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Windows. Yummy. Palm. Apache. Flowchart. 10-year online anniversary party - Opera Web Browser. Main Page - Heraldry. KoLmafia: Project Overview. Favrd. Trickle-down egonomics for the twitter attention sp... Open Source Living. NearbyGamers. The Fantastically Adequate Hamster Republic Homepage. INSYLUM. ChanceXchange. How to steal an election by hacking the vote : Page 1. What if I told you that it would take only one person—one highly motivated, but only moderately skilled bad apple, with either authorized or unauthorized access to the right company's internal computer network—to steal a statewide election?

How to steal an election by hacking the vote : Page 1

You might think I was crazy, or alarmist, or just talking about something that's only a remote, highly theoretical possibility. You also probably would think I was being really over-the-top if I told you that, without sweeping and very costly changes to the American electoral process, this scenario is almost certain to play out at some point in the future in some county or state in America, and that after it happens not only will we not have a clue as to what has taken place, but if we do get suspicious there will be no way to prove anything. You certainly wouldn't want to believe me, and I don't blame you. So let's get right down to business and meet the tools that we're going to use to flip a race in favor of our preferred candidate. RPGTalk. I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved. Linley's Dungeon Crawl - Meta.

FindPlay - find gamers like you. Home: Front Page. Welcome to Ambient Design Ltd. New Scientist Breaking News - Pocket-sized computer 'soul' developed. Personal computers could soon fit entirely on a key ring.

New Scientist Breaking News - Pocket-sized computer 'soul' developed

Researchers at IBM in New York, US, have developed a way to carry a powerful, personalised virtual computer from one PC to the next, without losing the user's work. The trick is to store the virtual computer on a USB key, or any portable device with substantial storage space, like an MP3 player. The virtual computer's "soul" - as the researchers dub it - can then be uploaded to a new PC simply by plugging the portable device in. This host machine needs no special software or even a network connection to take on an entirely new personality. The SoulPad system does not provide an instant switch, however. Mobile goal "The ability to walk up to any computer, personalise it, and use it as one's own has long been a goal of mobile computing research," write IBM researcher Ramón Cáceres and colleagues in an award-winning paper outlining the work presented recently at the Usenix 3rd International Conference on Mobile Systems.

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Microsoft Word: Living with the Beast

Tips and resources for Microsoft World. Introduction Microsoft Word is a beast [1]. Word is an evolved creation, the bastard offspring of marketing, some original thoughts on how to create a word processor, and generations of Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine) induced rapid mutation to fit someone's distorted checklist. This web page contains my personal notes on attempting to live with the beast. This document borrows extensive from the material listed in Links. - Scott Hanselman's Weblog - Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List.