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A collection of useful websites and information about curating content for learning and development

7 Content Curation Tools To Stop You From Wasting Your Time. Sharing is caring!

7 Content Curation Tools To Stop You From Wasting Your Time

Especially when you are just starting with your marketing and have not gotten very far with your content creation – content curation for your social media accounts is one of your most important, and one of your most time-consuming tasks. To be successful with your social media marketing efforts you need to provide value on your social accounts. And most of the time, this value comes in the form of shared content – a lot of content. And while your own content should always be at the center of your marketing efforts, you can provide a ton more value when you add great content from other people from your niche to the mix. Often, finding this great content to share is what is eating up most of the time young marketers spend on building their social media audience. Here are 7 tools that can make your content curation a lot more efficient – and effective. I am not a fan of blindly curating content for keywords, hashtags or a topic. 1.

Let’s start simple. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Content curation: streams of learning. Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Anders Pink, joins Robin to talk about the biggest learning eco-system, which can benefit a company's learning resources and which is right at everyone's fingertips: the Internet.

Content curation: streams of learning

But as Stephen explains, careful content curation is key. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player or RSS Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Google Podcasts | Subscribe on Android | Subscribe on Stitcher | Subscribe on Spotify | RSS Sign up to our email newsletter to get podcast updates Links from the podcast Transcript Robin:Hi, it's Robin here, the host of the Learning While Working podcast and the founder of Sprout Labs. Today I'm talking with Stephen Walsh from Anders Pink, about content curation. In fact, this led us to a series of features in Glasshouse around content curation. We're at an interesting moment in L&D. Content curation: A guide to content curation for learning and development (L&D) Why is content curation important to the future of learning?

Content curation: A guide to content curation for learning and development (L&D)

What are the different approaches to content curation and what are the best platforms and tools for you to achieve effective curation? Where can you go wrong with content curation and why is the curation for learning different from other types of curation? This guide provides you with answers to these questions. It is based on a “Content curation for learning” webinar. If you prefer to watch the recording (or want the slides) please fill out the form below. Content Curation Strategies for Corporate Learning (Part 2) By Chris Frederick Willis, CEO, Media 1.

Content Curation Strategies for Corporate Learning (Part 2)

Content Curation is The New Black: Tools & Strategies for L&D - ttcInnovations : ttcInnovations. Think about it: Companies have been collecting training for decades.

Content Curation is The New Black: Tools & Strategies for L&D - ttcInnovations : ttcInnovations

They have purchased off-the-shelf training, developed their own instructor-led training (ILT) and eLearning, and reworked their training programs for leaders and front-line employees numerous times to keep up with the latest and greatest industry standards. They have PowerPoints, virtual learning, ILT, eLearning, mobile learning, and even audiovisual training. The end result? Content curation book. Extending Learning Into the Workflow. Thirty years ago a training course was the principal, and often only, method used to help build workforce capability.

Extending Learning Into the Workflow

Although our solutions are now moving beyond this way of thinking and acting, it is understandable why the “course mindset” emerged as the dominant way to address performance problems. This traditional “course solution” arose because the principles of schooling were transferred into the workplace. Training courses were adult versions of school classes. They were based on schooling concepts, and assessment was almost always focused on knowledge retention rather than the ability to apply knowledge in the context of the workplace. As such, organizational learning was invariably based on a series of events – courses or programs. We now understand that school and the workplace are vastly different environments, and that designing and developing solutions to build a highly skilled workforce in the same way we taught schoolchildren will not lead to the desired outcomes.

Digital Content Curation for Workplace Learning & Development. With Curation being one of the top buzzwords in workplace L&D currently, it can be easy to forget that it’s actually been around and in use for a number of years already.

Digital Content Curation for Workplace Learning & Development

Here at HT2 Labs, we’ve been talking about the power of curation for quite some time – I’ve even co-authored a book on the subject (Ready, Set, Curate – ATD Press). And let’s not forget that we launched the first edition of our curation-based learning platform, Curatr, way back in 2012, too. An early version of HT2 Labs’ course curation platform, Curatr. Curatr has come a long way in the years since, but the principles of successful workplace content curation remain the same. Learning Curation: Moving Beyond Simple Curation with Multidisciplinary Learning Curation Teams. Two years ago, Priya was on top of her game – she graduated from a top-rated IT program with honors and knew the latest industry trends.

Learning Curation: Moving Beyond Simple Curation with Multidisciplinary Learning Curation Teams

She could converse at length about the nuances of the industry, the trends in IT, and best practices relevant for her role. Today, with the demands of her job, she rarely has the time to stay abreast with the industry and feels disconnected and “out of touch” from the field she loves. Bill, a seasoned HR vet, experiences a sudden shift in strategy. He needs to find a standardized way for SMEs, analysts, and business partners of different backgrounds to rapidly plan and implement targeted research. Does Bill stop his work to try and identify a best practice resource or does the learning and development (L&D) department identify the correct solution? Enter the learning curator. Leveraging their abilities along with curation software, curators target industry practices, trends and articles affecting Priya’s business unit.