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Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence - Communication Skills Training from MindTools. Convincing Others to Say "Yes" (Also known as the Six Weapons of Influence) How do you influence others?

Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence - Communication Skills Training from MindTools

An Ex-Pixar Designer Creates Astounding Kids' Book On iPad. E-books are already a fraught subject for many readers, writers, publishers and designers, but children's e-books are even more so. Is it rotting their minds? Is it as good as good ol' paper? Is it too interactive for their own good? Who's Starting America's New Businesses? And Why? Extended Mass Layoffs Archived News Releases. The Extended Mass Layoffs (quarterly) news release presents data from the Mass Layoff Statistics program.

Extended Mass Layoffs Archived News Releases

Caution Data in archived news releases may have been revised in subsequent releases. The latest data, including any revisions, may be obtained from the databases accessible on the program homepage: Mass Layoff Statistics: databases. Table 1. Mass layoff events and initial claimants for unemployment insurance, December 2008 to November 2012, seasonally adjusted. Table 1.

Table 1. Mass layoff events and initial claimants for unemployment insurance, December 2008 to November 2012, seasonally adjusted

Table of Contents. The Psychology of Social Commerce [Infographic. There are many social factors routed in psychology that make people want to part with their money, but how can you leverage them to make your landing pages convert?

The Psychology of Social Commerce [Infographic

The infographic below explores the stats of psychological spending, looking at some common brain triggers. If you think you’ve been impervious to these subtle persuasions of the expert salesperson, then read on and learn how you’ve been coerced over the years without your brain even knowing it. Infographic by Tab Juice – Click for full size image. Changes to Washington Post comments.

Update (12/21/12): Update: We’ve added an additional section to the pages.

Changes to Washington Post comments

You can now view comments by article. Look for the header “Recent Articles I’ve Commented On” to see a list of the articles on which you’ve commented and your corresponding posts. This section currently displays articles from the past three months. We hope to increase the count to six months by the end of December. (40) Alan J. Salmoni. (40) Facebook Growth and Traction: What are some decisions taken by the "Growth team" at Facebook that helped Facebook reach 500 million users. What Startups Need to Know About Marketing. One of the hardest things that a startup can do is get its marketing act together.

What Startups Need to Know About Marketing

Part of the problem is that entrepreneurs are passionate about creating their business, but not necessarily savvy about setting the right tone for the pitch. Another part is what Marcia Kadanoff, the CEO of says where "many smaller companies can't always find the right mix of marketing skills or people.

You have to be an expert in so many areas, including SEO, content marketing, automation tools and other tasks. Plus, many marketing folks aren't good people managers. " Kadanoff, who has served as the Chief Marketing Officer for numerous startups in Silicon Valley and got her start doing marketing at Apple, says that any inbound marketing campaign has three main elements: First is getting found and requires search-friendly content at the heart of your marketing campaigns. Second, start converting visitors into sales leads, and then these leads into customers. (40) Startups: What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up.

Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks. Identifying social influence in networks is critical to understanding how behaviors spread.

Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks

We present a method that uses in vivo randomized experimentation to identify influence and susceptibility in networks while avoiding the biases inherent in traditional estimates of social contagion. Estimation in a representative sample of 1.3 million Facebook users showed that younger users are more susceptible to influence than older users, men are more influential than women, women influence men more than they influence other women, and married individuals are the least susceptible to influence in the decision to adopt the product offered.

The Rise of Digital Influence. Jure Klepic: The Elegance of Tellagence in Social Media Marketing. The major problem we have today in the social space when it comes to measuring influence is that we do not yet have a solid definition of what online influence is.

Jure Klepic: The Elegance of Tellagence in Social Media Marketing

Real influence is not based on just celebrity or popularity. Marketers already have plenty of tools at their disposal that claim to measure online influence, but all these tools really do is measure awareness. True influence is the ability to change behavior. Assault Weapons - Issues - United States Senator Dianne Feinstein.

How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself. Professor Sparks Controversy for Klout-Based Grading. A Florida State University professor who recently blogged about his intention to grade students based on their scores on the social media influence-measuring site Klout is drawing criticism from education technology experts.

Professor Sparks Controversy for Klout-Based Grading

Citing the "inescapable fact" that many firms are screening job applicants' Klout scores, FSU doctoral candidate Todd Bacile announced his social media-related grading plans for the electronic marketing class he is teaching at the university this fall. "I owe it to my students to introduce them to every and any concept that will help them land an internship or fulltime job," he wrote. Klout scores, which range from 1 to 100, purport to measure users' influence on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Wikipedia.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney score 99 and 92 respectively, while Bacile has a Klout score of 60—20 points above the average Klout score. Community Influencers Step by Step. Michael Wu, Ph.D. is Lithium's Principal Scientist of Analytics, digging into the complex dynamics of social interaction and online communities.

Community Influencers Step by Step

He's a regular blogger on the Lithosphere and previously wrote in the Analytic Science blog. You can follow him on Twitter at mich8elwu. Why Brands STILL don't Understand Digital Influenc. The topic on influence and influencers is very complex and continues to baffle the industry. In an attempt to clarify the intricacy of this subject, I presented the foundation and defined what influence really means last time. I also showed how the simplistic definition is insufficient. Moreover, we’ve put this definition to use and explained why the follower count metric shouldn’t contribute to someone’s influence. However, there are still much misunderstanding about influence and how it works. When I started writing about influence and influencer two plus years ago, it was primarily because of two reasons: But two years later, despite thousands of articles and dozens of good whitepapers written on this topic, brands still don’t understand digital influence.

Identifying Social Influence in Networks Using Randomized Experiments by Sinan Aral, Dylan Walker. Sinan Aral Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Sloan School of Management Dylan Walker Boston UniversityAugust 10, 2011 IEEE Intelligent Systems, Forthcoming. New Method to Measure Influence & Susceptibility in Social Networks. In a new paper, published today in Science, Sinan Aral, NYU Stern Assistant Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, and his co-author Dylan Walker, a research scientist at Stern, present a new method to measure influence and susceptibility in social networks. Today, finding influentials is all the rage. Companies such as Klout are trying to measure “influence scores” for people in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and brands are using this information to target them with advertising.

Beyond marketers, parents are interested in whether their children’s peers influence education outcomes; managers are interested in whether workers’ colleagues influence their productivity; and policymakers are interested in whether happiness, obesity and smoking are contagious, and if risky behaviors, such as drug abuse, spread as a result of peer-to-peer influence. To read the full paper, visit the Science website. The Rising Science Of Social Influence — How Predictable Is Your Online Behaviour? Techcrunch recently ran a piece by Michael Wu of Lithium.

The following is a response written by Ferenc Huszar, who, prior to joining Peer Index PeerIndex as lead data scientist, was was a PhD student at the Machine Learning Lab at Cambridge University. Quantifying aspects of human behaviour and social phenomena has never been simple. But in today’s world, one thing is inescapable. We are creating a new market and ecosystem of personal preferences and patterns of influence.

We are creating an exponential amount of data – 3.2bn likes and comments per day, over 400m tweets per day, and rapidly being joined by Pins and Cinema.grams. And out that seismic, epochal change, social influence, a delicate concept, rises in importance. How To Seed A Viral Marketing Campaign. The following is a guest post from Christopher Angus. Christopher runs Warlock Media, an SEO Company in Cotswolds, UK that delivers internet marketing campaigns to UK-based businesses and sectors. If you want to guest post here, please read the guidelines.

Popular bloggers, smart companies and even media have designs on creating and then seeding viral content. New Method to Measure Influence & Susceptibility in Social Networks. The Missing Link of Influence: The Potential to In. In my previous posts, I defined influence and discussed why brands don’t seem to understand digital influence. Today, we are ready to talk about the missing link in the influence industry. Inbox (11,784) - writewaywriting - Gmail. “Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks” – Science Mag « Brain for Business. Are all Influencers Created Equal? Dr. Bailout Cost Exceeds All American Wars. Finding the Influencers: Influence Analytics 2. My Chapter on Influencers. Michael Wu, Ph.D. is Lithium's Principal Scientist of Analytics, digging into the complex dynamics of social interaction and online communities.

What is Influence, Really? – No Carrot, No Stick, The Fast Influencer Myth. Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It. 14 free tools to measure your social influence. Social Networks Influence 74% of Consumers' Buying Decisions. Uploads/2/8/7/4/2874839/why_do_people_share_online.pdf. Powerful Content Marketing Lessons From 2 Recent Viral Blockbusters.

BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Is The Stephen Hawking Of Radical Skateboarding Birds. Could It Be A Big World After All? CONSUMER BAROMETER - insights in online & offline purchase behavior. A Psychological Viewpoint On Social Networks. Why Do You Tweet? What Can Psychology Tell Us About Why People Go To Facebook? Why Is Facebook So Successful? Psychophysiological Measures Describe a Core Flow State While Using Facebook - Tags: PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY. Understanding the Psychology of Twitter. BuzzFeed, the Ad Model for the Facebook Era? Coca-Cola Happiness Machine.

How Coca-Cola Created Its "Happiness Machine" [INTERVIEW] Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You're a Psychopath. Nach dem Attentat von Denver: Kein Facebook-Profil, kein Job-Angebot - Welt. As Facebook Aims at Millions of Users, Some Are Content to Sit Out. Beware, Tech Abandoners. People Without Facebook Accounts Are 'Suspicious.' Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say it's 'suspicious'