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Built-in Bookcases {make install. Recycled T-Shirt Sphere Pillows. Don't they look so soft and cozy? {Images by Talking Squid} DIY Project: Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves. Boy, did you guys ever love our Restoration Hardware inspired shelves!!! Now we’re going to show you how we made them. UPDATE: See the original reveal here and how we updated them with industrial style lighting from Ikea here and where we’re using them in our NEW HOUSE here.

And if you’d like to know how to make wood look old (like we do on the shelves) in just 3 steps click here. Thank you so much for all your sweet compliments, by the way! I have to say writing this particular DIY was a little tricky. Normally our project process works like this: I come up with an idea, draw a rough sketch or show Dean some concept pics; Dean draws a plan and gets to work building; I finish up with paint and styling; and then I write the DIY. These shelves are made from reclaimed pallet wood (from skids) and metal. What you’ll need for one shelf (double everything if you’re making two, like we did): For clarification on some steps, please refer to detail photos and drawing.

Step 3.Clean parts. Step 6. Anthropologie inspired knotted bedding part 2 (putting it all together) Before we get started piecing a PILE of knotted squares together, do you want the backstory on this little Anthro-inspired gem? First, you should know that I’m a bedding junkie. I LOVE wandering through Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie (at Park Meadows in Denver, those stores are all conveniently located near each other as well) to see their bedroom displays. My ever-changing bedding crushes are a constant around here. So a few years ago, I found this Thai Silk Bedding at Restoration Hardware and fell in love. I have a bad habit of loving expensive things, and this was no exception.

Fast forward to this fall when my oh-so-beautiful Thai Silk Bedding RIPPED. But then, of course, I went and fell in love with the rosette bedding at Anthropologie. And thus the Anthro-Inspired Knotted Bedding was born. Ok, now onto the tutorial. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pin all the way around the edges, again, pinning pleats in place. 5. 6.


10 Ways To Get the Canopy Look Without Buying a New Bed. Maybe you love the look of a canopy bed, but can't afford to buy new furniture. (Hey, beds are expensive). Or maybe you really like your current bed, but want to give it a bit of a romantic makeover. Here's an Apartment Therapy guide to DIYing your way to canopy bliss. An easy way to get the canopy bed look is to hang curtains from an L-shaped drapery rod that's been mounted to the ceiling. Here are a few more variations on this look. There's also the option of hanging curtains only over the head of the bed. From Better Homes and Gardens: drape a piece of fabric over two swing-arm curtain rods, mounted on either side of the bed, for a super-easy canopy.

You can mount a single hoop or curtain rod to the ceiling in the middle of your bed and drape fabric from it over the ends of your bed. The Antique Drapery Rod Co. has diagrams showing all kinds of different canopy arrangements, and the hardware you'll need to create them. And now that you're full of ideas...time to get crafting. Sewing 101: making a pouf. Add a burst of color to your room with this crafty pouf! At 17” wide and 10” deep, it’s large enough to serve as floor seating or a foot stool. (And if you have pets, I have a feeling they may want to make this their new favorite spot!) This project is a little challenging to sew, but it’s not too difficult, so if you’re comfortable with the basics of sewing, give it a try. You can make a colorwheel effect with a range of solid colors, or choose a variety of patterned fabrics for a louder patchwork effect. I love the idea of making a set of these poufs in a range of sizes, for a sculptural stack of cushions that will become a room element in their own right.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Finished Dimensions: 17” diameter by 10” tall What You’ll Need ¼ yard each 12 coordinating fabrics (I used quilting cottons) 1 yard muslin 3 pounds fiberfill stuffing 2 large buttons (approximately 1 ½”) 2 flat metal washers, slightly smaller than your buttons fishing line sewing thread iron 1. Apothecary-esk DIY. Stainless-Steel Kitchen Accessories. We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website. To learn more about international shipping, please visit our International Orders page. Some items are not eligible for international shipping. PLEASE NOTE: All international orders must have a ship-to destination outside of the United States. Mini Manor Blog: Cutlery Tray for Jewelry! I LOVE Jewelry, real jewelry, costume jewelry, all of it . . . almost as much as I love shoes!

I have a small jewelry box for my "real" jewelry. As much as I'd love to fill a wall with gold and diamond jewelry, we can't afford that :( so as far as my real items go, I only own the classics. A small pair of diamond studs, a pair of peal earrings, a pearl necklace, a cocktail ring, a couple of white gold bands, and of coarse my wedding band and engagement ring!! But it wasn't my "good" jewelry I was having a hard time storing, it was my costume jewelry I couldn't make room for!

There's nothing I love more than a great long necklace to complete a look but, what I had was a tangled mess of chains and beads. So while at walmart, I found some bamboo cutlery trays for $10 each! Second: I decided on what jewelry I wanted where and Lee started screwing in the hooks, which immediately cracked the back panel. Last: We screwed the tray to the wall using an anchor and a screw (super simple). Total Cost: Nestrest - Hanging lounger - chalk. An over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations - NESTREST.

NESTREST is made of an especially strong DEDON fiber (4 cm wide, instead of 2 cm), guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave with excellent properties: it shelters those within, allowing them to look out while preventing outsiders from seeing in – a perfect feeling of security! Creators of the NESTREST, an innovative new hanging pod woven from supersize strands of DEDON Fiiber, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety are two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents.

Close collaborators of Jean-Marie Massaud, with whom they have forged new ways of working and approaching design, Daniel and Fred bring a rich diversity of experience to each project they undertake, alone or in a team. Build a King Storage Bed. STAINLESS STEEL. My version of the Pouf! I love all of the Poufs available to purchase, including the cute Striped Poufs from West Elm! SO Cute, but so expensive! So I figured I could make my own! How hard could it be? I am an expert at pillows! My plan is to let Little Man use this at his train table because its hard work playing with trains all day and he likes to rest once in a while! I wanted to sew an 18x18 square cube cushion that was 12 inches high. Materials needed: About 2 yards of fabric (I used Wavery Lovely Lattic Fabric) White cording 2 Packages of Blanket Batting 1 Package of loose batting (I only used about 3/4 of this) Sewing machines and supplies So I cut 5 pieces of patterned fabric and one white piece (for the bottom).

I started by pinning and sewing the 4 side pieces back to back until I had a big circle of fabric. Then before preparing to sew on the top, I decided to add white cording for an extra detail. And then pinned the top layer to the side layer and SLOWLY started sewing the 3 pieces together. I LOVE IT! Tutorial: Build your own custom desk. Hello All! Today I'm going to show you how we built our custom desk shown in this post. We felt like we needed a space to house our computer and all things techy.. but we didn't have a room that we could dedicate solely to a home office. We also wanted it to be where we spend most of our time- so we'd be able to watch Will, and also look something up quickly. That's when I came up with the idea for a very looong, narrow desk. Supplies: Wood (ours measured 17"x 10 1/2ft and 1 1/2" x 10 1/2ft) Stain Finishing Nails Wall Anchors Door Kick Plate Legs This tutorial is actually pretty simple.

Start by cutting your wood to the dimensions you need. If you have multiple boards to make up the length of your desk, like we did, go ahead and attach them with strong wood glue and clamps until dry. We used relatively thin boards and then attached a small 1 1/2" piece along the front. Then use a nail set to sink the nail under the surface. At this point you'll want to do your staining. There you have it! Peace Pod. Bokja I was so excited to have spotted these chairs by Bokja on Table Tonic this morning – but WTF, how can anybody not notice them? These exuberant pieces of furniture are the fruits of Beirut-based Hoda Baroudi […] Yabba Dabba Doo Would you have ever guessed that this Flinstones inspired house belonged to television legend Dick Clark?

The bright and cavernous house sits on over 22 acres in Malibu, CA and is currently up for sale at $3.5 […] Come & Knock On My Door. Beni Ourain Rugs I’m currently on a serious mission to find a large, traditional Beni Ourain rug for our living room. These incredibly plush rugs, made by the Beni Ourain tribe and other neighboring tribes in the mountains of Morocco, typically feature […] Office Space: The Reveal After weeks of shopping for furniture, collecting artwork, experimenting with wallpaper, and organizing our craft closet, the HonestlyWTF headquarters is finally complete.

The result is an attractive and welcoming space, with our favorite feature being […] Kenneth Cobonpue. Nest Rest. Sit, Bunny I need this chair. That’s all. (Hybrid Collection Chair by Merve Kahraman; via here) Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus The fiddle-leaf fig ficus, or ficus lyrata, is hands down my favorite indoor house plant. Cardboard Safari. Make a Pretty Pouf Ottoman. CHAIRWHORE.COM. IKEA Hackers.