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Tutorial: hanging book display - penny carnival. If you're here just for the book sling tutorial, skip this intro and scroll down a bit. It begins with the bolded word "tools. " My tutorial on making a hanging book display for kiddos is up on Ohdeedoh now. Again, this is my entry in the Apartment Therapy February Jump-Start contest, which called out for small home projects that can be completed in a weekend or two. The person with the most "thumbs up" in each category (kids, kitchen, general home, office/high tech, and green ... am I missing one?) You can look at all the other entries here, and if you want to know who I'm up against just look at the projects in the Ohdeedoh column. FYI--If you're not familiar with Apartment Therapy, it is the umbrella site for several more focused sites, like Re-Nest (green topics),The Kitchen (cooking/kitchen topics) and Ohdeedoh (babies and kids design and parenting issues).

So if you like my project, please head on over to Ohdeedoh and click on "thumbs up" to support it. Drill and drill bits -Level. How To: Fold a Towel Like an Elephant. Share This Link Copy If you've ever been on a cruise, especially one patronized by kids, your maid may have transformed your towels into fun, yet somewhat disturbing, animal shapes. I have to admit I always wondered how to make them. Learn how to fold up your very own Babar when you read more. Lay a full-size towel flat.Roll the long edges of the towel until they meet.Find the center of the rolls and fold them together inward, making sure the center seam is on the outside.Fold a face cloth loosely, as shown below.Loosely roll and shapes its ends towards the center.Curl the trunk and shape the ears.Place the head on the body and accessorize with sunglasses, etc.

Source and Source Read More BathroomsFoldingHow ToTowels From Around The Web 12 Stars Who Have Reportedly Attempted Suicide Fame10 Kaley Cuoco Says Breast Implants Were The Best Decision ... 8 Common Side Effects of Taking Birth Control Pills Active Beat Top 10 Travel Destinations on the Rise for 2014! Sponsored Content by nRelate Ha. How to Make a Towel Animal: Monkey. Rollie Pollie! Looking for hours of entertainment? Meet, The Rollie Pollie bean bag chair. It’s a chair, it’s a toy, it’s your favorite pillow. Made of durable cotton twill or soft vinyl, each bag is actually a slip cover (with another Rollie Pollie inside) then filled with mounds and mounds of soft cluster stuffing. So if it gets dirty, just zip it off and throw it in the wash. Now, pick your favorite…. Drag it around, Dive right in! Or take a little nap. Build a Rollie-Pollie-man: kick off your shoes: Or do what I love best….find a yummy treat, and just relax, watching your favorite show.

Who said you were a couch potato? Towel dog. Sitting puppy. It is made of a face towel without cutting nor sewing. Making process. Fold 4 sides of a towel. And fold at the middle. Bind the corner with a rubber band. It is a ear. Spread the towel, and cross a rubber band at both ears. Fold again and tie the nose. Tie the neck with a rubber band. Tie the hind paws. Bind a tail. Stuff the belly with some filling. Attach buttons at eyes and nose (sew or glue).

I hope you improve it and apply to other animals. Addition: I used an ordinary sized "face towel" (35 × 75 cm). Kojotutorial- a very fluffy porcupine plushie. My poor son. He has spent more hours in JoAnn’s and Fancy Tiger (our local fabric shop) than any little boy should ever have to endure. And he knows his way around an Anthropologie, that one. It’s a little dangerous to take a three-year-old boy into Anthro, what with the teetering stacks of beautifully patterned dishes, just beckoning to him. But duty calls. And on one such (oh-so-necessary) Anthropologie visit, Burke discovered, and immediately loved, a plushie porcupine. So I made my own little plushie porcupine (or maybe it’s a hedgehog? Does your little guy need one too? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. With Burke’s handmade present all finished up, my To Make Before Christmas list includes something fabulous for Trish (who actually might see this, so I won’t go into any more detail than that), a baby doll for Piper Jane and a stack of headbands for the Little Miss as well.

Are you working on making any gifts right now?