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Roundup: Free Printables for Gallery Walls • Little Gold Pixel. Psst — hi there! Did you find this post via Pinterest? If so, nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a few minutes to click around so we can get to know each other better. A few good places to start: There is a freebies page I think you’d like, as well as my About page and a roundup of my Favorite Posts. After we moved into this house, it took me a good long time to put together my gallery walls.

Of course I do and will always cherish the photos and prints that made the gallery cut in 2012, but every now and then a girl’s gotta change her perspective, and maybe just maybe put up a recent photo of her child. While I take another two years to narrow down our family photos, enter free art printables. At the very most they are beautiful all on their own. I might be running the risk of hipster overload here, what with the trendiness of the pineapples, ampersands and flamingoes.

Hey, at least I didn’t put a bird on it. What about you — what do you hang on your walls? Printing Personalized Post-It Note Messages. Several months ago I discovered the surprising (to me!) Fact that you can actually PRINT ON POST-IT NOTES using your own home printer. Recently I ran across a similar, but MUCH SIMPLER method for printing personalized messages on post-its, and I couldn’t wait to try (and share) the idea again.

Kelly at Studio DIY used this method to print out a cute “Happy Anniversary” greeting. Unfortunately I found this the DAY AFTER my anniversary. :-) But the idea could be used in SO many other ways! How about an “inspirational message of the week” for the refrigerator? Kind of fun huh? Here’s the simple “How-to”: Open any program on your computer that you can manipulate text with. Now put the paper with the post-it notes on it back into your printer and re-print the exact same page again. Now you can just peel off your perfectly printed post-its and stick them wherever you feel like posting a unique, colorful, and removable message!

Never miss a good thing! 自己做立体……_来自懒de蕾的图片分享-堆糖网. 堆糖网 分类 首页 热门 最新 良品购 特卖惠 家居生活 美食菜谱 手工DIY 时尚搭配 美妆造型 婚纱婚礼 设计 古风 插画绘画 壁纸 头像 文字句子 旅行 摄影 人文艺术 影音书 人物明星 动画漫画 植物多肉 生活百科 搞笑萌宠 搜索含 的内容 搜索含 的商品 搜索含 的专辑 搜索含 的糖友 新浪微博腾讯 QQ 淘宝腾讯微博豆瓣 关联账号登录: 登录 注册 [活动] 画出你与喵星人的故事关闭 收集 145 分享: 自己做立体卡片! 懒de蕾2011-12-16 12:55:23 发布到 TA礼物 TA礼物8个收集·7人喜欢 还被收集在145个专辑中 发表评论...

评论取消 你可能感兴趣 收集 1097210 手工贺卡 angelie 发布到 ♡手工 韩妆秀品很精致的说! 收集 20143818 其实你可以这样给他写一封信 收集 15811315 皮筋图章。 收集 25262022 剪影营造出小意境的杯子烛台。 原创钉子户 发布到 #手工劳动光… 原创钉子户拷贝纸、描图纸就可以了~ 似几何可以告诉下具体的材料名称么?? 收集 12100 Joe Bagley纸艺 蝴蝶 思捷 发布到 默认专辑 收集 42071 创意工坊:手工DIY:用废旧的铁皮罐做小灯台 收集 59302 红色毛毡蝴蝶结diy教程 flowerer 发布到 DIY教程 收集 95070 超级漂亮的灯塔礼盒DIY Story叶Close 发布到 DIY 1onny到6的时候按照图的样子有两圈折痕,里圈和外圈折8的时候先按里圈把其它折进去,这时候就发现里面折不下(汗…这个意思不好表达…就是折进去的部分太多打架了)然后再按照外圈的折痕把外圈折出来~~也就是里圈折好的部分是灯塔的骨架,而外圈又折出来的部分是后面剪的花边…大致就是这样吧 AngelORElf神人呀!!! 收集 15231718 @某木耳--重新发一下这个,原作者夏小木耳,超厉害的手工达人 桃颜 发布到 {。 收集 44256044 教你做“藤编”小圆椅---一次性纸杯做的呢~~~ 收集 162388 这个创意很好。 Busyday 发布到 女生的手工课… 竭尽全力阁下可用人民币代替 苂灵好像七老八十岁的旧纸,好主意!

收集 135482 diy 标签集帮助中心关于我们加入我们免责声明堆糖收集工具 ©Copyright by 堆糖 2010-2014, all rights reserved 备案 沪ICP备10038086号-1 评论 评论:0 确定要删除? 确定取消. 30 favorite free printables. Le blog du printable - Carte pop-up Fête des Pères – Bonne Fête Papa en kirigami. Après la carte "mains et message accordéon", à réaliser avec les petits, je vous propose une carte de fête des pères à fabriquer par les plus grands, car le pop-up est réalisé avec la technique du kirigami.

Les motifs sont donc directement découpés dans la feuille, sans y ajouter aucun collage, ce qui nécessite l'utilisation d'un cutter. Pour réaliser cette carte, je vous propose un modèle à imprimer (clic) et à découper, sur lequel "Bonne fête papa" est imprimé en miroir, pour que les lignes soient invisibles sur la carte terminée. Il vous faudra aussi une règle, un cutter et un outil pour marquer les plis : plioir, embossoir, ou dos d'un ciseau, à vous de trouver l'outil le plus pratique !

Commencez par tracer et marquer les plis des sept lignes horizontales. Fendez ensuite au cutter les 6 lignes verticales qui encadrent le message. Puis, évidez toutes les surfaces grises, en prenant garde de ne pas déborder sur une lettre, qui se trouverait alors découpée ! Vous avez aimé cet article ? 2k. DIY Nursery Mobile {Crafts with Paper. DIY Paper Feathers. A few weeks ago I was helping my friend create her hat decoration for the Kentucky Derby party we were going to be attending together. We made over-sized paper flowers in bright pinks and plums and added some huge paper feathers into the mix to finish the over-the-top look. They were so pretty I knew I had to create a post for you on making a smaller version of these simple paper feathers.

You can use them for gift toppers, a wedding boutonniere, put a few in a shadow box to hang on your wall, or. . . make a paper feather wreath for your summertime decor. Stay tuned for the wreath post later this week. These feathers are very simple and would make a fun craft project for kids. Simply print my template onto you choice of paper colors or printed papers (I am loving the vintage dictionary page), then follow the directions below to complete. Hexagonal Stacking Boxes. The inspiration for this week’s project comes from the Japanese stacking octagonal box kit shown above. We previously used a similar technique to demonstrate a business card box with traditional elegance. We now present a surreal modern makeover for Japanese papercraft boxes by using (recycling) paperboard packaging. We follow the same basic construction techniques, but simplify it by eliminating the paper coverings and decorations.

In their place, we use paperboard from cereal, cracker and cookie packaging. They are great for storage, gift giving, and decorative use. The abstraction created from taking the package out of its context can be wonderfully fun. To get started, download the pattern here (18K pdf). This is an ideal project for a laser cutter, but can also be made by printing out the pattern and tracing or gluing it onto your material to cut with a hobby knife. Each of the pieces is perforated along the folds, which are drawn in blue in the pdf pattern. 3D Paper Owl from mmmcrafts. The gifted Larissa from mmmcrafts is here sharing her amazing talents with an unbelievable 3D paper owl.

Larissa writes… Left: art made with this tutorial, Right: art made with alternate colors (see note at the end of the tutorial) Hey, Craft Campers! This 3D paper owl art project is for you and your crafty older kids, say around 11-ish years and up, who can wield a pair of scissors, handle smallish pieces and follow placement instructions carefully.

Moms: You can definitely young this down by cutting out the shapes for younger kids, and skipping the pop dots and folding. Alrighty young crafters, here’s what you will need to make the nighttime owl pictured above: my PDF download with all the pattern pieces (get it here)printerrulerclear tapebutter knife for scoring8.5 x 11 piece of poster board (you can cut one from a larger piece)8.5 x 11 inch heavy scrapbooking paper in the following colors: orange, brown, dark teal, black, light brown, red, and yellow. Got all that together? Geo paper Christmas decorations plus free printable template | The Red Thread. Make your own paper geo jewels and string them together to make garlands and decorations, or just pile them up in a bowl. Choose your paper colours, download the template and get to it.

It’s an easy way to achieve a fresh modern look for your mantle or table this festive season. Read the instructions and download the template (click on the link below for the full post). You’ll need Heavy weight paper in the colours of your choiceTemplate – click here to downloadScissorsGlue stick or double sided tapeWhite sewing thread and tape to secure it if you’re going to hang your geo shapes All you need to do is print out the template onto coloured paper and cut out around the outer edge. If you’re going to hang the geo shapes tape the thread to the inside of the shape before you glue the last flap in place. Hang the shapes from a painted branch, string them up to make a garland, or hang them on your Christmas tree. Paper Owl Family. Today I was inspired by The Krafty Wife to make my own paper owl family. I used scraps of paper with patterns and put them together to make cute owls.

First you can download the base template for the owl here at sewnews Use scraps of paper with different colors and patterns for the body parts of the owl. Then try to put them together using Elmer's glue. You can frame them just like what The Krafty Wife did: While I just stuck my owls on the wall using tape. The thing here is I didn't really print the template, I just used it as basis for the shape of the body parts. Anyway, it's easy to do. Chevron Customized Printable Monogram. We are back with another customizable printable monogram. This time it’s in one of our favorite patterns…chevron! We have received amazing feedback for our customized printable monogram. We are going to continue to bring you more customizable printables. So, please subscribe, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates. We now have a frequently asked questions page to help trouble shoot any problems you may be having with the printables.

To download the monogram, simply click on the color you want below. You will be taken to a site called Scribd where you can download the monogram. Enjoy!! XO, Jenny and Louisa. 75 Free Printable Labels {Make it Handmade. Circles Initial Free Printable Nursery Artwork - On to Baby. The free printable nursery artwork can be personalized with your child’s name and initial for a cute nursery print, or you can make your own letter flashcards. Change up the colors in our palette of 22 color choices. Please note that all the background have been lightened by 50% than shown in the palette. Instructions: Fill in your color choices and text, then click “Create Print”. A new window will open with your printable.

To save the file to your computer, follow the directions below for your browser: • Firefox – Click “File” at the top menu, then click “Save Page As”, and save. • Internet Explorer – Right click on the image, and click “Save Picture As” (Please note that some IE users experience errors, like timeouts, or not all information showing up on the printable. Please try the free browser Google Chrome if this happens, which is the only known fix.) • Safari and Chrome – Right click on the image, and click “Save Image As” Nursery Print. Do it yourself, 3D hand | face funny. Coloriages de Dididou. Coloriages Art - Cat c110. Mr Printables | Free Printables for Kids and Moms & Dads. Filles with color - Coloriage et illustration.