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Whitepaper on Conversational commerce: The era of Bots & UI less experiences. Believe it or not- Voice technology is the Next Big Thing.

Whitepaper on Conversational commerce: The era of Bots & UI less experiences

Google says that 72% users of voice-activated speakers see them as part of their daily routines. Humans of today want everything to be on their platter instantly- be it ordering food, booking an appointment or live feeds or music from the internet. Voice assisted technology enhances overall consumer experience and a blessing to differently abled people, especially people having vision impairment or complete blindness. Transportation Food Health Care Entertainment Download this Whitepaper to understand how voice search leveraging voice technology is submerging traditional advertising.

Download Free Social Media Calendar For Food & Beverage industry. 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing Here are some staggering facts about social media marketing.

Download Free Social Media Calendar For Food & Beverage industry

Effective Customer Engagement Boost traffic of the website Social Contests for Promotion Improve Ratings/ Reviews Our Team of Social media experts has produced very effective Social Media calendar for restaurants & bars. Cost to develop an E-learning platform like Udemy. Cost to develop a Custom CRM Software Application. Revolutionizing Healthcare Platform by Let's Nurture. TripLens by Let's Nurture. Student Tracking Platform by Let's Nurture.

An eCommerce Affiliation Platform. Asset Tracking Application. Live Ball Performance with Sports Community Engagement on Behance. A Medicine Delivery Application by Let's Nurture. Brazil’s National IoT Strategy & its Implications for IoT Companies Globally. Acceptance of (IoT) internet of things is widespread today.

Brazil’s National IoT Strategy & its Implications for IoT Companies Globally

The government of Brazil has promised an IP strategy to grow its digital and internet network. They have launched a plan that is specific to the internet of things and its working strategy. Interactive Maps Development & Integration. Asset Tracker Application by Let's Nurture. Medicine Delivery Application by Let's Nurture. Live Ball Performance with Sports Community Engagement by Let's Nurture. Cost to develop a public transit companion like Transit App. Cost to develop a marketplace app like Uber for Babysitters. Medical Cannabis Industry Solutions. Cost to build an Apartment Finder App like PadMapper. PadMapper is staying aware of modern technology and as we all know that there is an intense interest for all online service providers to offer the latest technology that is compatible with mobiles.

Cost to build an Apartment Finder App like PadMapper

You will require an expert Android app development and iOS app development team, as you need the application to run smoothly to make your clients stay within your service. Let's Nurture will guide you with the product, business model and market as a leading web and mobile app development company. Ideally, there is a famous demand marketplace on both the iOS and Android Platform platforms. Cost to develop a Tractor Marketplace App like Tractorhouse. Want to develop a Tractor MarketPlace application like

Cost to develop a Tractor Marketplace App like Tractorhouse

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom web and app development company in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. We have extensive experience in developing numerous marketplace application for sundry industries. We provide expert consultation and mobility solutions for marketplace applications and diverse industries. Cost to develop an AgriTech app like Growers EDGE. PoC or MVP improvement before hopping to give IoT put together arrangement with respect to an enormous scale is the most favored decision.

Cost to develop an AgriTech app like Growers EDGE

With insignificant venture, it is the most ideal approach to comprehend the market and client needs to give a reasonable and long haul answer for specialty clients. IoT based PoC improvement for Smart Farming will legitimately help farmers who are looking for brilliant answers for private/urban estate and accuracy cultivating on little, medium or enormous scales. We have created useful MVP on Smart Plant and Smart Water Management System utilizing savvy sensors and ESP modules. IoT based precision farming brings about chopping down operational expenses on the grounds that the procedure will be computerized with exact utilization of assets like composts, energy, and water to maintain a strategic distance from over the top use or wastage.

In a perfect world, we have an acclaimed interest commercial center on both the iOS and Android Platform stages. Most Popular Robotic Process Automation Tools. Cost to develop an IoT / AI based solution for Agronomists. 5 Types of Robotic Process Automation. AutoCroc - Automobile After Sell Marketplace Solution. PaidAds - A Geolocation based Advertising Platform. TOP 10 Latest Trends in Robotic Process Automation. MeshaalAlShatti - A Responsive Multilingual CMS Website by Let's Nurture. Bangin - A Hyperlocal Dating Platform by Let's Nurture. What Does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Do? How To Select The Best Robotic Process Automation Software For Your Business. Medcheck - An IoT based Healthcare Diagnostic Solution by Let's Nurture. Cost to develop a Bike Parking Spot App like BikeSpace. Party Goals- A Web/ Mobile based Event Management Platform by Let's Nurture. Cost to build an Apartment Rental / Finder app like PadMapper.

Cost to Create an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic. Let’s Nurture is ISO 9001:2015 certified custom web/mobile app development company serving mobility solutions globally for 10+ years.

Cost to Create an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic

We are simply the best in delivering tailor-made on demand marketplace app solutions to businesses in multiple industries. We also have developed a white label solution that can serve as a connected platform for vehicle owners and service centers. Automobile service marketplace app will allow service centers to digitally record vehicle maintenance data for future references. Vehicle owners will be able to track the service history, receive instant service report along with bills. This helps in improving overall customer experience and boosts happy clientele for garage owners.

Cost to build Salon and Spa Booking Marketplace Platform. Like me with Thumbs Up - A Social Networking Platform by Let's Nurture. Restaurant App - A White Label Solution for Restaurant Owner by Let's Nurture. Aprica - A Cross-Platform Patient Record management app by Let's Nurture. Medcheck - An IoT based Healthcare Diagnostic Solution. Decision Point - A Redesigning Responsive CMS website for Big Data Solutions. Cost of Build a Social E-commerce Marketplace App Like Poshmark.

Addymate - A Social Networking Platform by Let's Nurture. 3QARQ8 - A RealEstate Aggregator Platform. A Comprehensive Analysis on IoMT Implementation in 2019. How IoT (Internet of Things) Technology is Helping Heart Disease Diagnosis? Cost to develop an Online Music Streaming App like Spotify. The overall purpose of this article is to shed light on the topic of cost to develop a custom music streaming app or a Spotify clone app along with reasons to go for it, basic features for the estimated cost, add on features and innovative features with other development details.

Cost to develop an Online Music Streaming App like Spotify

One thing that is key to success of any music streaming app is that it must be effortless, intuitive and user friendly. There are still a huge amount of people listening to random offline and online radio stations. MeshaalAlShatti - A Responsive Multilingual CMS Website. Cost to develop an app like Kahoot. Understanding Kahoot!

Cost to develop an app like Kahoot

: All-in-One Mobile Learning App ‘Kahoot!’ Is a educational app based out of Oslo, Norway that aims to teach its users across a wide variety of subjects and ideas by creating Kahoot (quiz) in a matter of time. These quizzes can be taken either in competition with others either or can be played by our own or in live classroom environments. Kahoots (quizzes) are created, played, shared via social media to engage learners in peer-led discussions for deep understanding. Apparently, Kahoot! With the fact that Kahoot!

MetalSavvy - A Marketplace Website for Steel Buyers and Suppliers. On-Demand Karaoke Singing App Development like Smule. From strumming a guitar at a bonfire camp with peeps to singing folk songs on festivals and at weddings, music is one of the few activities that can make unite people, various languages, classes and cultures.

On-Demand Karaoke Singing App Development like Smule

So apps like Smule have spot the business industry in leveraging technology to create a social platform for the music lovers based on music which allow friends, strangers, artists and people from different parts of the globe making music together. The app allows its end users to sing along with the popular artists, compose their own music arrangements and sing duets with other users of the app. From making quirky music composition, to singing duets with stars like Ed Sheeran, this app helps lots of music lovers by letting them enjoy their passion. It allows the users to sing along with the karaoke, record while singing, also sharing the song with friends, family and fans via social media platforms.

Progressive Web Applications – Bridging The Gap In Web Space. Technology has changed and how, every day there is an update in software and Information technology. Progressive web app technology has truly bridged the gap between desktop and mobile. It has changed the concept of working offline. Though progressive web apps load like regular pages, its functionality includes working offline and getting push notifications. TicketOnSale - An Emergency Event Ticket Buying-Selling Platform. BWELL - A Fitness and Wellness Application by Let's Nurture. Garage App - A White Label Solution for Garage Owners & Mechanics. StyleKonnect - A Salon Appointment booking platform with AR.

Top 3 Famous Static CMS Website Frameworks. Do you want to develop a website and unaware of the advantages of using static CMS website? Let me show you some figure about different CMS website which increase your interest. Wix is a cloud-based website development platform and recent research shows that in 2018 total revenue of wix was $603.70 million. Squarespace is a SaaS-based hosting platform and total revenue in the last year was $300 million. Paid Ads - A Geolocation based Advertising Platform. Apps for Doctor Appointments. A Geolocation based Offer Marketplace. Amazon Alexa Skill Development. Salon Apps in India. Smartphone user growth has been phenomenal everywhere in the world.

More than 50% of the internet users are now coming from mobiles & tablets. Fortune 500 companies have turned their all strategies into mobile. Small Business is taking huge benefits of the mobile application for branding, customer engagement, advertisement. TOP 5 Food and Beverage Companies who have expanded User base via Amazon Alexa Skills. Hey, are you the owner of a pizza shop, restaurant, coffee shop or an online food ordering/ delivery marketplace platform? If you own any of these, then you must be thinking of bringing in technology innovations to the picture to see off competitors. Many existing food businesses and startups are facing fierce competition in food industry.

So what can be done? How to make your mark in the market? Of course adoption of various technology solutions like iBeacon, Internet of Things (IoT) and custom mobile app development have helped a lot. Top 5 APIs you should know if you want to build Fantasy League Platform. The universe of games is a great deal like a business. There’s preparation, rivalry wins, and misfortunes, enthusiasm, diligent work. To make it alive by sitting at home and enjoying the culture we introduce Fantasy Sports leveraging custom fantasy sports app development. Fantasy Sports is a world within itself, and for this we need APIs to be integrated with mobile applications developed.

With regards to the application programming interfaces (APIs) and the API economy, the inquiry that gets posted to most habitually is “What is an API?”. Top 5 Generic Diagnostic Codes & How OBD apps like KarConnect can help you to resolve it? According to Statista, “Every year the lives of approximately 1.35 million people are cut short as a result of a road traffic crash. Between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability as a result of their injury.”

This may be due to improper functioning of the vehicle or rash driving behaviour. How Let’s Nurture Digitally Transformed a Custom T-shirt Company? We are living in an era of digitization where technological innovations upsurging in every industry. We, at Let’s Nurture also helped one of our clients in custom tshirt printing business in Ahmedabad, India; who had no digital presence before. GPS Tracking Solutions in Canada. A Natural Snacks Company. Product Catalogue App Solution for Sales Marketing Representatives. A Divine App for Daily Worship & Meditation. Cost to build an app like What3words.

You can use the What3words app to discover, search, share a 3 word address, and to get directions. The application provide a “Locate Me” button to get close or search for a street address, then you can zoom to see the 3m x 3m grid and move the map & pin to find the exact spot. Switching to satellite view helps when you are zoomed in. Hire android app developers and iOS app developers from Let’s Nurture who can help you in building a similar navigation and addressing system in the form of geocoding application. By using GeoHashing technique and Python, our mobile app developers can build our own algorithm, that will be able to detect precise location upto 2.5 x 2.5 cm (i.e 12 precision level, even google don’t give this precision level) of bounding box.

Hire Dedicated Java Developers. Hire Java developers from the best offshore Java development company in India that develops impeccably secure, robust, scalable and dynamic, client-centric J2EE, J2ME, J2SE web and mobile applications. Hire Dedicated Python Developers. Hire Python developers (part-time or full-time) who are masters in working with Python 3.7.0 and Django, Flask and Web2py frameworks to reduce 60% operational costs via robust, dynamic, scalable and secure web/ mobile based business applications.

MANTRA - A Divine App For Daily Worship & Meditation by Let's Nurture. TOP 7 Must Have Features for Your Restaurant App. Olo reports that Restaurant apps for Online food ordering and delivery services have helped restaurants and food businesses increase their basket size by 25%. A Bike Sharing Application by Let's Nurture. Cost to develop an interactive Classroom App like ClassDojo. An Ecommerce Marketplace to Buy and Sell things Online. Facial Emotion Recognition by Let's Nurture. Cost to develop a Custom CRM Software Application. Viator APIs Integration Service For Your Solution. Viator is one of the largest and trusted sources founded in 1995 which is totally free, no setup cost or monthly account fees will be charged.

Viator provides 200,000+ things to do to the customers. Viator holds 17 years of experience in the market. They also consist of more than 3,000 partners that offer valuable data on lodging and airlines. Cost to build a Video streaming app like NetFlix. Netflix is a type of streaming service that allows customers to watch a wide variety of viewing content. Apple Pay Integration:Cashless made Effortless.

Advanced installments and cashless exchanges are the “Future”.The Digital Wallet will be to Blockchain as Web Browser to Internet-is the new hypothesis of being in the computerized world market. Also, the fight among individual and corporate computerized condition will warm up additional to this hypothesis. Macintosh being the imaginative world for iPad and iPhones has now got into the ewallet race with others. The Growing Dominance of Voice Assistants Continues to Astound.

Despite the fact that voice technology has been accessible and usable for several years now within our smartphone devices, consumers never really caught on to how useful these digital assistants could be until Amazon introduced Alexa through their Echo lineup. As a direct result of the introduction of smart speakers to the consumer market, millions of voice assistants have been sold either through smart speaker technology, through smartphones, or through voice assistant enabled devices such as ambient lighting systems, voice command streaming services, and voice-controlled thermostats.

To put this simply, the voice interface in the form of digital voice assistant application has been one of the fastest hyper-adopted technologies we have ever seen, according to Forbes, and the numbers back this up. With over twenty-thirty million voice assistants purchased in 2017 and fifty-six million smart speaker sales in 2018, there is no doubt that 2019 will be any different.

Sigfox Tracker API Integration Service. Fantasy API Integration Services for your Solution. GPS Tracker for Cows in India. Smart Water Management Using IoT. Top SIX University Applications in Canada for Students. Apple TV+ VS Netflix – Can Apple come on Top of its Fiercest Rival? "Like Me With Thumbs Up" - A Social Media Platform by Let's Nurture.

Online Food Delivery App - White-label Solution by Let's Nurture for Restaurants. Connect, Share, Compete & Win Prizes using your Talent! Beacons based Smart Museum White Label App Solution by Let's Nurture. Voice Skills: A Boon For The Visually Impaired. What Makes the ideal NGO Application? Online Catering Job Matching Platform by Let's Nurture. 2Checkout API/SDK Integration Services for Various Web Platforms.