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модульная сетка

модульная сетка At the beginning of a web (or application) development project I always create the sketches first. While sketching can be done on a blank paper, it’s much better to use a sketch template. For me that is the best and most productive way to work on and improve my ideas before application development begins (and things get more complicated :-)). This way I won’t pay too much attention to some details that should be taken care of later, but stay focused on general layout and functionality. Below you will find more than 20 resources that you can use in sketching phase of application development.
бесшовная текстура бесшовная текстура Наташа Клевер Уроки / Новичкам Отличный урок от Designshack в котором очень просто можно самому сделать в фотошопе бесшовную текстуру для заливки фона. Сначала мы создадим новую кисть с эффектом боке, потом в новом документе создадим сам узор, а потом воспользуемся замечательным фильтром, который, собственно и создает бесшовный паттерн.

Create a Slick and Minimalist Web Layout in Photoshop

Create a Slick and Minimalist Web Layout in Photoshop In this Photoshop web design tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a slick and minimal-looking website layout. We will use the 960 Grid System as a template to make it easy to align the design elements on the layout. Preview Here’s a preview of what we’ll be creating together, click the image to enlarge. Create a new Photoshop document


Cicada Principle
Minimalism in Web Design: A Guide Minimalism in Web Design: A Guide Minimalism is a word that gets tossed around in a lot of different contexts. Whether it be a lifestyle or an art form, saying something is "minimalistic" can take on a variety of meanings. In the web design field, minimalism is carving out an ever-increasing niche among designers that are looking to convey important content in a new way. Like just about any trend or theory in the web design world, minimalism can be easy to get wrong.