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Famous tunnels

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Bund Sightseeing Tunnel - A Tunnel Across The Bottom Of Huangpu River. Brief Introduction Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is a 646.7-meter-long pedestrian sightseeing tunnel linking the Bund and Pudong Area of Shanghai across the Huangpu River.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel - A Tunnel Across The Bottom Of Huangpu River

It is an interesting way of public transportation. Inside the tunnel light effects are projected onto the walls of the tunnel to create colorful and dreamlike visual effects. Its passenger system uses driverless SK carriage imported from Germany. Passengers board on this slow-moving vehicle to travel along the tunnel to enjoy the fancy visual effects produced by lights.

Features Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is a symbolic sightseeing project combining transportation with tourism. Location. Facts About Tunnels: Types and Uses - Easy Science For Kids. Have you ever gone through a very long tunnel like the Eisenhower Tunnel in the Rocky Mountains?

Facts About Tunnels: Types and Uses - Easy Science For Kids

This tunnel was drilled right through the mountains so cars and trucks could pass through. It is over 1 ½ miles long! Maybe you play a game with your family of holding your breath when you go through tunnels. All About Tunnels: This is the Eisenhower Tunnel. The first tunnels weren’t used for travel, but for carrying water. Soft soil tunnels are those that are built through soil, instead of rock. Soft soil tunnels are those that are built through soil, instead of rock. Rock tunnels are built through rocks and mountains.

Tunnel Vocabulary Elaborate: complicated; not simpleDynamite: an explosiveWaste water: sewage, dirty water. Channel Tunnel Facts. The Channel Tunnel: 20 fascinating facts. Tunnel of Love - Ten Random Facts. Walking along a track in the Tunnel of Love is (apparently) quite romantic!

Tunnel of Love - Ten Random Facts

The Tunnel of Love covers a portion of an industrial railroad track, found in the north-west of Ukraine in Europe, near the town of Klevan.The Tunnel of Love railway passes through arches of lush vegetation, particularly trees.The length of the Tunnel of Love is disputed, although most cite between 3 to 5 kilometres (1.9 to 3.1 miles) of the total 6.4 kilometres (4 miles) of track.The train track along the Tunnel of Love was initially used in the Cold War to transport military equipment to a nearby secret military base, and the trees were planted beside the track to provide ample coverage so the operation would remain secret.The Tunnel of Love is popular among lovers, and they will sometimes walk, or have photographs taken, along the track. The Tunnel of LoveImage courtesy of Marcin Grabski/Flickr Bibliography: Lisa A, Ukraine‘s Leafy Green ‘Tunnel of Love’ is a Passageway for Trains and Lovers, 2016, Inhabitat,

Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel Guide. Isambard Kingdom Brunel for children. Brunel was first taught by his dad, Marc Brunel, then went to a boarding school in Hove.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel for children

His father was from France, and sent Brunel there to learn more about maths and engineering. Brunel came back to London in 1822 and worked with his dad. The first thing Brunel and his dad did together was work on the Thames tunnel, which is 396 metres long and allowed people to travel underneath the River Thames. This was very dangerous, and while it was being built, the tunnel flooded a few times. Brunel almost drowned, and had to rest for a while after that while he got better.

In 1833, Brunel was appointed chief engineer of the Great Western Railway – he designed the railway line that runs between Bristol and London, which was a major achievement. Brunel was interested in sea travel, too – each ship he designed was bigger and better than the last. Florence Nightingale wrote a letter about how difficult conditions were for doctors and nurses helping wounded soldiers during the Crimean war.

The Tunnel (Story by Anthony Browne) Interesting Tunnel Facts - Channel Tunnel, Cu Chi Tunnels, Fun Trivia for Kids. The Channel Tunnel is an undersea rail tunnel that links the United Kingdom and France.

Interesting Tunnel Facts - Channel Tunnel, Cu Chi Tunnels, Fun Trivia for Kids

Opened in 1994, it carries both passenger and freight trains. The tunnel stretches 50.5 kilometres (31.4 miles) in length and is 75 metres (246 feet) deep at its lowest point. The first ever proposal for a tunnel between the UK and France was put forward by a French mining engineer named Albert Mathieu back in 1802. As well as being built for human use, tunnels can also be built for the safety and convenience of animals. More than 600 tunnels have been built under roads in the Netherlands to help increase the population numbers of endangered animals such as the European Badger.

Weather. #19: Natural Tunnel State Park, United States Roughly a century ago, William Jennings Bryan called it the "eighth wonder of the world.


" It's not hard to see why when you get a look at this 850-ft. -long by 100-ft. -high tunnel, which appears at first as if it were carved by human hands. Now part of a 950-acre state park tucked into Virginia's southwest corner, the Natural Tunnel is thought to have begun forming during a glacial period more than a million years ago. Railroad tracks were laid down inside the tunnel near the end of the 19th century and passenger service began in 1890, continuing through the 1930s with the then-famous "Lonesome Pine Special. " (MORE: Discover the "eighth wonder of the world" in Virginia and save up to 20%)