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8 Foods that Will Freshen Your Breath Almost Instantly - Bad breath or halitosis is a much more frequent condition than we think, but it has a cause in most cases of easy solution.

8 Foods that Will Freshen Your Breath Almost Instantly -

The lack of hygiene in the oral cavity, the shortage of saliva and the consequent dryness in the mouth are often the culprits of the smell of our mouth. Consume coffee, alcohol, garlic or onions, as well as tobacco, “contribute” to having a stronger and more unpleasant breath. Some drugs cause decreased production of saliva and dry mouth, which is synonymous with bad breath. Diabetes, indigestion, and stress are other triggers of halitosis.

From the Institute of Breath, they point out that there are foods that worsen halitosis, such as those that have unpleasant odors that coincide with sulfur-rich foods (such as garlic, onions, all types of cabbages, eggs, and artichokes). Bacterial overgrowth, plaque buildup, and food debris can cause bad breath in our mouths, even after brushing. 1. It has oils that freshen your breath naturally. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Facebook. Tips That will Save Your Teeth From Coffee Stains. You might be unaware but the coffee that you have every day brings spots and stains on your teeth.

Tips That will Save Your Teeth From Coffee Stains

Let us know about these stains and how to get rid of them? What types of spots exist? Risks of ignoring dental health - Clove Dental. Risks of ignoring dental health Term health signifies the overall well being of an individual and not just one particular organ.

Risks of ignoring dental health - Clove Dental

Teeth or the oral cavity plays a very crucial part in maintaining health, from proper digestion to maintaining health of other organs such as heart. Yes you read it right! The Mouth helps in maintaining the health of other organs and also of your fetus! Scientific studies have proven that there are more than 40 types of diseases that can occur from the mouth. The Golden Rules for White, Healthy Teeth: Thinkpedia.

It is in one of the first things we repair with dissimulation when meeting another person.

The Golden Rules for White, Healthy Teeth: Thinkpedia

With them we smile, with them we seduce above all, we eat. If you are looking for the best golden rules for white and healthy teeth, read in the following article. What Are Dental Sealants, and How Do They Work? Dental Sealant is a dental treatment that prevents tooth decay.

What Are Dental Sealants, and How Do They Work?

This treatment is a fast and painless dental treatment, which is done without anesthesia. It is usually well accepted by the child. Are Fluoride Treatments Necessary For Adults - Dental Care. Many hygienists and dentists recommend the treatment of fluoride for adults.

Are Fluoride Treatments Necessary For Adults - Dental Care

You may ask yourself: "Do I really need this treatment? So far I was thinking it is only for children only. " As a patient, it is important for you to know that there are various studies which show that fluoride treatment has many vital benefits for adults who are suffering from moderate tooth decay risks. Reasons for using a fluoride treatment for adults: Home Remedies for Dental Health - Clove Dental. There have been many popular home remedies which are being practiced for many years for toothache.

Home Remedies for Dental Health - Clove Dental

Let’s look at some of them which have very high acceptance Clove Oil: Clove oil is the most popular home remedy. It contains a natural anesthetic called eugenol, which numbs whatever it comes in contact with.Today, Clove is widely accepted as a reliable solution for dry socket and for relieving the pain and discomfort associated with various dental disorders.

Use a drop of Clove oil and mix it with two drops of olive oil and apply to the aching tooth. Garlic: Garlic acts like an antibiotic, and it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Peppermint Tea Bags: Wet, used tea bags are often used to calm sensitive skin. 9 Things Dentists Wish You Knew About Teeth Whitening. 9 Things Dentists Wish You Knew About Teeth Whitening There are many myths about teeth whitening, but in this article, we will point out 9 things dentists wish you knew about teeth whitening.

9 Things Dentists Wish You Knew About Teeth Whitening

What is tooth whitening? Tooth whitening consists in clarifying, in a few shades, the color of the teeth. In this way and after following the recommendations of your dentist, you will get whiter and brighter teeth. What is the Most Common Problem in Teeth? Teeth problems are never any fun.

What is the Most Common Problem in Teeth?

If the dental disease progresses, it often takes us off our healthy smile. That’s why you should never ignore dental problem even if it feels of minor nature. In the following, we are going to discuss the most common problem in teeth. Help! My Parents Give My Child Too Many Sweets! Grandparents are special figures in a child’s life.

Help! My Parents Give My Child Too Many Sweets!

But their habit of spoiling the grandkids can wreak havoc on a child’s Oral Health. Sweets and treats are rarely denied, much to the angst of the parents. Dentists often hear the complaints: “Dadi and Dada keep giving my child chocolates and biscuits, no matter what I say! What can I do???” Chocolates, potato chips, sweetened drinks & cookies etc are a tooth’s worst enemy. Protecting the milk teeth from decay is much more important as compared to the permanent teeth. Our diets have changed substantially over the past few years. Are Fruit Juices Better for My Teeth Than Soda? Although they may seem like a healthy alternative, juices concentrate, teas and fruit waters are acidic drinks that can erode teeth.

That is the conclusion reached by a scientific team from King´s College in London after examining the diet of 300 people with severe dental erosion. According to the research, published in the British Dental Journal, drinking acidic drinks can damage enamel and erode teeth. The results showed that people who drank water with a slice of lemon or consumed two teas or fruits juices a day between meals had an 11 times greater risk of moderate or severe dental erosion. But that figure was cut in half when drinks were consumed with meals. “Consuming acidic drinks with food helps minimize damage because chewing food increases saliva production, which is alkaline, and acts as a buffer that helps dilute acid,” Russ Ladwa, director of the BBC, told the BBC. Healthy Recipes for Healthy Teeth! - Clove Dental.

Tooth Strengthening Smoothie Ingredients: 2/3 of 1 Whole Pineapple1 ½ Tbs. HoneyPeach½ Cup Frozen Pineapple/ Mango1 Banana1 Orange Recipe: Peel off all the fruits and put all the ingredients in the blender jar.Just blend it & the rich nutritious smoothie is ready ! The Great Dental Debate: Is Coffee Bad For Your Teeth? Coffee has been one of the world's most popular drinks for centuries. The fact is that the consumption of coffee has a bad effect on the condition of the teeth. Coffee is bad for the teeth because the ingredients of the coffee stain the surface of the tooth. Oral Health: A Window to Our Overall Health - Clove Dental. ‘Cavity..! In my mouth…? Just not possible as I brush every morning so religiously.’ This is the often heard exclamation from most of my patients, when they have been given a thorough oral examination and their oral health is charted. For most of us the Oral Health seems to be synonymous and is generally recognized as the 45 seconds to 1 minute of time spent with an inch of tooth paste on a brush in the morning.

We all feel that if this morning chore is done, our teeth are not going to have any disease. Tooth Extraction: Cost, Procedure, Risks & Recovery. Though the goal of every dentist is to save the tooth till the last attempt but sometimes removal of the tooth becomes inevitable. Tooth extraction is an option in completely necessary situations and sometimes as a part of treatment (orthodontic/braces) or prophylactically (third molars/wisdom tooth). Commonly, the causes of tooth extraction can be severe pain (not salvageable by RCT), gum infections, fluid- filled cysts. The wisdom teeth on the other hand can also be removed prophylactically, i.e., before any problem arises as they are more like the vestigial organs in your body: the appendix.

The wisdom teeth do not serve any function in chewing food and are also sometimes difficult to clean. Tooth Extraction: Cost, Procedure, Risks & Recovery. Plague is The Real Enemy of Your Teeth. Tongue scraping- The Why And How Of It! Oral hygiene maintenance requires a well-rounded approach. It starts from toothbrushing twice daily, use of mouthwash, interdental aids like dental floss and brush. One of the most underestimated is the process of tongue scraping, which takes less than 2 minutes but if done appropriately goes a long way in maintaining oral and general health.

Tongue scraping It is basically removing unwanted particles from the dorsum of the tongue using a slightly rounded tool, mostly made of metal or plastic. Some scrapers are also made from copper and stainless steel. Tongue coating It comprises of bacteria, food and saliva as major components. The back of the tongue serves as a perfect reservoir for bacteria as it is relatively drier, undisturbed by normal processes of mouth and this is the site from where the tongue scraping begins.

The benefitsof tongue scraping are as follows: What is the Most Common Problem in Teeth? Healthy Recipes for Healthy Teeth! Broccoli Cheese Soup This tasty broccoli soup is packed with tooth- and gum-supporting vitamins K and C. With a boost of calcium and flavor from the added cheese, this soup makes a healthy choice for lunch or dinner.Recipe. Want Healthier Gums? Eat More of These Foods.

To have healthy gums, we should not only brush our teeth after each meal and use dental floss. Food also influences oral health. The foods we eat and their frequency of intake affect the general state of health and, consequently, the teeth and gums. Eating sweets or drinking sugary drinks can lead to tooth decay. Eating a diet lacking certain nutrients can also cause the mouth to not resist certain infections.

What’s Involved in Root Canal Therapy? What is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon? - Blogs - WebDental, LLC. Don't Ignore What Lies Beneath Your Gums. HOW TO PROTECT TEETH DURING WINTERS? Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Causes and Prevention. How a Bad Mental Health Induces Your Dental Problem. How Oral Health Can Impact Your Overall Health. Impress your Date with that Winning Smile. Tips for Diabetes Patients to Maintain a Healthy Mouth. Dentist Uncle… (First Visit of a Child to the Dentist) - Clove Dental. Beware of your Child’s Dental Habits!! - Clove Dental.

What is The Best Brand of Dental Floss? Am I too old for Braces ?? - Clove Dental. What is The Best Way to Pull Out a Tooth as fast as Possible? Visit a Dentist Regularly for Healthy Teeth. How to Know You are Ready for Dental Implant Surgery? Oral Health : Do we really care ? Sensitive teeth- Should I Worry ? How Micro Technology is Changing Modern Dental Healthcare.

Never Ignore A Missing Tooth!! Why is Dental Pain Worse at Night? What to Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed. How to Know When it’s Time for Braces? Understand “The Power Of Your Smile”!!! Are Dental Fillings Dangerous? - Kiasalon. Hesitant Brushers !!!! – A guide to getting your munchkins to brush. Facts about Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Prevention and Treatment - Rippl USA. Why and When You Need Root Canal Treatment? The Effect of Poor Dental Health on Your Body. Milk Teeth Care – Is it Important? A Beautiful Smile in Style with Cosmetic Dentistry. How Stress Affects Your Oral Health. Mental Health and Oral Health: Yes, They Are Related. Bleeding Gums – Causes, Treatments, and Prevention. Dental Implants!! As good as natural teeth. Top Things to Know Before Choosing a Dental Clinic for Implant. Microscopic Dentistry and How can it help? Why and When to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist? - Tabish - Medium.

Unhealthy Lifestyle affecting Oral Health. 3 Tips for Teaching Your Toddler Toothbrush Technique. Breast Milk Is the Best Milk for Your Infant. Children Gum Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention. Brace your Teeth with healthy mouth!! Are Dental Implants the Solution for all Gaps? Unexplained Headache? Dental Health could be a reason! A Guide to Oral Cancer Screening Protocols. When You Should Change Your Dentist.

Why and When You Need an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Busting Myths about Infant Oral Health. How Does the Food You Eat Affect Your Oral Health? Dental Problems: Prevention is Better than Cure. Human Milk versus Formula Milk - What is better or why for child dentition? Dental Needs of Mother when Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Gift Your Child Aligned Teeth for Life. Hygiene & Health: 4 Bad Habits That Are Common with Adults. Baby Bottle Caries. Should I brush my teeth with bleach for teeth whitening? The Smile Diet: Eat and Drink can Give us a Healthier Smile. Prevention is Your Best, Defense Against Cavities.

Common Consequences of Poor Oral Health. How to maintain good oral health in living the fast life. A Cosmetic Dentist can Easily Fix Your Dental Problems. 7 Useful Home Remedies for Toothache - DesiHutti. What to Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed. Back to School: Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Oral Health is Top of the Class - India4world. Sterilization Practices Protect Patients and Dentists in Dentistry. Children Dentistry - Baby Teeth Matters. Removing Baby Teeth: What You Need to Know. Benefits of Invisible Aligners Over Traditional Braces. Discover a Special Dentist for Unseen Teeth Braces. Nutrients and Foods Essential for Your Dental Health. All You Wanted To know About Dental Filling - Procedure, Type & Cost. Tips to Remove Plague and Improve Oral Health. Fluoride The Super Mineral for your Child's Teeth.

Prevent Tooth Decay and Achieve a Healthy Mouth. Oral Hygiene Tips You Need to Know.