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Designing eLearning for Health

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Designing E-Learning for Health - Free Online Course. Healthcare is a vast and constantly changing global sector.

Designing E-Learning for Health - Free Online Course

We all have a stake in it, so it is vital that both professionals and patients not only have access to accurate information, but also to the stories and experiences of real people. Translate real-life experiences into effective e-learning. How to optimize students' learning? Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. Evaluation of interactive videos to enhance benefit for new hearing aid users - HEAR IT. Background and rationale Hearing aids have the potential to transform the lives of those with permanent hearing loss, yet out of the two million people who have one, around 20 percent – 400,000 people – do not wear their device.

Evaluation of interactive videos to enhance benefit for new hearing aid users - HEAR IT

Hearing aid non-usage can result in continued difficulties in communication in everyday situations, which can lead to social isolation and withdrawal, and reduced overall quality of life. As hearing aid follow-up appointments are not routinely offered to everyone in the UK, all the important information often needs to be given at the time of the hearing aid fitting. As such, interactive multimedia videos (or reusable learning objects, RLOs) offer advantages in that they can provide essential and supplementary information, be used at a time that suits the user, used as many times as the user wants and needs, and can be delivered remotely in the home environment. Methods. Intellectual property rights in a digital world. The issue Intellectual property law provides tools that can enhance an institution’s ability to capitalise on the value of its expertise and help it exploit innovative opportunities.

Intellectual property rights in a digital world

Having an appreciation of the significance of intellectual property law for further and higher education is essential. In an increasingly competitive environment where more and more learning content is digital, institutions need to know how to maximise the value of their own assets as well as how to make the best use of resources they licence. Session 5 References. Quality considerations. Concerns around the quality of OER have been significant in educational institutions deciding whether or not to openly release their teaching and learning materials.

Quality considerations

Releasing these materials exposes institutions in a new way and individual staff can feel unsure that their materials will compare well with other staff within their institution or their subject discipline. Quality can be applied in both a technical and pedagogical sense – and both are relevant. HELM Open - The University of Nottingham. Search our Learning Resources Search through over 200 free to use high quality, interactive peer-reviewed learning and teaching resources.

HELM Open - The University of Nottingham

Latest RLOs User's Comment The HELM Open learning and teaching resources are high quality, interactive peer-reviewed resources developed by University experts over a 10 year period. Hello, my name is Tom. Our Child: Loving and learning with a child with down's syndrome and a congenital heart condition. RLO: Glove Use: Introduction. Getting to know your hearing aids. Reusable learning objects in healthcare education - Nottingham ePrints. Building and Sustaining Collaboration in Cross Sector E-Learning Development. Case studies of creating reusable inter professional e-learning objects - Nottingham ePrints. Tip sheet audio. Tip sheet video.

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