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Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY. The 10 habits of highly creative people, applied to creative companies « Marketing Babylon. The book Creativity : Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention (previously titled: Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People) contains an exploration of the common personality traits of creative people. The traits are articulated as a series of ten paradoxes. Before listing them, he writes: Of all human activities, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives. Call it full-blast living. Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives. You’ve got to love the man, I’m sure he’d be against speculative work and 6-way creative pitches. The list itself is delightful on its own, and will feel intuitively familiar to anyone who has an appreciation for creativity and creative people. SUPER ART MODERN MUSEUM - SPAMM - MUSEE DES ARTS SUPER MODERNES.

הבלוג של המעבדה לאינטראקציה › קורס IDHO EXTREME. Brain Pickings. Nstruct. Mobile Web @ W3C. Quick menu: W3C Mobile Web Initiative | Site navigation Combining the power of the Web with the strengths of mobiles devices.

Mobile Web @ W3C

W3C’s mission includes ensuring that the Web be available on as many kind of devices as possible. With the surge of powerful mobile devices in the past few years, the role of the Web as a platform for content, applications and services on these devices is increasingly important. W3C accompanies this growth with its ongoing work in the following areas: Latest news For Developers Mobile Web Developer’s corner, mobileOK checker Upcoming W3C mobile Web online training courses - on W3DevCampus: [12 Nov-23 Dec 12] - Mobile Web 1: Best Practices - register now!

Get Involved! Get your voice heard: get your company to become a W3C Member, and join the relevant Working Groups. Check your site / your browser How does your mobile browser fare in the Web Compatibility Test version 1 and version 2? Site Navigation The Web and Mobile Devices. PetaPixel. The making of Arduino. Arduino Due board (credit: Randi Silberman Klett) Arduino recently unveiled the Arduino Due, a board with a 32-bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor that offers more computing power for makers with complex projects such as FM radios, 3-D printer kits, or drones.

The making of Arduino

Google has also released an Arduino-based developer board that lets an Android phone interact with motors, sensors, and other devices. This permits building Android apps that use the phone’s camera, motion sensors, touch screen, and Internet connectivity to control a display or a robot. Arduino is a low-cost microcontroller board that can be connected to all kinds of sensors, lights, motors, and other devices, with easy-to-learn programming software. The Making of Arduino. For Banzi, this is perhaps the most important impact of Arduino: the democratization of engineering.

The Making of Arduino

"Fifty years ago, to write software you needed people in white aprons who knew everything about vacuum tubes. Now, even my mom can program," Banzi says. "We’ve enabled a lot of people to create products themselves. " Not all engineers love Arduino. The more persnickety ones bemoan the product for dumbing down product creation and flooding the hobbyist market with lackluster goods. To fuel greater adoption of Arduino, the team is exploring how to integrate it more deeply into the education system, from grade schools to colleges.

But spreading the Arduino gospel is only part of the challenge. Arduino has also created its own cottage industry for DIY electronics. Because the team can’t afford to stock hundreds of thousands of boards, they instead produce anywhere from 100 to 3000 per day at a manufacturing facility near Ivrea. Flash on the Beach 2010 These are the example files from Flash on the Beach 2010, including a Twitter application.

This includes a mobile optimized List component with great performance.Download here These are the example files from Flash on the Beach 2010, including the Radar P2P Video calling application. Download here. MobileNation. Zero to Maker: Project-Based Learning. Over the next month-plus, David Lang, something of a reluctant maker, is immersing himself in maker culture and learning as many DIY skills as he can, through a generous arrangement with our pals at TechShop.

Zero to Maker: Project-Based Learning

He’ll be regularly chronicling his efforts in this column — what he’s learning, who he’s meeting, and what hurdles he’s clearing (um… or not). –Gareth Prototypes for the OpenROV project that David is involved with Some advice takes a while to sink in. Sometimes it takes a later moment of realization to bring it full circle, or as I like to call it the “So THAT’S why they told me [Insert Advice]” moment. I had one of those moments after the Make: SF meetup I wrote about in my last column (where we soldered together the MintyBoost kit). Sounds obvious, maybe, and a number of experienced makers had told me exactly that piece of wisdom. The way I see it, maker projects can be split into two main categories: Known and Unknown. Known Project Ideas Unknown Project Ideas Related. Ynet המדריך לחלקיק: איך עוברים את מהירות האור?

Amarino - "Android meets Arduino" - Download. Arduino bluetooth.