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Corporatocracy: Living in the UCA (United Corps. of America)

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Wal-Mart Nixed Paying Bangladesh Suppliers to Fight Fire. At a meeting convened in 2011 to boost safety at Bangladesh garment factories, Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Wal-Mart Nixed Paying Bangladesh Suppliers to Fight Fire

(WMT) made a call: paying suppliers more to help them upgrade their manufacturing facilities was too costly. The comments from a Wal-Mart sourcing director appear in minutes of the meeting, which was attended by more than a dozen retailers including Gap Inc. (GPS), Target Corp. and JC Penney Co. I-want-you-to-disagree-and-fight-amongst-each-other.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x500 pixels) More nutshell wisdom.

Class Warfare - Pay Attention, America...

Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order. Price of drug to prevent preemies jumps from $20 to $1,500 after FDA approval - Drug monopolies courtesy of government. Contrary to Wikipedia and its source - pseudo-economist Paul Samuelson, who was the "key to Keynes' influence" - there isn't any such thing as a natural monopoly.

Drug monopolies courtesy of government

Any monopoly that comes about and maintains its power does so solely through government intervention (e.g., regulations, subsidies, laws). In other words, the only monopolies that exist are the ones that government creates or allows to exist. Competition will always exist unless the government prevents it. Take drugs, for example. There's a drug pregnant women take who are at risk of delivering prematurely.

America in Decline

America: The Grim Truth. American Corporatocracy. Citigroup attempts to disappear its Plutonomy Report #2. Countdown with Keith Olbermann Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Corporations Control Gov't. Other.

Corporations Influencing Policy. Corporate Greed vs Public Interest.