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WPAgents offer 24/7 WP security protection, converting web to the mobile app, plugin and theme updates, website speed optimization, daily backup, free hosting, free website edits, and SEO optimization, etc. The awesome thing is a FREE trial period for 28 Days of WordPress support with all these included. Visit here :

Best 24/7 WordPress Maintenance Services Care Plans Agency. In today’s online landscape, there are a lot of factors which dictate success and failure.

Best 24/7 WordPress Maintenance Services Care Plans Agency

With each facet holding influence over your work, it is essential to squeeze the maximum out of all opportunities. And in that regard, we provide WordPress maintenance services to ensure your website performs well without any hindrance. There are a plethora of reasons which make hiring a WordPress maintenance service necessary, with so many parts which affect and sometimes even complicate the operations of… a website, it is crucial to take all necessary measures to ensure smooth performance. At WP Agents, we have accrued years of experience and expertise. Owing to our work, we have built our identity as one of the leading WordPress maintenance services in the landscape.

How to Clear Cache on WordPress Websites (Updated) If you’ve ever been on the phone to technical support about a website issue, the first thing you will probably hear is “have you tried clearing your cache?”

How to Clear Cache on WordPress Websites (Updated)

The reason for this is a browser cache stores a static version of the website that you have previously visited. When trying to load the website afterward, the server sends this cached version of a website for subsequent visits. The purpose of the cache is to speed up the website response time and provide an overall better user experience. How to Edit WordPress Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already a WordPress user and already have experienced the easy to use, the graphical user interface of the WordPress platform.

How to Edit WordPress Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)

If your website is based on a theme, I’m sure you discovered that the themes could have some limitations when using the graphical user interface. Themes are composed of, HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript WordPress source code files. I will cover what these languages do in a bit more detail later on in the article. We’re not going to go into the specifics of the coding languages here, and this article will already assume you are proficient in these languages or at least you will be by the time you come to do the updates.

How to Speed up WordPress Site or Loading Time. They say there’s no second chance at a first impression.

How to Speed up WordPress Site or Loading Time

If your website fails to perform, what else about your product or company doesn’t perform? This is the subconscious monologue running through your prospective customers’ mind when presented with a slow webpage. It’s never been more critical for your website to load quickly, in this age of instant gratification, a few seconds delay in the loading of your website can cause you to lose a client or customer and increase your user bounce rates.

It’s not only the user experience that is affected by slow website speed. Google gives preferential treatment to faster websites when delivering search results. Slow website loading speed can usually be attributed to one of a few main factors; either ineffective hardware, poor design or theme, or excessive data stored on your database. Pick The Right Theme Let’s start with the theme, the theme gives you the building blocks to create your website, and some themes perform better than others. How to Secure your WordPress website from hackers. WordPress powers around 35% of all websites; therefore, it makes sense for hackers to focus their attention on exploiting vulnerabilities in the WordPress framework.

How to Secure your WordPress website from hackers

This is one of the reasons why updates are a frequent occurrence with WordPress and third-party plugins. So, with that in mind, one of the first ports of call would be to ensure WordPress, your theme and any third-party plugins are all up to date. You don’t only need to rely on WordPress security updates to keep you secure, and there is a lot you can do yourself and a lot you should take responsibility for. I will take you through some basic and more advanced operations in this article that will help you stay secure.

I would recommend scheduling regular vulnerability assessments, perhaps every 3 – 6 months to ensure you keep secure. Let’s start with the basics. The next thing is your username, pick this carefully and don’t choose “Admin”. Types Of Common Attack. Everything you need to know about WP Agents - Blog. Choosing a WordPress Maintenance Agency That's Right for You. If you’re reading this article, then congratulations, as you have no doubt created something to be proud of.

Choosing a WordPress Maintenance Agency That's Right for You

Your business is likely thriving, and you are ready to take it up a level, perhaps you are inundated with work and need to outsource your website management whilst you get back to the real business. You may even be wondering to yourself; you’ve got this far on your own, so why would you need a WordPress maintenance plan? The reality is, the bigger a company gets, the greater the loss suffered by downtime or other technical glitches. This may not just be a financial loss; a company’s reputation can be tarnished if their online presence is consistently compromised. Using the services of a reputable WordPress maintenance company will mitigate these risks as you can be safe in the knowledge an expert is behind the wheel.