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Vitamin - A resource for web developers, designers and entrepren. MooColorFinder - retrieve all website colors. Moo Color Finder - find CSS colors used on a website This neat little tool extracts any color information, no matter if inline CSS, CSS files via import or link, and even if you have a master CSS file with references to other css files - mooColorFinder reads it out.

mooColorFinder - retrieve all website colors

Works with 99% of all websites So, as long as a website specifies its CSS styles W3C conform, this script will find the colors used - yet not every other type of integration can be read, but 99% of the pages work out. Now More Than Ever: 50 More Excellent Blog Designs. Advertisement Designing blogs is easy.

Now More Than Ever: 50 More Excellent Blog Designs

Designing blogs in a unique way is hard. Hicksdesign: design for print and new-fangled media. Top 10 des CSS de blogs francophones.