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Ukraine/Russia Crisis

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Life in Ukraine's rebel-held Donetsk. Fifa corruption: Vladimir Putin expresses support for Blatter. Russia cries foul: Fifa arrests 'a conspiracy' says Moscow. As the rest of the world debates the exposure of corruption at the heart of Fifa, all the talk swirling in Russia is of a conspiracy.

Russia cries foul: Fifa arrests 'a conspiracy' says Moscow

President Vladimir Putin argues that the criminal inquiry is aimed at ousting long-time Fifa president Sepp Blatter from his post. He sees it as punishment for continuing to support Russia as host for the 2018 World Cup. There have been increasing calls to strip Moscow of that privilege, in protest at military action in Ukraine. Ukraine arrests two top officials at cabinet meeting - BBC News. Two senior Ukrainian officials have been arrested during a cabinet meeting as part of an anti-corruption crackdown, hours after a powerful regional governor was sacked.

Ukraine arrests two top officials at cabinet meeting - BBC News

The head of Ukraine's state emergencies service, Serhiy Bochkovsky, and his deputy Vasyl Stoyetsky were handcuffed by police at the televised meeting. They are suspected of involvement in high-level corruption. Earlier Ukraine's president sacked a billionaire governor, Ihor Kolomoisky. Mr Kolomoisky had been running the key industrial region of Dnipropetrovsk. He had been vying with President Petro Poroshenko for control of the the Ukrnafta energy company. The two arrests shown on TV on Wednesday were connected to illegal kickbacks involving procurement contracts, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov told the cabinet meeting. Living in fear in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine conflict: Putin shakes hands with Poroshenko as talks begin. Ukraine crisis: BBC finds two civilians in Vuhlehirsk. Ukraine crisis: Europe leaders plot demilitarised zone. Ukraine crisis: Life in the 'Donetsk People's Republic' Ukraine Maidan deaths: Who fired shots? Ukraine conflict: Why is violence surging? Pro-Russian rebels have entered the strategic town of Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine after heavy fighting - despite a ceasefire agreement.

Ukraine conflict: Why is violence surging?

Most of the Ukrainian government forces have pulled out of the town, a key transport hub. A new truce deal was reached on 12 February through international mediation, in an attempt to stop the fighting spiralling out of control. What prompted the flare-up in a conflict that has cost more than 5,600 lives and few saw coming? How did eastern Ukraine return to full-scale conflict? Fighting started in April 2014 and raged for months until Ukraine and the separatists came to a deal on 5 September to halt the violence and free prisoners. Ukraine in maps: How the crisis spread. 5 February 2015Last updated at 12:24 ET The crisis in Ukraine began in November 2013 when pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned a deal with the EU in favour of stronger ties with Russia.

Ukraine in maps: How the crisis spread

Protests erupted in the capital Kiev and quickly escalated as government buildings were seized in cities across the western regions of Ukraine. Protests in western Ukraine, January 2014 On 20 February, 2014 at least 88 people were killed in 48 hours in Kiev. Ukraine crisis: 'Don't arm Kiev' Russia warns US. 10 February 2015Last updated at 05:59 ET Alexei Pushkov said Russia's stance on Crimea would not change A close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the European Parliament that "all-out war" could result if the US supplies arms to the Ukrainian government in Kiev.

Ukraine crisis: 'Don't arm Kiev' Russia warns US

Alexei Pushkov, a leading Russian MP, was addressing about 100 MEPs in the parliament's foreign affairs committee. He was speaking after President Barack Obama said he had not ruled out sending arms to Kiev if diplomacy failed. New Greek govt furious over EU 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement — RT News. Ruble crisis may spell financial disaster for Europe — RT Business. #BBCtrending: Rapping for Putin. Ukraine crisis: Separatists plan breakaway elections. How is EU food import ban affecting Russians? Putin portrayed as Hercules in art exhibition.

Ukraine crisis: Brutal 'trash bucket challenges' spread. As Ukraine prepares for parliamentary elections at the end of the month, a series of so-called "trash bucket challenges" are spreading across the country.

Ukraine crisis: Brutal 'trash bucket challenges' spread

Activists, many from the far right, are throwing politicians whom they say are corrupt into rubbish bins. Some of them have been brutal, and one official was also severely beaten. Critics have called the actions mob justice, and ask what this means for the rule of law in Ukraine in the future. David Stern reports from Kiev. The BBC has not been able to fully authenticate some of the footage in this video, but based on additional checks made on it, it is believed to be genuine. As Ukraine prepares for parliamentary elections at the end of the month, a series of so-called "trash bucket challenges" are spreading across the country. Activists, many from the far right, are throwing politicians whom they say are corrupt into rubbish bins. Some of them have been brutal, and one official was also severely beaten. David Stern reports from Kiev. Ukraine in maps: How the crisis spread. Nato images 'show Russians in Ukraine' Ukraine conflict: How we got here - in two minutes.

Russia's president has said he is hoping for a peace deal between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels.

Ukraine conflict: How we got here - in two minutes

Vladimir Putin urged both sides to stop military action in eastern Ukraine, adding that his views and those of his Ukrainian counterpart were very close. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said they had agreed a "ceasefire process" but PM Arseny Yatsenyuk said no plan from Mr Putin should be trusted. Ukraine crisis: Russia assaulting Ukraine, says Obama. Ukraine crisis: Nato chief Rasmussen announces new force. Could Russian sanctions open the door to more China trade? The Ukrainian soldiers taking refuge in Russia. BBC World News - HARDtalk, Yevgeny Shevchuk, Trans-Dniester leader: ‘We are alive, we exist’ Violence has erupted near Donetsk airport and railway station.

MH17 plane crash: The intelligence trail examined. MH17: EU to widen Russia sanctions. The Ukraine Crisis Timeline. 10 facts you need to know about Ukrainian presidential poll. Ukraine crisis: BBC witnesses Donetsk airport aftermath. Confirmed: Italian journalist killed in Eastern Ukraine. Автономна спілка трудящих. The overthrow of the authoritarian regime of Yanukovych by no means signifies for us the end of our fight.

Автономна спілка трудящих

New dictators hasten to take the place of the Party of Regions. They will not hesitate to rely not only on considerably weakened security agencies, but on the far right militants as well. The regime of police and prosecutorial arbitrariness deserved its overthrow unconditionally, but now there may come a time for a new terror that will justify itself ideologically. At the moment, the main power is concentrated in the hands of the opposition party “Batkivshchyna” (“Fatherland”) , which has managed to rally a substantial part of the ruling class. Its leader, recently released from prison Yulia Tymoshenko, has obvious presidential ambitions. In order to stay in power, Yulia Tymoshenko’s team will have to appease the far rightists, the Right Sector in particular. Right Sector leads its own game, and has been doing so for long enough. Ukraine crisis: Inside Luhansk protest camp. Ukrainian volunteers in training for reserve army.

Just who is Ukraine's opposition? Ukraine braced for more days, if not weeks, of grim uncertainty on Thursday night, as the highly anticipated opposition-government negotiations failed to bring results.

Just who is Ukraine's opposition?

Skip to next paragraph. Russia says Kiev 'breaking Geneva accord' on Ukraine. 21 April 2014Last updated at 08:20 ET Sergei Lavrov: "All signs show that Kiev can't, and maybe doesn't want to, control the extremists who continue to call the shots" Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the Kiev authorities of breaking last week's Geneva accord on resolving the Ukraine crisis.

Russia says Kiev 'breaking Geneva accord' on Ukraine

He said the Kiev government - not recognised by Moscow - had not moved to disarm illegal groups, especially the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. "Extremists are calling the tune," he alleged, condemning a fatal shooting near Sloviansk, in eastern Ukraine. He also condemned the continuing Maidan street protests in Kiev. He said it was "absolutely unacceptable" that the Ukrainian authorities had failed to end what he called the illegal protests in the capital. Lavrov to RT: Americans are 'running the show' in Ukraine — RT SophieCo. As the standoff in the eastern Ukraine deteriorates into violence it’s up to world powers to step in and calm things down. Despite tough talk from Washington, the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine have managed to reach a framework to peace in Geneva.

But will it be enough to avert a civil war? Sophie asks the Russian Foreign minister himself – Sergey Lavrov is on Sophie&Co today. Sophie Shevardnadze: Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign minister, it’s great to have you on our show today. Batkivshchyna (Political Party) Batkivshchyna or the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" (Ukrainian: Всеукраїнське об'єднання "Батьківщина", Vseukrayins'ke Obyednannya Bat'kivshchyna) is a political party in Ukraine, led by Yulia Tymoshenko.[1] Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison in October 2011 on abuse of power charges; she served part of the sentence while being treated in a Kharkiv hospital.[1][24] She was released on 22 February 2014.[25] History[edit] Early history[edit] 12 videos showing why Ukraine fears and stands up to radical nationalists.

On air. Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Prime Minister) Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk[a] (Ukrainian: Арсеній Петрович Яценюк, Arseniy Petrovych Yatseniuk; born May 22, 1974) is a Ukrainian politician, economist and lawyer who is the interim[3] Prime Minister of Ukraine, disputed by Russia and Venezuela,[3][4][5] following the 2014 revolution that removed Viktor Yanukovych from power.[6] Yatsenyuk served in the government of Ukraine as Minister of Economy from 2005 to 2006; subsequently he was Foreign Minister of Ukraine in 2007 and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) from 2007 to 2008. Yatsenyuk is one of the leaders of Ukraine's second biggest party[7] All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" and leader of the parliamentary faction of "Fatherland".[8][9][10] Early life[edit] Birth and Parents[edit] Yatsenyuk was born on May 22, 1974, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union).

Ethnic background[edit] Education[edit] ‘Shut the f**k up, b*tch!’ Notorious far-right Ukraine leader attacks prosecutor (VIDEO) News - April 24, 2014 (12:00 MSK) — RT Bulletin board. Ukraine crisis: Russians opposed to Putin. 11 March 2014Last updated at 20:47 ET In an emotional speech in Kiev on Sunday, former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky - recently released from 10 years in jail - told the Maidan "there is another Russia", one opposed to military action in Ukraine.

Russian writer and broadcaster Andrei Ostalski agrees but says it's a small and embattled community. On 2 March, one day after the Upper Chamber of the Russian parliament passed a motion allowing President Putin to use Russia's armed forces anywhere on Ukrainian territory, a Muscovite decided to stage a one-man protest. He knew it was a rather risky affair as the streets were full of "patriotically" minded people rejoicing and celebrating the prospect of a quick victorious war against their neighbour.

Ukraine crisis: Donetsk declared 'people's republic' ​Radicals shooting at people in Odessa’s burning building caught on tape. 8 facts you need to know about Crimea. Ukraine crisis: Viktor Yanukovych decries Crimea 'tragedy' At the secret training base of Ukraine's militias. 'F**k the EU': Snr US State Dept. official caught in alleged phone chat on Ukraine. Russia to set up own payment system - Yahoo Finance. MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia will set up its own payment system to rival Visa and MasterCard after the companies pulled their services from several banks in the wake of the sanctions imposed on the country.

Last week, the United States and the European Union imposed travel bans and asset freezes on two dozen Russians who are believed to be Putin's close allies, following the country's annexation of Crimea. The banks of some of those individuals reported suspension of card services. Visa and MasterCard suspended services for St. Petersburg-based bank Rossiya, which was specifically targeted by U.S. sanctions, and two of its subsidiary lenders. In a meeting with Russian lawmakers Putin said the country's central bank is "working hard" to set up Russia's own payment system, citing the recent troubles facing Rossiya and others.

"This is not our decision," he said in televised comments. RussiaMasterCard. Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting Ukraine security' Published time: May 04, 2014 09:32 Edited time: May 04, 2014 10:07 Reuters/Larry Downing Numerous US agents are helping the coup-appointed government in Ukraine to “fight organized crime” in the south east of the country, the German newspaper Bild revealed.

According to the daily, the CIA and FBI are advising the government in Kiev on how to deal with the ‘fight against organized crime’ and stop the violence in the country’s restive eastern regions. The group also helps to investigate alleged financial crimes and is trying to trace the money, which was reportedly taken abroad during Viktor Yanokovich’s presidency, the newspaper said. Seriously, what? Kerry tells Russia 'you don't invade a country on completely phony pretexts' Published time: March 03, 2014 11:10 Edited time: March 04, 2014 09:06 US Secretary of State John Kerry.

(AFP Photo / Nicholas Kamm) The US Secretary of State spoke today of the unacceptability of invading a sovereign country on phony pretexts in order to assert one’s own interests in the 21st century. But no, he was not speaking about the United States, as one might have thought. “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests,” John Kerry said during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. Rt. Avoiding facts? MSM uncertain who is behind deadly Odessa blaze. About Abby Martin, Liz Wahl and media wars — RT Op-Edge. Published time: March 06, 2014 12:10 Abby Martin Today RT America anchor Liz Wahl resigned on air, claiming she disagrees with the channel’s editorial stance.

And here’s what I have to say about it. These days it takes a lot of courage to work for RT. Never before have I seen RT and its journalists bullied like this. Will Putin Push Further Into Ukraine?: Video. Rt. 'I dare you take my gun!' AK-47-toting Ukraine far-right leader tells officials. Published time: February 26, 2014 15:24 Edited time: February 27, 2014 07:23 Regional parliament members in a Ukrainian city held a session at gunpoint when one of the radical nationalist opposition leaders came to them, armed to the teeth, as the law of power seems to be prevailing in the tumultuous post-coup country. A Kalashnikov appears to be the best argument in a debate for Aleksandr Muzychko, an activist of the nationalist "Pravy Sektor" (Right Sector) movement and one of the Maidan's most prominent and controversial leaders.

On Tuesday he came to the Rovno regional parliament, where he threatened the regional MPs with a machine-gun and a number of other weapons as he demanded a decision on granting apartments to the families of protesters who were killed during last week’s violent clashes in central Kiev. Ukraine crisis: State TV boss forced to resign. Odessa slaughter: How vicious mob burnt anti-govt activists alive (GRAPHIC IMAGES) Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape. Putin's options on Ukraine - in 60 seconds.

​Radicals shooting at people in Odessa’s burning building caught on tape. Russia Today TV presenter Liz Wahl quits on air. Rt. Published time: March 18, 2014 11:53 Edited time: March 18, 2014 21:44 RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin Russia and Crimea have signed treaty of accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol in the Russian Federation following President Putin’s address to the Parliament. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin requests parliament to ratify the agreement that would see both Crimea and the city of Sevastopol joining Russia. Ukraine crisis: ‘State of shock in Odessa’ Russia Today presenter goes off-script over Ukraine crisis. What will Ukraine's map look like after Crimea vote? How much are Americans willing to get involved in Ukraine? Russia is allowed to have 25,000 troops in Crimea...and other facts you didn’t know.

The shop on the Ukraine-Russia border. Ukraine crisis: How strong are Ukraine's ties to Russia? Unelected power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe — RT Op-Edge. Published time: March 03, 2014 14:54 Protesters hold rotated photos of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and signed "Upside down " (in Ukrainian the word has as well another meaning: overturn and revolution) during the protest action at the Internal Affairs Ministry in Kiev on December 26, 2013 (AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky) Genuine people’s power is on the retreat in Europe, and it's under attack from those who most loudly claim to be “democrats.”

Last week we saw the unelected EU foreign policy chief, Baroness Ashton, meeting the new unelected Ukrainian “president,” Aleksandr Turchynov, who came to power following a violent overthrow of that country's democratically elected president – with the rebellion backed by the EU. Aleksandr Turchynov (AFP Photo / Anastasiya Sirotkina) The hailing of a foreign-backed coup d’état in a country where fresh elections were only 12 months away as a “victory for democracy” was truly Orwellian. Η Μόσχα καλεί τον ΟΑΣΕ να στείλει παρατηρητές για το δημοψήφισμα στην Κριμαία. Ukraine: Pro-Russian family desperate for 'order' Why is Ukraine torn between East and West? News - March 13, 2014 (12:00MSK) — RT Bulletin board. Mapping the Crimean Conflict.