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Building Apps for Windows. Cloud Blogs. Monitoring your home IP security cameras with OMS Log Analytics4 hours agoTiander Turpijn [MSFT]Summary: Monitor devices, like home IP security cameras, with OMS Log Analytics without installing an agent! Hi folks, In this blog post I would like to share with you how you can monitor devices with Log Analytics without the need to install the OMS (MMA) agent. We’ve recently announced the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API. This enables a number of scenarios for which you may not have considered OMS Log Analytics previously. Especially in an environment where you cannot install the OMS age...

World’s Biggest SQL Server Event is Coming in 6 Days! Microsoft NYC Reactor Opening3 days agoGuggs Microsoft on Wednesday celebrated the grand opening of its latest Microsoft Reactor, based in New York City’s iconic Grand Central Terminal. Use actors to talk to millions3 days agoJames StatenYou have hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of sensors in your stores, factories, pipelines. Developer Tools Blogs. Exploring ServiceStack's simple and fast web services on .NET Core11 hours agoScott HanselmanI've been doing .NET Open Source since the beginning. Trying to get patches into log4net was hard without things like GitHub and Twitter. We emailed .patch files around and hoped for the best. It was a good time. There's been a lot of feelings around .NET Open Source over the last decade or so - some positive, some negative. There's been some shining lights though and I'm going to do a few blog posts to call them out.

I think having .NET Core be cross platform and open source will be a boon for... In Case You Missed It – This Week in Windows Developer1 days agoWindows Apps TeamYou got the power this week with Windows Developer. CppRestSDK 2.9.0 is available on GitHub1 days agoEricMitteletteWe are delighted to announce a new version of CppRestSDK (Casablanca) 2.9.0, this new version available on GitHub introduces new features and fixes issues reported on the 2.8.0 version. Microsoft Devices Blog. Microsoft Edge Dev Blog. Microsoft Malware Protection Center – Threat Research & Response Blog. The September 12, 2017 security updates from Microsoft include the patch for a previously unknown vulnerability exploited through Microsoft Word as an entry vector.

Customers using Microsoft advanced threat solutions were already protected against this threat. The vulnerability, classified as CVE-2017-8759, was used in limited targeted attacks and reported to us by our partner, FireEye. Microsoft would like… In the first six months of 2017, ransomware threats reached new levels of sophistication. The same period also saw the reversal of a six-month downward trend in ransomware encounters.

New ransomware code was released at a higher rate with increasing complexity. Two high-profile ransomware incidents brought cybersecurity to the forefront of mainstream conversations as the… Microsoft has concluded that the Chinese Certificate Authorities (CAs) WoSign and StartCom have failed to maintain the standards required by our Trusted Root Program. Microsoft Security Guidance. Lots of updates to Policy Analyzer in this unsigned, pre-release preview build — please post comments here to let me know how well it addresses your needs and what else it could add. Download here: Please see the description of the original Policy Analyzer here for context.

Partial list of improvements: Uses localized text correctly in most… Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 version 1607, also known as “Anniversary edition” and internally as “Redstone 1”. The downloadable attachment to this blog post includes importable GPOs, tools for applying the GPOs, custom ADMX files for “pass the hash” mitigation and legacy MSS settings,… You can download the custom Administrative Template for the “MSS (Legacy)” settings here: MSS-legacy. LGPO.exe is a command-line utility to automate the management of local group policy objects (LGPO).

Microsoft Server & Tools Blogs. Office Blogs. Skype Blogs. The Official Microsoft Blog. The Visual Studio Blog. Virtualization Blog. Visual Studio Code Blog. September 14, 2016 by Wade Anderson, @waderyan_ This is part one in a series on JavaScript extensions. I learned JavaScript during an internship in the summer of 2013. Although not a difficult programming language, JavaScript didn't come easy. I used a lightweight editor along with the rest of my team and missed the deep language integration features of Visual Studio (C#) and Eclipse (Java). Visual Studio Code is not an IDE, but you can extend it to do many of the things an IDE can do. VS Code extensions effectively bridge the gap between an IDE and a lightweight editor (read here to learn how we maintain high performance when extensions are added). Below are some of the essential JavaScript extensions that I and many of you are using every day.

Tip: Install any of these extensions by clicking the Extensions View button, typing the name of the extension in the Search box, and clicking Install. ESLint# Marketplace - ESLint Publisher - Dirk Baeumer Easily integrate ESLint into your project. Wiki Ninjas – Official Blog of TechNet Wiki. It’s Sunday! I hope all of you are enjoying amazing weekend. Let’s talk about Azure mobile apps today. Recently Microsoft announced Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK 3.2.0 Release.

With some major improvements, Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK supports iOS10 with Swift 3.0. As per Azure App Service Team Blog here are some enhancements done, Extended… All the votes are in! And we have a fresh intake of MS and MVP judges too! Hey you! Hello readers, a new Wiki Ninja is here. Peter Geelen is a guy who needs no introduction. About five years ago I wrote my first TechNet Wiki article on how to prepare for the BizTalk Server 2010 exam. Hello Wiki Ninjas. Dear All, Welcome to TechNet Wiki Life, in this blog post we will see in detail of why we need to add Table of Contents (TOC) and what should be avoided while adding Table of Contents (TOC). Welcome to another Tuesday TNWiki Article Spotlight. Do you know the TechNet Wiki Guru contest? Windows Blog. Windows Experience Blog.