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GFC Act II - Sovereign Debt - EU

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EU BreakUp? Morale tale - Lagarde etc. Greece default 2012. Responses to EU crisis 2012. Spain crisis 2012. UK Riots. Wall Street’s Euthanasia of Industry. Michael interviewed on Guns N Butter with Bonnie FaulknerListen here “When I was in Norway one of the Norwegian politicians sat next to me at a dinner and said, “You know, there’s one good thing that President Obama has done that we never anticipated in Europe.

Wall Street’s Euthanasia of Industry

He’s shown the Europeans that we can never depend upon America again. There’s no president, no matter how good he sounds, no matter what he promises, we’re never again going to believe the patter talk of an American President. Mr. Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? Europe stumbles blindly towards its 1931 moment. News Analysis - Britain Grapples With Debt of Greek Proportions.

Sorry, America, We're Too Corrupt To Fix The Financial System. GFC origin: Debt Greed Hedging. Harold Meyerson - Wall Street's financial aftershocks - washingt. Like earthquakes, Goldman Sachs can strike anytime.

Harold Meyerson - Wall Street's financial aftershocks - washingt

Its work can slumber undetected for years, only to erupt, unanticipated, with catastrophic consequences. Consider: In 2001, Goldman set up some opaque financial transactions for the Greek government, the New York Times reported last month.

Country Solvency

ARMageddon. France AAA.