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Facebook Twitter Minimalist GNU for Windows. Free Qt Applications - Qt. KinEmote - Free XBox Kinect Software for Windows. Natural Interaction. PrimeSense 3D Sensors give digital devices the gift of sight, enabling Natural Interaction between people and devices and between devices and their surroundings.

Natural Interaction

Using cutting-edge technology, our sensors are robust, accurate and affordable; they are used in mass-market commercial devices. With more options than ever – mid-range, close range, a peripheral and an embedded sensor – we can support all your 3D sensing needs. OpenNI - OpenNI > Home. The Khronos Group Inc. WIN&I - Precise gesture control. Download the Developer SDK for the Kinect. Kinect for Windows gives computers eyes, ears, and a brain.

Download the Developer SDK for the Kinect

With Kinect for Windows, businesses and developers are creating applications that allow their customers to interact naturally with computers by simply gesturing and speaking. More good news for developers: with the summer (northern hemisphere) 2014 launch of the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and SDK, you will be able to start creating Windows Store apps with Kinect. Kinect for Windows features. Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher.


Main Page. Qt - Cross-platform application and UI framework. NVIDIA Developer Zone. Parallel Programming and Computing Platform. What is CUDA?

Parallel Programming and Computing Platform

Enroll today! Intro to Parallel Programming An open, online course from Udacity. Probayes, Mastering Uncertainty. Find, Create, and Publish Open Source software for free.