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Videos type TED x et RSA (animations) Recherche-action. Web2tools. Tout pour ECRIRE. Apprendre autrement, rééducation. Intelligence des situations. ThiNk Tanks Groups. Learning to learn. EbOoks. Softs docs. EDU_ enfants Kid games. Outils de curation. Semantic tools. Résultats de recherche d'images pour mind mapping. Immo. Trade. Les Paradis du Download (Jeux, Films, Ebooks, Logiciels...)

Interactive. The World of Seven Billion The map shows population density; the brightest points are the highest densities. Each country is colored according to its average annual gross national income per capita, using categories established by the World Bank (see key below). Some nations— like economic powerhouses China and India—have an especially wide range of incomes. But as the two most populous countries, both are lower middle class when income is averaged per capita.

Creating An Online Learning Environment That Fosters Information Literacy, Autonomous Learning and Leadership: The Hawaii Online Generational Community-Classroom. The Hawaii Online Generational Community-Classroom Dr. Leon James Professor of Psychology College of Social Sciences University of Hawaii (Manoa) 1997 Note: This is my online conference paper presented at the Second Annual Conference on Teaching in the Community College (Electronic) Journal (TCC-J), Trends and Issues in Online Instruction, Spring 1997 issue published here but that version does not contain all the Tables and Appendices that are available here.

This paper presents the results of analyzing various aspects of an online generational community of students who enroll in an Internet-integrated college course. A recent issue of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science (November 1996) is devoted entirely to the "Perspectives on ...Distance Independent Education. " Linn [1] identifies some features of an online environment that would support the development of autonomous lifelong learners: (1) Helping students make effective decisions and creating new ideas; History: Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business. eLearning 2.0. Managing an Online Generational Learning Community by Leon James. Dr. Leon James Professor of Psychology University of Hawaii (Manoa) (c)1997 Note: This is a guest lecture presentation to the information science students of Dr.

Diane Nahl given on November 12, 1997, University of Hawaii. For related articles, please see here First, I'd like to ask you to write out between 1 to 3 questions you have about online learning communities. I'll be reading them out loud and connecting the answers to the generational community. Instructional Objectives I have Some of the Instructional Tools I use 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To view some recent instructions click below: To view some recent student reports click below: To view some articles on the generational curriculum click below: Selections: What Others Write About Online Learning Communities First Selection THE VIRTUAL COMMUNITY OF AN ONLINE CLASSROOM Terri L.

Computer mediation is the essence of CMC and it provides the capabilities which support the other attributes of CMC instruction discussed in this section. Definitions. Things-babies-born-in-2011-will-never-know: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Huffington Post recently put up a story called You're Out: 20 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade. It's a great retrospective on the technology leaps we've made since the new century began, and it got me thinking about the difference today's technology will make in the lives of tomorrow's kids.

I've used some of their ideas and added some of my own to make the list below: Do you think kids born in 2011 will recognize any of the following? Video tape: Starting this year, the news stories we produce here at Money Talks have all been shot, edited, and distributed to TV stations without ever being on any kind of tape. Not only that, the tape-less broadcast camera we use today offers much higher quality than anything that could have been imagined 10 years ago -- and cost less than the lens on the camera we were using previously.

Travel agents: While not dead today, this profession is one of many that's been decimated by the Internet. The evening news: The news is on 24/7. Alan Rogers: Looking again at non-formal and informal education - towards a new paradigm. Looking again at non-formal and informal education – towards a new paradigm. Alan Rogers explores the confused usage of the terms non-formal and informal education and suggests a way forward. Contents: introduction · defining non-formal education · non-formal education in the field: from the 1980s to today · non-formal education and lifelong learning/education · towards a new paradigm · bibliography · how to cite this article There is a renewed interest in non-formal education (NFE) today. And it is significant that this interest comes not so much from the so-called ‘Third World’ (I use this term to refer to poor countries in receipt of aid from rich countries, because many other persons use it as a short-hand.

But I find it objectionable – see non-formal education, colonialism and development). As the Council of Europe recently said, Defining non-formal education The original version of non-formal education emerged in 1968 (Coombs 1968). On the other hand is non-formal education.


EDU_youtubers_tutos_fast self-edu. Mooc Flot Apprendre à distance - formation - e-learning. Open Education. Platforms for Issuing Open Badges - Google Sheets. Éducation-populaire. Academic freedom ? Outils/tools de mind mapping. 13 logiciels de mind mapping gratuits à découvrir → Jeux sérieux. Teacher tools. Welcome // | Bamboo DiRT. For Government | Assembl. What is Assembl? Assembl is an online application that enables hundreds or even thousands of people to work together effectively on the definition of new ideas. The application supports the belief that with the proper conditions, people working together can think smarter than any one member of the group could alone. There are two key factors for the creation of collective intelligence: The larger the group of people, the larger the number of ideas that will be generated.

This is why Assembl is designed for groups as large as several thousand people.The more people believe their views are being treated with respect, the more likely it is that creative ideas will emerge. This is why Assembl applies a technique to curate the ideas that are generated. Traditional collective intelligence software tends to refine ideas from one person. Assembl is designed to facilitate the co-creation of new ideas by many people. Jeux sérieux testés à classer. Education & numérique. The 30 Best Web 2.0 Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition) Looking for the best cloud computing software for your school? What about a way to remotely store homework and other assignments? It’s time to figure out which web 2.0 tool is right for you!

The following presentation contains dozens of the most popular tools being used in classrooms right now. In fact, I’ve personally used more than 90% of these tools in higher education. They’re useful, most are free (some are freemium), and true time-savers. See Also: The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You Each slide in the below presentation by Rafael Scapin contains the name, description, link, and screenshot of what each tool looks like and does. Edudemic’s Recommendations If you’re looking to try out some of these tools, here are the top 5 tools we recommend you try out (if you haven’t already). Slideshare - Get the credit and audience you deserve for your presentations! - A stellar social bookmarking service that is being used by a ton of teachers right now. Playing History. Educational Technology. Outils gratuits pour enseigner avec le Web 2.0. InterAction Education - We make educational games and apps for tablets and mobile phones that help elementary school students learn math and science. Infolabo - Animations interactives pédagogiques en microbiologie au lycée professionnel. Student Kinect Project "When Fish Fly" Wins 1st Place. Introduire les réseaux sociaux en classe : oui ! La direction des systèmes d'information et service école-médias du Département de l'insruction publique, de la culture et des sports de la République et du Canton de Genève publie un guide intitulé "Comprendre les réseaux sociaux numériques - Un enjeu pour l'enseignement".

Ce guide de 17 pages, téléchargeable librement au format .pdf, fournit des points de repère sur les réseaux sociaux en ligne et encourage les enseignants à les utiliser comme support pédagogique en classe. Amitiés, communautés et activisme dans les réseaux sociaux Le guide s'ouvre sur une présentation de ce que sont les réseaux sociaux (terme apparu bien avant les réseaux sociaux numériques), des enjeux d'appartenance et d'identité qu'ils révèlent. Il s'attarde ensuite sur la notion "d'amis" popularisée par Facebook et de l'émergence de relations plus modulées sur d'autres réseaux, en particulier sur Google +. La relation entre les réseaux sociaux et l'école. Social Psychology of the Generational Community Classroom at Hawaii. By Leon James University of Hawaii Original: 1979; Updated: 1985; 1994; 2000; 2012 Studying Social Psychology Social Psychology is a scientific field related to sociology, anthropology, and general psychology.

Its field of study includes: (I) How social settings affect people's behavior (II) How social organization of community life creates a socio-cultural environment which directly and decisively affects people's health, thoughts, emotions, and feelings Its method includes: (I) systematic gathering of social data through observations (II) analysis of data through graphs and matrices (III) theorizing about the patterns of observations Studying Social Psychology can provide you with some valuable, new skills. (I) a gain in your ability to describe people's behaviors over and above `common sense' descriptions; this gain shows itself in your ability to give objective analyses of what's going on around you, in your community, day to day living; Teaching Approach in Community Classroom (II). Soloclemcyr. Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities. 5 big mistakes in virtual education — Edjudo.

Gestion de classes virtuelles sur Wims. Manuel de survie à l’usage des enseignants : cas par cas. Calculation Nation® - Challenge others. Challenge yourself.® SpreadPie. Petite liste exhaustive (ou pas) des expressions de M Lachal. Udutu. Au Fil des lectures... : mode d'emploi. Le site est destiné aux usagers « tout venant » de la langue française (y compris non francophones de naissance). Ce n’est ni un site à vocation « savante » ni un site à vocation scolaire (surtout pas !). Le site est destiné à celui qu’on pourrait appeler l’usager de base... ce qui n’exclut pas l’usager curieux de l’histoire ou des subtilités de la langue. Ce n’est ni un site à vocation universitaire ni un site à vocation scolaire [1]. S’il dépanne un élève ou un étudiant, c’est dans les mêmes conditions qu’un ingénieur ou technicien chargé d’un rapport, d’un cadre administratif ou commercial, d’un ou d’une secrétaire ou, plus simplement, et plus fréquemment que l’on croit, d’une personne ayant participé à un repas de famille où un accord du participe passé a donné lieu à de vigoureuses passes d’armes.

Cette version du site reprend l’héritage des précédentes. Les constantes du site Le logo du site ramène toujours à la page d’accueil [2]. Les rubriques Les articles.