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The Analytics and Site Intelligence Blog. One thing that can be really frustrating in Google Analytics is when you understand the data that you want to see but when you try to drill down into the data, or create a custom report, you aren’t given the right combination of Metrics and Dimensions that you want.

The Analytics and Site Intelligence Blog

Because a lot of Google Analytics users have experienced this, I thought I’d break down both Dimensions and Metrics within GA, and shed some light onto what can and can’t be done with them. Dimensions in Google Analytics Dimensions are characteristics or descriptive attributes of an object. Simply put, they describe the data. A few examples of Dimensions are Campaign, City, Browser, Language, Source, and Medium. Tip: So you don’t confuse them, Dimensions will always be colored green when you add them or create Custom Reports.

Metrics in Google Analytics Generally speaking, a Metric is a way to measure your data. Tip: Just like with Dimensions, Metrics will always be colored blue when you add them or create Custom Reports. Conversion Room. Blog – Marketing Optimization and Google Analytics. Avinash Kaushik - Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog. Analytics Talks. Luna Metrics. Understanding Bot and Spider Filtering from Google Analytics On July 30th, 2014, Google Analytics announced a new feature to automatically exclude bots and spiders from your data.

Luna Metrics

In the view level of the admin area, you now have the option to check a box labeled “Exclude traffic from known bots and spiders”. Most of the posts I’ve read on the topic are simply mirroring the announcement, and not really talking about why you want to check the box. Maybe a more interesting question would be why would you NOT want to? Still, for most people you’re going to want to ultimately check this box. 20 Google Facts & Stats that Every Marketer Should Know No company dictates the online marketing industry and all of our careers like Google. This post outlines 20 things that every marketer should know about Google. If we missed any important facts, please let us know in the comments. Easy Cohort Analysis for Blogs and Articles Enter Cohort Analysis. Segmenting Google Analytics by Session Frequency.