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Vitalic @ Zénith, Paris - 23-02-13. Vitalic au Jardin du Michel 2013. Etienne De Crecy! Etienne de Crecy - No Brain. Skrillex - Live @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2014. Pendulum - Blood Sugar Live At Brixton Academy. Skrillex - Live @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2014. Psychedelic 3D Visuals Psychill Progressive Music Mix NEW 2015. NEW 2015 Psychedelic Psychill 3D Visual Progressive Music Mix. Electric Sheep in HD (Psy Dark Trance) 3 hour Fractal Animation (Full Ver.2.0) Music visualization with processing. Amazing Dance with visual effect. Generative Art x Processing - Final Project. Generative art project audio visuals.

Layer-Based Procedural Generation for Infinite Worlds. Noisecontrollers. Nos activités quotidiennes et les objets communicants, un binôme interactif en constante évolution. En 20 ans, notre environnement s’est peuplé d’une multitude d’objets intelligents – étiquettes, capteurs divers et, bien sûr, téléphones portables – qui détectent, s’activent et communiquent entre eux via des infrastructures de télécommunication, des réseaux de capteurs voire des mini-réseaux personnels.

Nos activités quotidiennes et les objets communicants, un binôme interactif en constante évolution

Leur omniprésence dans notre environnement impacte fortement nos vies avec une technologie toujours plus innovante et une interaction humaine articulée par une évolution des usages. Les objets communicants : une avancée ininterrompue ! Vers un smartphone autonome et qui s'adapte à son utilisateur. RosettaStone Microchip™ What is a RosettaStone™ A RosettaStone is a wireless granite product available as a 56mm diameter disk for monument and a 4.32" tall desktop memorial.

RosettaStone Microchip™

Our stone products have patented granite and microchip technology that allows a user to touch the stone with a compatible cell phone and access the related data file. How Do I Create a Story For My RosettaStone To author a story, go here after receiving your emailed access credentials at time of purchase. Nestlé fait de ses barres chocolatés des objets communicants. En ce moment au Royaume Uni 6 drôles de barres chocolatées sont dans la nature.

Nestlé fait de ses barres chocolatés des objets communicants

Qu'est ce que le Nabaztag ??? Graphisme par Geoffrey Dorne –[conférence] Le design en mouvement. Floriane de Saint Pierre nous parle du design du futur. L'algorithme en art et en design. QUENTIN AURAT. The Processing Portfolio of Generative Design. Upload thumbnail This video example belongs to "Generative Design", a book on generative design (available in German, French and English).

The Processing Portfolio of Generative Design

Learn more about the book on. Son, mouvement et design génératif. Craft : 10 milliards de logos grâce au design génératif. Partages sur les réseaux sociaux Dans un des derniers numéro d'étapes (é: 225), les pages Processus présentaient différents projets pour lesquels des graphistes ont eu recours au design génératif.

Craft : 10 milliards de logos grâce au design génératif

Le Design génératif - Nicolas Enjalbert - VOFR - Web2day. Morphogenèse informatique, Jean-Louis Giavitto, informaticien. Le design génératif et processing / rencontre avec Mark Webster le 23 novembre 2012 à Kawenga. Arts numériques. Create a Procedurally Generated Dungeon Cave System. Procedural Graphics. LSystem. Welcome. Procedural Content Generation. Procedural Texture Generation (2015) Ian Parberry, "A Designer Centric Procedural Texture Generator Using Modular Bivariate Quadratic Functions", Technical Report LARC-2015-05, Laboratory for Recreational Computing, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of North Texas, July 2015.

Procedural Content Generation

[pdf, BibTeX, more information] Abstract Modular bivariate quadratic functions are used to procedurally generate textures that resemble ornamentation, skin, scales, feathers, and textiles. How to do a procedural city in 100 lines. This post explains how to code “city” , a demo recently released by @mrdoob.

how to do a procedural city in 100 lines

He built a fully procedural city in 100-lines of javascript. I found the algorithm very elegant, a simple and efficient solution. So I made a post explaining it. Procedurally Generated City (Computer Graphics Final Project) Top 5 Interactive Generative Music sites. Have you ever stumbled upon those interactive little places on the internet, that let you toy around with totally random sounds and images and generate your own tunes, for no good reason?

Top 5 Interactive Generative Music sites

These interactive generative music sites can leave you feeling surprised, delighted and strangely art-satisfied. The experimental interfaces of these sites approach the interplay of digital sounds and visual arts in a completely innovative way. This is art. Software for iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac, OS X, Windows, VSTi, AUi, Plugin. Noatikl 3 Generative Music Composer Create fascinating live soundscapes Love experimenting with music or creating new music ideas?

Software for iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac, OS X, Windows, VSTi, AUi, Plugin

Get Noatikl, an immensely deep & powerful app for generative MIDI music composition AND sound design. New: Publish/share your generative music creations as wotjas (via Wotja , available separately). Users say of Noatikl: "the only serious generative music composition tool on IOS", "Very deep, very unique and intelligent. What others say. Bloom - Generative Music - Creative apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

About - GENERATIVE GESTALTUNG. Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media. Behind the scenes – Armin van Buuren controls lights and stage effects live using MYO Armband. Gesture Interactive, Interactive Bar, Gesture Cube, Gesture Surfaces - Vortex Immersion Media. Gesture interactive displays have exploded onto the scene with Kinect and other gesture-based systems.

Gesture Interactive, Interactive Bar, Gesture Cube, Gesture Surfaces - Vortex Immersion Media

Vortex brings these devices to life with custom programming that seamlessly integrates the devices into an overall entertainment experience or corporate display. Allow users to interact with your product or brand on these unique, compelling displays in your storefront, showroom kiosk or tradeshow booth. Or integrate a gesture-based display into your theme park, nightclub or other destination attraction. Gesture-Gesture. A Gesture: A Facial Recognition Interactive Installation. Using the Myo as a MIDI controller - Music Tech Fest London 2014. Leviathan: Gestural Music Control for Myo. MyOwnGestures - Custom Gestures for the Myo. Mapper for Myo: What is Mapper for Myo? Ar-Drone controlled by MYO. Augmented Interface (With Myo) Interactive Gloves. SIK Experiment Guide for Arduino - V3.2. Favorited Favorite 8 Introduction In this circuit, we will use a flex sensor to measure, well, flex!

Motion sensor arduino Tutorial. How to read a a flex sensor on Arduino. DigitalRead. Reference Language | Libraries | Comparison | Changes Description Reads the value from a specified digital pin, either HIGH or LOW. Syntax digitalRead(pin) Parameters. DigitalPins. The pins on the Arduino can be configured as either inputs or outputs. This document explains the functioning of the pins in those modes. While the title of this document refers to digital pins, it is important to note that vast majority of Arduino (Atmega) analog pins, may be configured, and used, in exactly the same manner as digital pins. AnalogInput. In this example we use a variable resistor (a potentiometer or a photoresistor), we read its value using one analog input of an Arduino or Genuino board and we change the blink rate of the built-in LED accordingly. The resistor's analog value is read as a voltage because this is how the analog inputs work.

Hardware Required. Usc interactive media & games. In Thursday’s class, we learned to work with analog signals on the Arduino. If digital signals are 0 and 5 volts (logic LOW and HIGH), analog can be anything in between. We can create an analog voltage level from a 5 volt line using a simple two-resistor circuit, called voltage divider. By varying the value of circuit resistors, we can manipulate the voltage level at a connection point between them according to the above formula. You can think of how the voltage divider works with the help of Ohm’s law (V = IR).

Since voltage is directly proportional to resistance, a larger resistor will produce a larger voltage drop across it. gloves. X-io Technologies. X-OSC is a wireless I/O board that provides just about any software with access to 32 high-performance analogue/digital channels and on-board sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) via OSC messages over WiFi.

There is no user programmable firmware and no software or drivers to install making x-OSC immediately compatible with any WiFi-enabled platform. All internal settings can be adjusted using any web browser. I/O channels. Mi.Mu Glove for Music by Mi.Mu. Rachel Freire (@RachelFreire) is a designer and artist with an eponymous conceptual fashion label specialising in leather and stretch materials. Her work focuses on intricate details and using tactile objects to create narratives. Guest Post: The Myo™ Armband + DJ Player. This is a guest post written by Myo Alpha Developer, Gabor Szanto. Gabor Szanto is from Hungary and is currently the CTO of Superpowered, and the developer behind the DJ Player app. Emerging novel user input methods hold a lot of promise when it comes to ways we can better interact with our environment, especially in regards to the up and coming space of wearable tech. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a developer for the Myo™ Alpha program and have made it my goal to have the Myo armband integrated into the professional DJ booth.

While other novel input devices may rely on cameras for gesture control, or microphones for voice recognition, the Myo armband is able to interact using only gestures, making it much more effective in an environment with flashing lights, fog, and loud sounds. Imogen Heap Performance with Musical Gloves Demo: Full Wired Talk 2012. Imogen Heap's music-manipulating gloves on Kickstarter. While the conversation around wearable tech is really only just getting started, Imogen Heap is ahead of the game by several years. Heap's gestural Mi.Mu gloves, which she demoed at Wired 2012, allow her to play her music live on stage the same way she had previously only been able to do in a studio, using only her hands and arms. X-io Technologies.