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The Analytics and Site Intelligence Blog The Analytics and Site Intelligence Blog One thing that can be really frustrating in Google Analytics is when you understand the data that you want to see but when you try to drill down into the data, or create a custom report, you aren’t given the right combination of Metrics and Dimensions that you want. Because a lot of Google Analytics users have experienced this, I thought I’d break down both Dimensions and Metrics within GA, and shed some light onto what can and can’t be done with them. Dimensions in Google Analytics Dimensions are characteristics or descriptive attributes of an object. Simply put, they describe the data.
Conversion Room Conversion Room Many of you have shared with us difficulties you’ve experienced when using traditional path analysis tools. For instance, many of these tools don’t sensibly group related visitor paths and pages, and segmentation analysis can be difficult. You’re looking for better ways to visualise and quickly find those insights about how visitors flow through your sites. The Google Analytics team has been listening and is working hard to meet your needs.
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Luna Metrics Share Your Goals in Google Analytics First there was the honorable GoalCopy plugin for Firefox, which ruled the kingdom for many (internet) years. This tool gave you the magical ability to copy goals from one profile (remember when that’s what they were called?) to another with ease.

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