Facebook Twitter Il SocialMediAbility delle Aziende Italiane. Many Eyes. How Social Media Has Changed the Workplace [Study] We all know how social media has impacted our personal lives.

How Social Media Has Changed the Workplace [Study]

How has this impacted the way that people work? Has it made employees more or less productive? Online Branded Communities Grow Up. According to the second annual “State of Online Branded Communities” study by full-service social engagement firm ComBlu, which examined practices in the online communities of major brands, marketers have adopted a wide variety of best practices and begun to integrate their online community efforts across a variety of social media.

Online Branded Communities Grow Up

In 2009, just under a third of communities studied were integrated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social sites that the marketer had a presence on. By 2010, the proportion had more than doubled, to 68%. Comparing a variety of features studied in 2009 to levels of adoption in 2010, the study found online branded communities had increased adoption of best practices across the board. Shopping Reinvented: Next Generation Apparel Retailing. Infographie. Etude – Les Internautes et Twitter.