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Nojo Design: Large Step Cabinet: February 2012. The largest single piece of furniture I’ve ever made is this stepped cabinet.

Nojo Design: Large Step Cabinet: February 2012

Finished piece is 8 ½’ tall and over 10’ long. This project has been great, although it almost fell over on top of me at one point Step 1: Getting Started 1. I started with several client meetings and design iterations for the cabinet. 2. How to make professional lined curtain panels. This is my 3rd and final post about my awesome Aviary curtains.

How to make professional lined curtain panels

You can also go back and read about the curtains and learn how to make your own custom curtain rod. Have you wanted to sew your own curtains, but you have no clue where to start? Antiqued Window {Trash to Treasure. More Fun with Contact Paper. #483 Bygg ett myggfönster! « 365 saker du kan slöjda. Inredning Det finns gott om fula myggfönster.

#483 Bygg ett myggfönster! « 365 saker du kan slöjda

Varför inte göra ett vackert som DesignMadde? 48 vill slöjda detta Loading ... Dela detta tips Oj, vad varmt det är hela tiden. Maken och jag snickrade nya, nya fina & till nät använde vi gamla spets- & nätgardiner. Text och bild: Designmadde, Pallets: Movie Theatre. Rope Art. We just moved into a house about a month ago and I have been waiting to put pictures and decorations on the walls, because I want it to look just right.

Rope Art

I'm trying to avoid ~the haphazardly arranged look~ that always ends up happening. Episodes. WE MAKE CARPETS. RM100: TV Shelf. ✥ Matthew Heller Art Knock Off ✥ From the moment I saw it I knew it was meant to sit over my couch, like from before I had even bought our new sectional. I also knew I just had to put "our song" on it, "Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson. That was before I knew the name of the art- it's "Homage to Music" check it out m-kay, Matthew Heller and I are on the same wavelength for this one. Oh- and in case you were wondering, Molly Sim's has Heaven by Bryan Adams. And here's a pic of the same piece from the artist's {Matthew Heller} website.

I like the pic from Molly Sim's home a lot more- the words look much softer and purpley- probably from photo editing or maybe the lighting in the room- but whatever the case I dig it. This project was a real pain the buttocks. Make This: Lace Stretched Frames 365 Saker du Kan Slojda. Made By K. Buy World Jewelry and Home Decor Online. Plastic Spoon Chandelier. Rock + Bowl + Flame. 31 minute project You'll need: Sakrete Quickset Concrete a bunch of rocks (perhaps dug up from your yard) a plastic bowl a large canned good chafing dish gel fuel pack PAM cooking spray newspaper plastic tub for mixing concrete stick to stir concrete You are going to create one of these (which, FYI, Restoration Hardware doesn't sale anymore, hence why we are making our own) In pictures: For the readers: 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. and 7.

Rock + Bowl + Flame

Fun ambiance for the whole family. Check out what's to come with 31 DIY projects for Busy Gals by clicking the log above. Tree Trunk Planters. Lapicero1.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 600 pixels) - Scaled (92%) Desert Indoors. Yowayowa II After singing her praises back in March, I still can’t get over Natsumi Hayashi‘s self-portraits and continue to be in awe of her most recent levitations. Without any aid of a rigging system or photoshop, she […] Invisible Man Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflages himself into any surroundings with paint. Handmade Coat Rack.

Finished. first we mocked everything out in the 1/2" black steel... we used two 4 foot pipes for the sides, and a 3 foot pipe for the top and two 18" pipes with a union for the bottom... we changed a few things at this point.. bottom structure... changed to T's instead of elbows... needed to use 3" pipes to support the wood shelf... then added a 45 degree elbow and plug at the top for a hanging front and back hook... moved the union and 18" pipes to the bottom to be covered by the wood shelf...

Handmade Coat Rack

*a union must be used because the threading on one side of your pipe will unscrew itself as you tighten the opposite side... Olive and Love: Decorating with Shutters. Ah the shutter project. Sorta my baby….I love it, it’s kinda messy, takes up a lot of my time, and has been fun to show off. But you know how when you get a new car, you notice everyone else driving it?

….in the same color? Or when you name your kid, or dog something creative and unique, suddenly you hear it all the time? Well, I’ve had a little of that too. It seems as though they used shutters of mostly the same size, which I have to add would probably be a lot easier when it comes to fitting them together. Flipping through the new Pottery Barn catalog I came across page 45, with a picture of the Como Headboard. Uh, shutters? Which, by the way my husband thinks we should consider taking this down so we don’t over use shutters in our home. …Anyhow the shutter project is coming along. After priming 5/8 inch OSB plywood, my wonderful supportive husband Dan, ran them through his table saw, cutting four inch wide strips. We have some shutters left, but not quite enough to finish the job. Blue Bookcase Painting. My daughter in law found this large canvas, 30" x 40", at a garage sale.

Blue Bookcase Painting

It was covered with camouflage print fabric and had a 2" tear in the middle, but it was a real bargain. She gave it to me, figuring I'd find something to do with it. So I painted this..... ....a faux bookcase chock full of books. I had seen other artwork of books and loved them, and I knew I would not sell a damaged canvas on Etsy, so I went for it. Cobalt blue, turquoise, bright red, chocolate brown, soft white and teal blue contrasted with black.