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Liquid Culture

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Cloning Mushrooms with LC step by step - Cloning Mushrooms - Shroomology. LME/Karo LC ratios? - Mushroom Cultivation. Karo Tek - Substrates. MALT AND KARO LIQUID CULTURE - Liquid Cultures - Shroomology. GOOD LC TEK! - Mushroom Cultivation. LC Cloning - Newbie friendly pictorial tek! - Agar and Liquid Culture. Cloning with liquid culture, the easy way.

LC Cloning - Newbie friendly pictorial tek! - Agar and Liquid Culture

This is a tek on how to clone without the need for advanced methods, agar, gloveboxes, flowhoods, or even a pressure cooker. Its simple enough for a beginning pf-tek'er to complete. You'll probably also find some good LC tips here if you've been struggling with those. As always, comments, questions, suggestions, and kudos appreciated! I apologize if this is a little wordy, but I wanted to cover all the bases. Materials needed: Step 1. For this, I am of the thinking that SIMPLE IS BEST.

Jar with just a hole Recipe: Recipe is the same as any liquid culture; 4% media by weight. Measure 4 grams of media per 100ml of water When cloning, I generally start with a small half pint container. This will be my "master" culture. Step 2. In my opinion there's only two acceptable ways to sterilize LC for consistent results: steaming, and pressure cooking. Liquid culture media - Mushroom Cultivation. Yeah, I tried a few....

Liquid culture media - Mushroom Cultivation

Agar, of course, has the most experience with all manner of beer, fruit juice, yeasts, malts, sugars, etc. Basically, I think any roughly 3% solution of sugar will produce a healthy liquid culture. Glucose (dextrose) is the most readily digested sugar for the myc, but just about any sugar will eventually work, it just might take a few extra days for the myc to figure out what enzyme is needed to break it down into digestible pieces. Complex sugars (disaccharides) are just two simple sugars hooked together. For example, sucrose is just a glucose molecule bonded to a fructose molecule.

Liquid Cultures and Live Spawn. Mushroom Palace. Club99's Honeywater Mycelium Tek. The achievement of this tek is to shorten the time needed to colonize a jar as you'll see signs of growth in 24/36 hours, instead waiting 3/5 days for spore germination.

Club99's Honeywater Mycelium Tek

What you need: A narrow mouth jar with lidOrganic honey - best is the pale yellow oneMineral waterSome H2O2 (at 3% or 12 vol.) Optional: Some heat resistant siliconeA filter disk How to do it: Drill a small hole in the lid, large enough to pass through with a needle.Mix a small quantity of honey (less than a teaspoon) in the water, the water must be very light yellow coloured.Sterilize for 30 minutes and let it cool (don't over sterilize or the sugars in the honey caramelize).Inject a small quantity of spore solution, 1-2 cc it's enough.Put in a dark warm place, better to stir a bit once a day, and wait until you see small white hairs floating in the solution,wait a day or 2 then add some H2O2 , few cc's, (i would put 2 cc in a 1/2 pint jar) then put the jar in the fridge.

HONEY LC - Liquid Cultures - Shroomology. High Quality Liquid Culture: Step by Step. Cybers Liquid Culture Tek. Liquid cultures are one of the best ways to start a grow.

Cybers Liquid Culture Tek

It only takes a small amount of a spore syringe to get a good liquid culture and you can shorten your grow time while extending the use of your spore syringe. First you will need a few things You will need 6 of the Cybers Self Healing Injection point lids , 6 Pint Jars, Light Corn Syrup, and a PC to make the LC Jars. So, We start by getting out the Jars We will fill each jar up to the point where it starts to curve in. Once all the jars have water in them we add 2 teaspoons of light corn syrup to each jar.

Once you have the corn syrup in the jars you will put the self healing injection point lids on them. And the rings. Now, I take each jar and shake them to mix up the syrup and the water. Now, Load the jars into your pressure cooker and get it set up. You will want to PC them for 15 min @ 15 PSI! Cybers Self Healing Injection point lids. I like to make liquid cultures firstand use them to inoculate my substrate.

Cybers Self Healing Injection point lids

I have tried lots of methodsand this is what I have settled on. You will need 12 CanningJar Lids 1 small philips head screw driver 1 hammer 1block of wood 1 tube of RTV silicone gasket maker (Autopartsstore) Lay one of the lids on the block of wood. Put the screwdriver on in the center of the lid andhammer it through the lid Now you should have a hole through the lid Now take the tube of RTV Silicone and Fill the hole in the middle of the lid.

And do the bottom of the lid. How To Make A Liquid Culture. Liquid Culture Basics. Liquid (tissue) cultures are used to expand mycelium into a liquid solution to inoculate your chosen substrate.

Liquid Culture Basics

Like a multi-spore syringe, except the spores have germinated into a network. Since the spores are already germinated; colonization times are substantially faster and inoculated substrates have an edge over contamination with speed. In addition to the significant speed boost over MS (multi spore) inoculation, mycelium is not harmed by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), so this can be added to your substrate to help reduce contamination. Normally you can not do this until the mycelium has started growing, because H2O2 kills the spores. A *beginner friendly* method for making Liquid Culture - Mushroom Cultivation. Hey everyone - I'm writing this because I see a lot of questions being asked about Liquid Culture.

A *beginner friendly* method for making Liquid Culture - Mushroom Cultivation

My first ever grow started off with a LC and I am convinced it should be *Edit to remove 'all or nothing' statement something everyone should try at least once, even people who are still using the PF tek who don't have access to a Pressure cooker. You don't need expensive equipment and generally most people will have access to these materials already around the home, which should help even the most nervous beginner to get off their bum and have a crack at playing with mycology! *Edit to include motivational speech* NB: This method is not technically completely sterile, but if you have a clean Spore print/spore syringe, and follow the steps exactly, you should have no problem.