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iOS Hardware Guide. Hardware models The following list summarizes iOS hardware available in devices of various generations: iPhone Models Original iPhone.

iOS Hardware Guide

Prog_guide:migrate_to_v2.0 – cocos2d for iPhone. Issue 1112 - cocos2d-iphone - Resize after removing modal view - cocos2d for iPhone: A framework for building 2D games for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac. UINavigationController causing trouble. Iphone - cocos2d and UINavigationController trouble. Extensions v0.1.1 released. Chapter 7. Sprites and Text. Open Feedback Publishing System (OFPS) is now retired.

Chapter 7. Sprites and Text

Thank you to the authors and commenters who participated in the program. OFPS was an O'Reilly experiment that demonstrated the benefits of bridging the gap between private manuscripts and public blogs.


Interacting. Rotating. Optimizing. Drawing. XCode 4 and cocos2d. Prog_guide:index – cocos2d for iPhone.