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Creative Interpreneurship vs. Indie Start-up

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Applied Innovation. ASM Announces Emerging Technologies Survey Results - ASM International. February 26, 2014Source: ASM International ASM International's (Materials Park, Ohio) Emerging Technologies Awareness Committee recently conducted a survey of several hundred ASM members to gain feedback on technologies that members believe will have the most impact on the future of materials science and engineering.

ASM Announces Emerging Technologies Survey Results - ASM International

The survey asked respondents to name three materials-related technologies and three process-related developments expected to have a significant impact within the next few years. It further asked respondents to clarify which of these technology developments they expect to have the single greatest impact. "One of the goals of ASM's Emerging Technologies Awareness Committee is to identify the latest trends and areas of interest within materials engineering. Of these categories, the top five included high-performance materials (66 responses), energy materials (50 responses), additive manufacturing (39 responses), nanotechnology (35 responses), and ICME (26 responses). Where can i publish my indie game. 9 Steps to Self Publishing Your First Indie Game.

When you’re going indie it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need external funding before you can make a game.

9 Steps to Self Publishing Your First Indie Game

But approaching investors and publishers before you’ve gone through the publishing process yourself first can be dangerous. In a previous article I wrote about what happens when the publisher driven model goes wrong for developers. You stand to lose a lot more than a share of potential profits if you depend on someone else for your business development. By self publishing and going through the business cycle on your own you gain an instinct for what it takes to make something people will be glad to pay for. In this quick guide you will learn how to spot a need in the market, find the best way to fill that need and reach the people who will benefit from it most. Do What You Love (via iStockphoto) How do you know if this guide is NOT for you? If you answered yes to any of the above then you’ve probably ended up on the wrong website 8P Let’s get to it shall we? Rebecca Fernandez's Blog - Where can I sell my Indie PC game?

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Rebecca Fernandez's Blog - Where can I sell my Indie PC game?

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. In an effort to increase our sales numbers we are looking into all the different places that we can sell our game, Triangle Man. Before starting this research I had no idea that there were so many different online distribution channels for PC games.

It has been really difficult to gather this info – there wasn’t a nice central location where I could find it all (though this blog post was amazingly helpful, and inspired mine). So, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to share this info and save you all some time. If you are able to fill in any of the “unknown” sections in this, it would be greatly appreciated. Someone also pointed out that most sites either pay quarterly or monthly – for those sites where I’ve written “no idea”, it’s probably a safe bet that they pay quarterly or monthly. Browser Game Screenshots and preview. Visual Utopia. War of Conquest. What is War of Conquest?

War of Conquest

The World You find yourself in a vast world full of barren lands, gaping seas and impenetrable mountain ranges. You are guiding the fate of a new people, a nation that begins its existence as a small stone age tribe. But you are not alone in this land. You find many other nations like your own, each one guided by a clever and crafty intelligence like yourself. Two nations: enemies or allies? Winning What are the stakes in this often brutal world?

An ancient orb hidden away by the sea And what this means for you, for each of the guides of such a nation, is wealth. Prize winnings to be distributed to players How to Succeed How do you make your nation powerful enough to conquer? Technologies a beginning nation may research To gain an additional and often decisive edge against your enemies, you may sometimes choose to purchase special technologies, items and leaders that bring to your nation strengths that cannot be achieved otherwise. Starting an online business. Laws of Simplicity. Solutions for dreamers - Szukaj w Google.