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Sign in - FutureLearn. Log in. Google Debuts Classroom, An Education Platform For Teacher-Student Communication. Google is tackling the persistent need in education for better software with Classroom, a new tool launching in beta preview to help teachers make, collect and track student assignments, and to help them better communicate with their classes.

Google Debuts Classroom, An Education Platform For Teacher-Student Communication

The Classroom app is part of Google’s Apps for Education lineup of products, and it uses Docs, Drive and Gmail to make assignment creation and tracking easier than when you’d do those things manually. Basically, Google has taken a process that many were already using and streamlined it to make it more useful. Google has a huge advantage over other startups trying to do the same as a result; there’s an immense built-in existing population of users to get onboard. It also incorporates class communication tools, letting teachers make announcements, ask questions and field student responses in real-time. So far, Google is keeping Classroom invite-only, with educators invited to apply to the preview program for access.

"תסמונת הידע השביר" – למה תלמידים לא מצליחים ליישם את מה שהם לומדים? "אנשים יחשבו לפני כל מעשה ולא עקב זהירות ולעיתים הביטחון גובר בחשיבותו על המהירות, שכן אדם שאינו בטוח עלול לגרום לאותה תוצאה של תאונה אך לא מאותן סיבות ועל כן המטרה היא כקליפת השום ביחס לתוצאה".

"תסמונת הידע השביר" – למה תלמידים לא מצליחים ליישם את מה שהם לומדים?

זה לא כתב חידה של חמיצר וגם לא קטע משיר חדש של שלמה ארצי. זהו קטע שנועד להיות מוגש במסגרת החיבור בבחינת הפסיכומטרי. לפני כשנה הוחלט לשלב בבחינת הפסיכומטרי, שמורכבת כולה משאלות סגורות, גם קטע שבו נדרש הנבחן לכתוב חיבור סביב נושא מסוים. תוספת זו לבחינה נועדה לבחון את מיומנויות הכתיבה של הסטודנט לעתיד, והניקוד של החיבור נקבע על פי רמת הכתיבה, שימוש במילים גבוהות, רמת הטיעון ועוד. החיבורים נבדקים ידנית על ידי מערך בוחנים מיוחד שהוקם לצורך הענין.

מכוני ההכנה לפסיכומטרי, המתמחים בהכנת מועמדים לבחינה הגורלית תוך זמן קצר, לא אבדו את העשתונות והחלו ללמד את הנבחנים טכניקות לכתיבה ברמה גבוהה: שימוש במשפטים ארוכים ומרובי פסוקיות, שיבוץ ביטויים ופתגמים, צמצום השימוש בסלנג, וכדומה. ספקי תוכן דיגיטאלי. Courseload: From Print To Digital. Editor. Programme Design For Learning Part 2. Readers: Seven ways to make the iPad better for education. “I want to monitor students’ reading comprehension, math skills, and problem solving progress,” said one reader. iPad adoption in schools is growing at a phenomenal rate, as we reported last year, and some educators call the devices a game-changer.

Readers: Seven ways to make the iPad better for education

But besides its sleek style, portability, and access to apps and the internet, is the iPad efficient for teacher and student work—more so, say, than other tablets or mobile devices? At the current cost of the iPad, one would hope so. We recently asked readers: “If there was one feature/app/design spec you’d like to see on the iPad (or any other mobile device) to help you teach in the classroom or make your job more efficient, what would it be and why?” And though there are many mobile devices on the market, our readers were like the coach who picks on the star player to make him or her even better: Most commented on how the iPad could be better for education.

Do you agree with these suggestions? (Some comments edited for brevity.) 1. Nik's Learning Technology Blog. KS2 Bitesize Games - Questionaut : Game Fullscreen. Adventure Narratives for EFL ESL Students. For a long time now I've really admired and been fascinated by the work of AmanitaDesign.

Adventure Narratives for EFL ESL Students

They have a really unique approach and I love the way they blend photographic textures with cartoon images. I also find their games quite addictive and that's I quality I always look for when trying to find stimulating materials for students, so I've been looking at how these games could used for language development. The two games I've chosen for this posting are Samorost 1 and Samorost 2 Samorost 1 is based on the scenario of an asteroid heading towards a planet. The player has to click various elements of the screen and find out how to help Samorost change the direction of the asteroid and save his planet.

In Samorost 2, Somorost's dog is stolen by aliens and the player has to help Samorost rescue the dog. So why use these games with EFL ESL students. Get Apps – Google Apps for Education. Imagination: Creating the Future of Education & Work. Welcome - Google Science Fair. Start now Sign up now for the competition.

Welcome - Google Science Fair

Register I want tohelp my cousin get well. I’m good atBuilding things,I want toHelp my Grandmother. What do you love? Stuck For Ideas? Use our Idea Springboard to come up with a world-changing idea. Explore What’s the science behind engineering? If you're an educator with a High School classroom who wants to actually join the Hangout, sign up on the Connected Classrooms form at #VirtualFieldTrips Chris Rogers is a mechanical engineer extraordinaire. Come hear Chris talk about mechanical engineering, LEGO, drones, musical instruments, fruit flies, and a lot more! Future Learning: Sugata Mitra. Future Learning: Richard Lang.

Future Learning: Sal Khan.