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What have the Romans done for us?

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What did the romans want with Britain. Rome: What can I recognise? I can be an archeologist. Roman Soldiers. Can I research Roman Architecture? Can I compare a British settlement to a roman settlement? The Roman Society. Who were the Romans? Mr Kerwood's lesson. Why were the Roman army so successful? Can I teach myself Latin? To be used later in the term!

What was the role of a Gladiator?

What can I find out about Boudicca? Wht are the 'Top Five' most useful Roman Inventions and why? What happened when the Romans invaded Britian?

  1. rkrig May 29 2014
    They take care of a sad point of the world history. The "Renaciemiento" was the other side of free comunity society of the begining of the people history.