 80? - Ingredients - Honestly... The Honest Company Blog. This is part of our ongoing series helping consumers better understand chemicals, chemistry, and product formulations.

What is Polysorbate 80? - Ingredients - Honestly... The Honest Company Blog

We translate the science, bust the myths, and give you an honest assessment, so you can make informed choices for your family! Make your own cosmetics courses, home study and workshops. Sucragel Recipes Sucragel is a 100% natural, preservative free, oil-thickening and emulsifying liquid based on sugar chemistry.

Make your own cosmetics courses, home study and workshops

It has the ability to transform almost any oily ingredient into a clear oily gel. It can also be used to make body and bath milks, scrubs, lotions and creams. Unlike the majority of other liquid emulsifiers, our 100% natural liquid emulsifier - Sucragel - is colourless and odourless. Free Font Source Code Pro by Adobe. This license can also be found at this permalink: Copyright 2010, 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated ( with Reserved Font Name ‘Source’.

Free Font Source Code Pro by Adobe

All Rights Reserved. Source is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. Pestle & Mortar WordPress Theme. Video Installation Pestle & Mortar offers a clean, fresh layout.

Pestle & Mortar WordPress Theme

Huge amounts of white space to allow your content to speak for itself without distraction. Ana goes green... Smells like a Green Spirit: Little gems: Ravenscourt Apothecary. The Shocking Truth: Customers Don't Want to Engage With Your Company. The conversation around brand loyalty has been on a steady decline since the advent of social media.

The Shocking Truth: Customers Don't Want to Engage With Your Company

Ever since the term "engagement" snuck into the picture, marketers have been blowing smoke about how important it is to regularly engage with customers, touting the untold benefits of regular contact. The problem is that this belief couldn't be further from the truth. Rocaille Writes. Lemon Verbena Shea Butter Cream Natural Body by FrogGoesToMarket. Pioneer Woman Actions UPDATE! I had a little wrinkle with the downloadable action files last week, but just got it all ironed out.

Pioneer Woman Actions UPDATE!

I wanted to provide these UPDATED (as of March 2, 2010) download links for those of you who’ve had trouble getting them to work. These are CS4-compatible, which means there might be decreased functionality for older versions of Photoshop (though most actions should work fine.) Lily Pebbles: THE BUDGET CLEANSING OIL. I've declared my love for the NUDE Cleansing Oil time and time again.

It's ability to remove makeup quickly always amazes me but finding something similar at the cheaper price has always proven difficult. Around a month ago The Body Shop sent me the Camomile Cleansing Oil to try out and after a month of testing I can confirm, it really is great. With just one pump you can evenly distribute the product working it into your skin and eyes.

Natural Skin Care Oils: Essential to Clear Blemishes and Combat Aging. 295001-newbie-question-16mp-images. I believe there are solutions for the problems you are facing. First of all if your comparing the Lumia 930's camera to that of iPhone 5S's camera, opt for 4:3 to get 19 Megapixel images. iPhone also uses 4:3.Furthermore if you want to upload high resolution images to OneDrive, you have to switch to the 5 + 19 MP JPEG. Then you must go to settings > applications > photos+camera > Auto-Upload > OneDrive. After your there enable Auto upload and set image quality to high(as I've done in the below photo). There is another way if you want to completely remove the 5 MP JPEGs. Download an app called 1shot by Invoke IT Limited, it allows you take one uncompressed 19 Megapixel image that you are free to edit or share, the 1shot app also has continuous focus so it will snap photos much faster.

Automatically saving photos and videos from your Windows Phone to OneDrive. Looking for a set-it-and-forget-it way of backing up the photos and videos you take on your Windows Phone? Just set your phone to automatically save them all to Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) at full or reduced resolution. That way, even if your phone ends up at the bottom of a lake, your memories will be safe and sound in the cloud. To automatically save photos and videos to OneDrive In the App list, tap Photos .

Tap More , then tap Settings. Notes If you choose Good quality, your photos or videos may be uploaded to OneDrive using your mobile data plan, which may incur charges. Minimalist Beauty. Essential Nokia Lumia 1020 : An Essential Quick Start Guide. Nokia Lumia 1020 : An Essential Quick Start Guide by Josh St. Corps organique huile No.2 paix 100ml par ApothecaryOils. Aziz Light Apothecary par AzizLightApothecary. Raven Symbolism - Raven Meanings. Raven Symbolism and Deeper Meaning of the Raven If you're looking for raven symbolism pertaining to ill omen, death or other gruesome turns of thought, look elsewhere.

There are plenty sources to feed macabre minds, and malign the raven. It's not that I'm a big advocate of raven energy, and even if I were, it wouldn't matter because the raven needs no champion. Organique de rajeunissement Facial Toner nouvelle formule par Zria. MEN'S AFTERSHAVE SALVE Healing Proctecting par UrbApothecary. Natural plantbased skincare handmade to order par PLANTSkincare. 100 Natural Plant Based Luxury Skin Care. par HerbivoreBotanicals. Hart and Hawthorn. NATURAL VEGAN PRODUCTS FOR BATH BODY AND HOME by TOKYOFACTORY. HawkianCo Natural Deodorants Skincare & Mobiles by HawkianCo. Hold Fast Beard Oil 2oz by SoapboxGypsy. Left Field Cider Co. Modern Alchemist. Sensible Supplies. How to Make Decisions - How to Decide. Printed Labels, Foil Labels & Product Label Printing. Start-Ups Need a Minimum Viable Brand - Denise Lee Yohn. By Denise Lee Yohn | 1:00 PM June 13, 2014 Sometimes it seems like Steve Jobs’ notorious reality distortion field has extended to all of Silicon Valley.

Featured Shop: Ravenscourt Apothecary. I’m Tanya Kuznetsova, and I’m the force behind Ravenscourt Apothecary, a small botanical apothecary in London. Web Design Trend Showcase: "Tools of the Trade" Every so often strange trends appear in the web design industry. One of those little trends is the presentation of “tools of the trade” on the forefront of the website, where a series of objects that relate to a specific industry are neatly laid out on a tabletop, or a product is shown during its production.

Antique and Rustic Labels. Handmade Natural Body Care. Locally Inspired Natural Bath and Body Apothecary. Fashion, Beauty & Craft DIYs Blog: April 2014. So brows are, in my opinion, one of the key elements to make up; they can really make a look complete. Like many redheads, I have quite fair eyebrows, and yet because my hair is a very dark auburn, for me it's super important I have groomed eyebrows, otherwise my eyes would get a little lost! Brummell Shave Creme. Best know for his sharp wit, book-smart manners and impeccable sense of style, George Bryan Brummell was the quintessential English dandy. His way of life may be a thing best kept in the 1800s but his self-indulgent grooming habits are something modern men could learn from.

It was said that the eccentric Mr. Apothecary. Natural remedies, produced in small batches.


ハーバル アロマ フレッシュ ハンドジェル 40mlポーチ付き カモミール. Isa's Restoratives - Skin Care. Handmade organic soap and organic skincare. The Peacock Apothecary. What's The Most Important Marketing Question In The World? Why people focus on the right-hand side of a design. In Western culture, we've always been told to design left to right to help guide users. Don’t Waste Your Time on Inspiration. Blessed Day font by Billy Argel. Logo Design Premade Photography Watermark Hand by mollysuelogos.

Aster + Bay. Fulton's Apothecary. "This unique hand lotion from Fulton‘s Apothecary is finessed with organic ingredients such as Jojoba, a natural and light oil that deeply penetrates hands to heal without a greasy finish. Other nourishing ingredients include Shea Butter and Vitamin E oil. Mezcal Meteoro. If It's Hip, It's Here: Noble Handcrafted Tonics. Syrups And Vinegars That Taste As Good As They Look. KYRÖ Distillery Company.

Logo Design Gallery Inspiration. Smokey Crow Records Branding. CC Proposal 02 by AlexWende. Calendula Creams by Lyonsleaf. Healing Touch Eczema and Psoriasis Cream. Root Beauty: Organic Skin Care. Natural & Organic Botanical Perfume par StellaDeer. Organic Skin Care Products. Home. Ziesche Modern Apothecary.