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Magazine. 5 Common Seed-Starting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Garden. Starting your own seed is a frugal and fun way to get a great garden.

5 Common Seed-Starting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Garden

There are a few common mistakes, though, that can take all the fun out of seed starting. Mistake #1: Planting the Seeds Too Deeply. Growing Vegetables A-Z. Starting a Vegetable Garden | Container Vegetable Gardening | Early Spring Vegetables | Fall Vegetable Gardening | Vegetable Gardening in Warm Climates | Vegetables A to Z Deciding what to grow in a vegetable garden should be easy - grow what you like to eat.

Growing Vegetables A-Z

But once you start reading the descriptions of the vegetables, your eyes become much bigger than your stomach. So plant a mix of vegetables to eat fresh and some to store away for later. How to Grow Organic Potatoes in Your Home Garden. Potatoes are a versatile root crop so they can seem intimidating to gardeners to try to grow.

How to Grow Organic Potatoes in Your Home Garden

How do you plant potatoes? How do you know when a potato is ready to harvest if you can't see them? Never fear, not only are potatoes easier to grow than most people realize, but they can often be ​ready to harvest in 12 weeks or less! Growing Pumpkins in Containers. It never occurred to me to grow pumpkins in pots until I visited Kim Brix who had a beautiful crop of them growing in containers in her side yard.

Growing Pumpkins in Containers

The plants were gorgeous and healthy and the pumpkins irresistible. I knew I had to try it myself and now I grow them every year. 10 Container Garden Tips For Beginners. The more plants you grow, the more plants you will kill.

10 Container Garden Tips For Beginners

It's that simple. Sometimes even the most expert gardeners will kill plants. It's a fact of gardening life. 10 Best Flowers to Use in Hanging Baskets. Gardening: Getting Started. Tips on Successfully Starting Seeds. Starting seeds indoors can be frustrating, exhilarating, or sometimes a little of both.

Tips on Successfully Starting Seeds

You can improve your success rate dramatically if you focus on what seeds need to germinate and what seedlings need to grow strong. It's not as easy as setting a pot in a window and keeping it wet, but you don't need to buy a fancy greenhouse to make them grow either. Easy Cauliflower Fritters Recipe. Vegetable Gardening in Containers and Small Spaces. You don't need a plot of land to grow fresh vegetables.

Vegetable Gardening in Containers and Small Spaces

Many vegetables lend themselves well to container gardening. With some thought to selecting bush or dwarf varieties, almost any vegetable can be adapted to growing in a pot. Even if you want your favorite full-size variety, if you give it a large enough pot and plenty of soil and water, it will grow just fine and reward you with plenty. 10 Common Container Gardening Mistakes. Since I have made every mistake possible, many more than once, the following list of 10 common container gardening mistakes is just a start, and is in no particular order. 1.

10 Common Container Gardening Mistakes

Filling a large container in the wrong place: Ever tried to lift a large container garden filled with dirt and plants? I have, and it can be overwhelmingly heavy. When using a large or unwieldy container make sure to place your pot where it will live and then fill it – you’ll save your back! Container Gardening - How to Start. Oddly, this is the easy part of the whole process and probably takes the least amount of time.

Container Gardening - How to Start

Once you have your plants, pot, soil and fertilizer collected, cover the bottom drainage hole with plastic screening, paper towel or a coffee filter, so your soil will stay in and water can get out. No matter what you have read, do not put gravel in the bottom of your pot. It will not help with drainage, but will actually make drainage worse. Growing Moon Flower in Containers. To be honest, growing moonflowers in a cool climate isn't easy, however, moonflowers are definitely worth the trouble of growing them for their incredible beauty and the powerful fragrance that they add to a garden at night.

Growing Moon Flower in Containers

Before growing moonflower vines there are a few things you should know. The seeds are poisonous and this vine can become a noxious invader or an invasive in certain areas of the country. It is also a self-seeder, so if you don't want it to return next year, pick off the spent flowers so they don't form seed pods. Growing Vegetables A-Z. 5 Common Seed-Starting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Garden. How to Prevent Seedlings From Getting Leggy.

Every intrepid, seed-starting gardener has dealt with them at least once, and, probably, several times: leggy seedlings. We sow some seeds, give them water, place them near a window, and wait with bated breath until they germinate. And, once the do, they grow with an almost freakish speed, taller and taller. Unfortunately, this tall, spindly growth is also unhealthy for your seedlings. Determining the Proper Depth to Plant Seeds. Planting a seed at the right depth improves the seed's chances of developing into a hardy seedling and increases germination rates. The precise depth varies depending on the size and type of the seeds you have. The seed packets always have a recommended seed depth printed on them, but sometimes we lose the seed packet with all of its specific planting instructions or we get some seeds from a friend, minus those helpful instructions.

That's when we need a way to figure out how deep to bury those seeds in the seed-starting mix or garden soil. General Wisdom for How Deep to Plant Seeds. Common Mistakes Made While Growing Seeds Indoors. It is quite economical to start seeds indoors, especially when the seedlings grow into robust plants. However, growing seeds indoors can be challenging. To significantly increase your chances of success, avoid these common seed-starting mistakes. Seed Starting Is Easy With APS Seed Starter. The Bottom Line The APS Seed Starter from Gardeners Supply is a great self-watering system that is worth the price. Manufacturer's Site. The Basics of Self Watering Containers. I am a huge fan of self watering containers and it seems like they are all the rage.

From super, high-end, fancy planters, to DIY planters made from buckets and plastic boxes, you can find one to work for your price range and style. There are a vast number of options out there and you can even make your own for not much money. Free Self-Watering Seed Starter. How to Grow Cucumbers. Growing Cucumbers in Container Gardens. 5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Containers. Tips for Growing Vegetables in Containers. Vegan Tahini Pad Thai - Will Frolic for Food. Greek Recipe: Homemade Puffy Pita Bread – 12 Tomatoes. Home-Baked Bread Recipe: The Perfect Ciabatta – 12 Tomatoes.

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