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Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups - Beta List. Made in NYC. Social Web Icons. - анализ сайта, seo характеристики сайта - бо точка лт. Headlines - EnterpriseTech. Featured Social Media - SlideShare. Browse the Grovo training library. The Best of the Web. Zoot - Personal Information Manager - PIM. Import from Excel, Google Docs using CSV Import / Making & Editing Lists / Knowledge Base - Listly Support. Windows 8 Tips, Tricks, How To Galleries, Reviews and News. Recommended website designers. uses cookies.

Recommended website designers

By using this website you agree to receive cookies according to your browser's settings.Close Want to become our partner? Partners on this list provide their high quality services in English. Contact them first if you're looking for a professional website design company. Contact partner » StudioStrona Building and modifying websites and online shops. Contact partner » grafiQa Design and miltimedia projects, hosting, jQuery addons scripts, OpenSolution's tools modifications. Contact partner » MasterOs Creating websites and online stores using our scripts. Contact partner » Simlution Professional modifications, plugins and modules made on client's demand for each Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart version.Advanced PHP programming, optimization, bufforing (cache) and incresing website's efficiency, Usability, WAI, XHTML consulting. Contact partner » We offer complete services of creating of the Internet image for individuals, institutions, and companies.

From: Germany. Облачная платформа Яндекса: Cocaine в действии / Блог компании Яндекс / Хабрахабр. Мы уже рассказали вам, что такое Cocaine и как его развернуть «в домашних условиях».

Облачная платформа Яндекса: Cocaine в действии / Блог компании Яндекс / Хабрахабр

Сегодня речь пойдёт о том, как пользоваться его инфраструктурой на уровне программиста. Products. Connectivity. Apps. Browser Screenshots for Quick Testing - 300+ Real Browsers, Internet Explorer 6-10, Local Testing, API, Resolution Options. Explore Presentations – Slides. Beautiful Open. Explore - Mashape - Free API Management Platform & Marketplace. Code Browser - Links. Pearltrees. Code Browser - A Folding Text Editor. About Code Browser is a folding text editor for Linux and Windows, designed to hierarchically structure any kind of text file and especially source code.

Code Browser - A Folding Text Editor

It makes navigation through source code faster and easier. Code Browser is especially designed to keep a good overview of the code of large projects, but is also useful for a simple css file. Ideal if you are fed up of having to scroll through thousands of lines of code. See the Introduction to Code Folding page if you want more information on text folding and the way it is implemented in Code Browser. It supports syntax highlighting for all major languages and custom syntax highlighting can also be added. Although Code Browser was initially designed to edit programs, it can also be used for different tasks such as plain text outlining or helping to understand existing source code.

Features. Pearltrees. Publicate. Pearltrees. Format of URLs for CloudFront Objects. When you create a distribution, you receive the CloudFront domain name associated with that distribution.

Format of URLs for CloudFront Objects

You use that domain name when creating the links to your objects. If you have another domain name that you'd rather use (for example,, you can add a CNAME alias. For more information, see Using Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs). When you create URLs to give end users access to objects in your CloudFront distribution, the URLs are either public URLs or signed URLs: Pearltrees. Likeastore. Pearltrees. SCM Music Player - seamless music for your website. Pearltrees. Likeastore. Pearltrees. 300+ Desktop & Mobile Browsers for Screenshots Testing. Pearltrees. Cloud Application Management Platform. Pearltrees. Structure Connect 2014 — Gigaom Events. Pearltrees. Technology bootcamp reviews for aspiring programmers. Pearltrees. Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers.

Pearltrees. Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups. Pearltrees. App on Pinterest. Pearltrees. 2015 Abundance 360 Summit. Pearltrees. Squirt. Pearltrees. Free online flashlight light for your computer or phone. Pearltrees. ELREYDELMUNDO&WORLDWYDE1. - Customize links and share them easily. - Share links and collect opinions. Pearltrees. Moovlink. Pearltrees. Jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion. Fast, simple gif hosting without size limits. Pearltrees. The Complete Guide to Anonymous Apps. There was a time in internet history, not too long ago, when it looked like realness might prevail.

The Complete Guide to Anonymous Apps

Facebook pioneered the concept of single-identity networking — the idea that your online activity should be traceable to your real name — and legions of other companies jumped onboard. Real-world accountability would force us all to behave more responsibly online, they argued. The days of hiding behind pseudonymous usernames seemed numbered. But a funny thing happened on the way to an authentic internet: Anonymity came back into vogue. Today, there are literally dozens of anonymous sharing apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito. Whisper App Store description: "Whisper is the best place to express yourself online. Secret App Store description: "Secret is a new way to share what you’re thinking and feeling with your friends. " Yik Yak Gossup App Store description: "Gossup is social media unfiltered.

" Babbly Cloaq Viper Insider Mood Local Anonymous. Pearltrees. Webonomía. Pearltrees. 12:40am. Pearltrees. iPhone Apps - Fresh Apps. Pearltrees. CHNL. Pearltrees. APPS (with images) · worldwyde2. Pearltrees. Six Reads on Facebook.


Pearltrees. Smart Feeds. Pearltrees. Learn about patent trolls, search and submit demand letters, and help fix our broken patent system. Pearltrees. TeamViewer 9.0.29327 Enterprise + Portable [Multi/Ru] TeamViewer 9.0.29327 Enterprise + Portable [Multi/Ru] TeamViewer устанавливает подключение к любому компьютеру или серверу в любой точке мира в течение нескольких секунд.

TeamViewer 9.0.29327 Enterprise + Portable [Multi/Ru]

Вы можете удалённо управлять компьютером вашего партнёра, как будто сидите прямо перед ним. Программа позволяет получить доступ к компьютеру из любой точки интернета (IP-адрес удаленной машины можно не знать, но на втором компьютере тоже должна быть установлена эта же программа). Кроме доступа к рабочему столу и управления удаленным компьютером с помощью TeamViewer можно передавать файлы, устраивать презентации, помогать настроить компьютер, общаться в чате и т.д. ----------------------<cut>---------------------- Администрирование серверов с удалённым обслуживанием TeamViewer также можно использовать для управления компьютерами и серверами с удалённым обслуживанием. Высочайший стандарт безопасности TeamViewer – очень защищённое решение.

Отображение статуса онлайн Вы – члены команды и находитесь в разных местах? Pearltrees. 3lr3yd3lmundo worldwyde1n3 by elreydelmundo. Pearltrees. Watch What's Possible. Pearltrees. Native American Reservations. Cancel Cancel Show Voices on the map. more Featured Voices Current Voices Archived Voices.

Native American Reservations

Pearltrees. Your Links, Everywhere. Pearltrees. CloudConvert - convert anything to anything. Pearltrees. 100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity. In a nutshell, bookmarklets are small little applications you can place as browser’s bookmark bar and they each perform a specific function, depending on what they are coded for.

100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity

Bookmarklets are usually written in Javascript and they are extremely easy to install/remove. Bookmarklets work in most common used browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari but probably lesser support in Internet Explorer. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most useful bookmarklets for designers, developers or even if you are a net surfer, they might just come in handy. Installing a bookmarklet is simple – all you need to do is drag them to your bookmark toolbar, that’s all. Why bookmarklet are cool?

They are efficient! Hassle-less installation – Installing a bookmarklet is simple. Social Bookmarking and Sharing Here are a bunch of social bookmarking bookmarklets that might come in handy: Pearltrees. Applications. Pearltrees. Livefyre App Gallery. Pearltrees. Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups.