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Sharing insurance costs with the sharing economy. One consequence of the “sharing economy” that hasn’t been widely discussed, at least as far as I’ve seen, is how the externalities are being absorbed.

Sharing insurance costs with the sharing economy

Specifically, insurance costs. Maybe because it’s an ongoing process, but for both Uber and AirBnB, the companies tell individuals who drive that their primary car insurance should be in use, and they tell individual home- or apartment-dwellers that their renters insurance should apply. In other words, if something goes wrong, the wishful thinking goes, the private, individual insurance plans should kick in. When people have tried to verify this, however, they responses have been mixed and mostly negative. The insurance companies obviously don’t want to cover a huge number of people for circumstances they didn’t expect when they offered the coverage. So, if an Uber driver gets into an accident while ferrying a passenger, it’s not clear whether their primary insurance will cover it. Like this: Like Loading...

Sharing insurance costs with the sharing economy. Legal Blogs. Big data for law firms. Law Firm Legal Tech IT Audits. Legal Tech For Students & Practitioners. Tech Legal. Legal Tech. TheClaimRoom. Juripax. eVideo Mediation. The Mediation Room. Internet-ARBitration: Online arbitration firm for internet arbitration & dispute resolution.

Settlement, dispute resolution, arbitration, negotiation, ODR. SIMEDIAR – Simulación de Mediaciones a Distancia - Mediación Virtual. AAA Online Mediation for Claims under $10,000. JusticeBox.Net. Youstice - Your online justice. Modria - The World's Leading Online Dispute Resolution Experts. Integrating The Internet Into Your Mediation Practice. The growth of mediation has long been tied to the development or technology.

Integrating The Internet Into Your Mediation Practice

I remember well drafting my first few mediation agreements on a typewriter and nearly having a heart attack when participants wanted to make last minute changes. I was thrilled with the development of word processing technology, self-calculating spread sheets, voice mail and the fax machine. More recently, the integration of email, web-based discussion and instant messaging into my mediation practice are profound additions. I am in fact mediating on the Internet these days as much as I am mediating face-to-face, and I am stunned by certain qualitative advantages in this process. These advantages include ease, efficiency, economy and the remarkable benefits of asynchronous communication.

At one level, it may be argued, the Internet is just another communication medium, like phone or fax or "snail" mail. The Internet of today is primarily text based. We may assume that real time communications are preferable. 1. Oniine Negotiation Training. Technology Assisted Dispute Resolution. ODR Book Table of Contents. Innovative online mediation solutions. Certain aspects of the Juripax system are conflict-specific, for example conflict (diagnosis) forms, documents and/or certain questionnaires.

Innovative online mediation solutions

Besides the general diagnostic form, which is suitable for a large number of disputes (in other words, disputes of a general nature such as small claims, neighbor disputes, etc.), Juripax also offers dispute-specific forms for other, usually more complex, disputes such as labor disputes and divorce cases. A dispute-specific diagnostic form is a web-based form in which not only the general information about the case can be entered, but where the system also asks other applicable questions based on previous experiences and best practices for this type of dispute or conflict.

Communication Theory - CMC in ODR. Communication Theory and ODR - an Orientation This learning module was created by Bill Warters (@bwarters) from Wayne State University.

Communication Theory - CMC in ODR

It reviews some theories about the impact of using Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) (rather than Face-to-Face communication) in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), a method of conflict resolution that often occurs with all parties working at a distance. You navigate though the content using the next and previous arrows found at the bottom right, or by using the menu found in the left column.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives 3.0 License. The Dispute-Resolution Wikibox (DR Wikibox). Improving the quality and speed of fact-finding thereby reducing costs of mediation or adjudication. The importance of reducing the caseload without sacrificing important facts.

The Dispute-Resolution Wikibox (DR Wikibox). Improving the quality and speed of fact-finding thereby reducing costs of mediation or adjudication.

This makes it hard for a judge or a mediator to find the essence of the conflict. The unnecessary details may become distractions that waste the mediator's time and make it more difficult to resolve the conflict. It is important to reduce the amount of information submitted to a case file, without sacrificing any important facts.