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Gunnar Schwant | Cinematic Music

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This collection of Eastern-electronic fusion dance tracks curated by the duo Acid Arab features 3 tracks previously released on Acid Arab Collections EP01 (though curiously it includes no material from Acid Arab Collections EP02 nor Boys in the Oud's "Cosmique Arabe" from the first EP) to run a full 71 minutes. The obvious touchstone here is the recently-reissued Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, but this expands on that record's groundbreaking template in a few ways: first, the sounds here are a lot less proto-house, obviously, they being all recorded in recent years in a post-everything culture. Acid is still the dominating aesthetic, but the music on this record is a lot more organically synthesized than Charanjit Singh's (which, nothing against Singh, but his record's subtitle "Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat" pretty much tells you everything you need to know about it), utilizing its Eastern elements as a function of the house production. Rate Your Music