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I love creating and learning new things, meeting new friends and loving life. aloha and peace from Maui, Hawaii!


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  1. z13thstar Apr 30 2012
    Thanks for the tips, I will implement them as soon as I can. It is going to take a lot more work to get things straightened out but it is a start. I wish I had started this way from the beginning! Mahalo again, aloha and peace Pamela
  2. webnetworkengineers Apr 29 2012
    Hi z13thstar, you changed up your Pearltrees, very nice. The new layout gives you plenty of opportunity to build upon. Things that can be done to make it more seachable, would be to use keywords as descriptions (terms people use when searching for something). Example would be... in your E Pearltree, you have Etsy... create a Pearltree for "Vintage", add the Pearls and file under V. People are more likely to search for Vintage than Etsy. You have a Pearltree "To file 3" in F; if that is for filing, I would make a Pearltree labeled "Zed" and file it under Z. I use "Zed" everywhere on my computer... email, documents, Pearltrees, etc. it's my code for things to be filed, work in progress, etc; easy to find 'cause Z doesn't have much filed within. Then I would layout the root Pearltree with either 13 spokes (2 letters to each spoke) or 8 spokes. 8 spokes leaves room to add more Pearltrees to the root. It's been great fun checking out your Pearltree and hope this has been helpful.
  3. z13thstar Apr 28 2012
    Thank you! I love finding new ideas! I think my organization needs some work though1 Any ideas?
  4. webnetworkengineers Apr 27 2012
    Loving all the fabulous additions to your Pearltrees, you rock!
  5. amsika Jan 26 2012
    By clicking on the "+pearltree" button :)
  6. z13thstar Jan 26 2012
    how do you start a additional pearltree?