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Yak Carpet is one of the oldest and largest handmade carpet establishments in India since 1976 founded by Mr. Harash Talwar. It comprises of a huge collection of Kashmir Silk, Woolen, Afghans, Kilims, Modern and contemporary rugs and carpets. Yak is synonymous with reliability, honesty and integrity and supplies its exclusive handmade rugs to customers worldwide including interior designers, hotels and corporate/private Residences.

Decorating a wall can be a tedious task. One can use paintings, carpets etc. as ideas. A beautifully decorated room can make you and your family feel more comfortable in front of your guests and relatives.

Decorating a wall can be a tedious task. One can use paintings, carpets etc. as ideas

If you have a small living room then don’t worry of thinking about it because there are so many ideas and sources which you can use and make your room more beautiful. Here are some easy ideas which shall surely helpful to decorate your wall. Repaint Your wall: – This is the beginning step for decorating a wall. First, remove all things from the wall and repaint it with bright colors. You can select colors according to their effects. Use wall paintings or canvas paintings: – This is one of the simplest methods for decorating your wall. Create Shelves: – Shelves are available in many patterns and in various sizes in the market. Add your favorite photographs: – You can go a standard route by hanging small photographs of your family on your wall, or you can also hang a single and large photograph in the center of the sofa.

Why Mr. Bill Clinton praises Yak Carpet as the Best Carpet Store. Yak carpet is one of the oldest handmade carpet and rug stores in the Indian Carpet Industry.

Why Mr. Bill Clinton praises Yak Carpet as the Best Carpet Store

Many celebrities have visited this unique store and have only given good compliments about Yak Carpet. Mr. Bill Clinton, who was the president of USA, wouldn’t have gone rug shopping had he not been recommended about the same from reliable sources. I am going to tell you some main reasons as to why the Former President of USA has all the praises for Yak Carpet, which is literally like a go-to mecca of handmade rugs. Bill Clinton in yak carpet store 1) Huge Collection: – They have a huge collection of handmade carpets. Best Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Patio – Yak Carpet – Medium.

When you decorate your home, never forget to decorate your outdoor.

Best Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Patio – Yak Carpet – Medium

I am going to tell you some great ideas to decorate outdoor space in your budget. This great collection of outdoor decorating ideas can help you redecorate and enhance your patio, lawn into a beautiful extension of your home, providing extra space to entertain. Enhance the beauty of your wall with an Espaliered tree:- As we know that it’s summer season so this is a very good method for keep cool to your home as well as decorating outdoor. You can decorate your wall with espaliered tree. Yak Carpet: Luxury Handmade Carpet Store: Picking the Perfect Area Rug for your Living Space. Handmade carpets are an integral part of any home decor.

Yak Carpet: Luxury Handmade Carpet Store: Picking the Perfect Area Rug for your Living Space

There are so many benefits of using handmade carpets. How to choose best carpet for living room. Low-Cost Decorating Ideas for Master Bedroom - Yak Carpet. Are you bored with old theme and decorative ideas of the room and want to change with a brand new look?

Low-Cost Decorating Ideas for Master Bedroom - Yak Carpet

If yes then follow some easy and effective ideas for decorating your bedroom. A bedroom is the best place in a home where you sleep, think, enjoy and feel relax. Top 3 Trendy home Decor Themes for 2017 « Best Carpet dealer and Retailer in India. How to know the difference between a Modern and Traditional Carpet. Buying a carpet is a little expensive thing because these are expensive, especially handmade carpet.

How to know the difference between a Modern and Traditional Carpet

So before purchasing a handmade carpet, you have to decide that which style is suitable for your home. If you know something about carpet such as design, carpet characteristics etc. then it’s easy to select a perfect carpet for your home. So one of the most general ways you can narrow down your search is by picking a style – traditional or modern. Each is unique, so it is important to know the differences, so you choose the right one for 1) The differences in designs-: The design pattern of traditional carpet is different from the modern carpet. Traditional carpets: If we talk about hand knotted rug then hand knotted rug is made in traditional design pattern as well as in a modern design pattern. A) Tree of life: – This is very popular design in traditional carpets. Tree of life b) Qum Design: – It also includes an intricate design pattern. How to Pick Right Carpet Color for your Home. The right handmade rug can decorate your room or break your room.

How to Pick Right Carpet Color for your Home

When you select an area rug for your room, it will match with other room elements. A color is a something, which combines all accessories of the room into a single theme. Best designs in Kashmir Silk Carpet Online – Yak Carpet. Kashmir silk carpets and rugs are very traditional carpets which are made of in finest quality of silk material.

Best designs in Kashmir Silk Carpet Online – Yak Carpet

Kashmir carpet is usually handmade and hand-knotted which gives uniqueness and originality to every piece. Kashmir carpets also know for the beautifully intricate design a wide range of color combination. Kashmir silk carpet is a “One of a kind” handmade carpet. These are very suitable for decorating your floor as well as your wall.

History of Kashmir Carpets: These carpets are started when Mughal emperors came to Kashmir. Top 4 blank wall solutions to enhance the home décor. Wall is a very important part of any home interior and it is our responsibility to make it attractive and magnificent.

Top 4 blank wall solutions to enhance the home décor

You can decorate your wall with some small accessories by putting the same in a beautiful manner. Decorate your wall with beautiful art paintings-: This is the simplest and most beautiful idea to decorate the wall. You can add some of your favorite framed pictures and also some memory images such as any festival calibration picture, any tour memories or family photographs etc. You can also use some beautiful art paintings like any large forest paintings or any other scenic paintings. How to design a modern verandah in style by Rugs and beyond. The best verandah is one that can make every visiting guest happy.

How to design a modern verandah in style by Rugs and beyond

Also, the verandah should be easy to install, add value to the property and help distinguish the house from the others. Overall, a colorbond and modern verandah should add to the beauty of the house and allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the house. These verandahs can be custom fit into a flexible design that suits the requirements. Taking these requirements and the budget into consideration, the verandah design can be chosen. A custom design also ensures that the verandah is not overpriced. Yak Carpet at Treniq - Rugs. Interior Styling and Home Decoration Tips and Tricks. If you love to decorate your home by choosing color, arranging furniture and by playing around with other home décor things then it means you have an eye for interior design.

Before decorating your home, suppose that your home is like an empty canvas and you want to decorate it in your own way then you have an opportunity to decorate your room; personalize it according to your choice. A room can show your lifestyle and your choice also. Whether you’re tired of your old space or you’re moving into a new one, decorating it is imperative to adding coziness and charm.

Use wallpapers and paint your wall: – Colors always convert a simple room into a new modern look and in interior style, this is very important. Marble tiles are expensive and reflect royalty. Decorate your wall If you don’t want a single color for all your room then you can also use different bright colors for different rooms. Decorate with new furniture. How to find a local carpet dealer or shop – Yak Carpet.

Handmade Carpets and rugs are expensive things so you cannot buy these from just anywhere. The best way is to find a local shop and you can search the same online on the web. You will find a list of best carpet dealers and Carpet manufacturers. But the main problem is that how does one identify that which one is the best and most reliable amongst all. For this problem, you have to visit their website or personally call them. You have to take some points into consideration when you are going to pick carpet shops. You should know about Company: Before going to the shop you have to know all details about the company such as- 1) When the company was established?

How to Design your own Custom Rug to decorate your home. Carpets and rugs are the most important thing for decorating a room. A carpet provides a luxurious and attractive look once placed. There are so many benefits of using handmade carpets. Floor marble tiles are very expensive and you cannot replace it within 4 to 5 years, whereas carpets provide protection to your floor area. Carpets and rugs are also known as area rugs.

These also absorb sound which comes from outside. 1) Decide the placement and space size: – When you are going to customize your order, this is the first thing to ensure that where you want to place it such as in a living room, dining room, kitchen, child room, and outdoor. Shop for best Custom design area rugs and carpets at Yak Carpet. Designer Handloom Durry for a Modern Home. New Arrival of Designer Modern Rugs and Carpets – Yak Carpet – Medium. A modern carpet is something that enhances the beauty of your room and adds warmth and charm to any space where it is place once. a best Quality Modern carpets contain many designs and are available in many sizes.

A Very nice article for home decoration... – rugsandbeyond

These are woven in hand knotted and hand tufted. The hand knotted and hand tufted carpets are thin and cozy touch. A room without a modern carpet looks like a garden without flowers. So decorate your room with new arrival modern carpets, which have multiple design and color combinations. Designs and pattern of Modern Carpet: A) Floral Patterns: Floral pattern is very popular today. B) Solid Design: Solid designs mainly contain solid colors with very less and small motifs.

C) Geometrical Designs: This design is ideal for any home decor. D) Buy Online Modern Carpets: It is 2017 and nobody wants to spend so much time. Buy durry online, cotton durries, handloom durries. Yak Carpet: Luxury Handmade Carpet Store: Beauty of Turkish Kilims and Handmade Afghan Carpets. A Tribal rug is 100% handmade rug in finest material wool on cotton foundation.

Shop all modern rugs and modern carpets. Process of Weaving Handmade Rugs and Carpets. Cleaning and Care of Handmade Durries by Rugs and beyond. Top 3 Features of Kashmir Silk Carpet – Yak Carpet. Shop tribal carpets, Tribal kilims and handmade afghan carpets online. Top 3 reasons to buy a Kashmir Silk Carpet – Nisha Paul – Medium. Buy Area Wool Rugs, wool Carpets for sale and Modern wool Rugs. Shop Kashmir Silk Carpets, Indian and Persian silk rug online. Shop Kashmir Silk Carpets, Indian and Persian silk rug online. How to Choose the Best Online Shop for Buying a Carpet « Best Carpet dealer and Retailer in India. Carpet and Rug Design Ideas for a New House - Yak Carpet. Simply decorating a room is not an art. Putting it together with the right aesthetic design sense with perfect color and pattern is the real deal and is an art in itself. There are a large variety of designs and colors in the carpet market but it’s time to choose the perfect rug for your room.

Top Tips to consider before buying a carpet – Nisha Paul – Medium. Blurred Lines. Why is Yak Carpet the Best Carpet Store in New Delhi, India « Yak Carpet: best carpet store and carpet dealer in. Yak Carpet.