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What are Intelligent Apps? Intelligent Apps are the application that needs real-time and historical data from the user interactions and other sources as well to provide suggestions and making predictions.

What are Intelligent Apps?

It will be offering personalized and adaptive user experiences. Note that data analytics and machine learning are the essential components of intelligent apps. For your information, Artificial intelligence is being used in developing intelligent applications that are much sophisticated by having algorithms. This will automate how much the task has to be performed. Note that there are several B2C corporations that will adopt and execute intelligent apps but its mobility and growth are more in B2B environments. Intelligent apps work on a great amount of data and they are able to read and store a wide range of human interactions. You must know that a truly intelligent app will produce results by reading gestures, motions, and speech inputs. Apple Has Rolled Out New Beta Updates. Apple has released the second developer beta version of iOS 13.3.1 for iPad OS 13.3.1, macOS Catalina 10.15.13, watchOS 6.1.2 and tvOS 13.3.1 today.

Apple Has Rolled Out New Beta Updates

All of the people who are enrolled in the beta program can easily download the updates from the App Developer Center. If you have selected the public beta program, then you might have to wait a bit more before you get the same version on the eligible devices. Apple has not given details on what these beta updates are all about. GitHub for Android Is Bringing Code. Developers are able to continue working on the projects on the go as GitHub will be launching a beta version of the software development platform for Android.

GitHub for Android Is Bringing Code

In the last year’s GitHub Universe, the company has announced the GitHub for mobile and they have launched a beta for iOS. But now GitHub has decided to do the same for the Android platform and the interested developers can sign up today to try it out. The primary reason due to which the company has taken this step is to launch a mobile version of its software development platform. Note that there is a lot you can do on GitHub that will not require a complex development environment such as the sharing feedback on design discussions or the reviewing of the few lines of code.

All the users that have signed up for the GitHub for the Android waitlist will have already received an email to invite with a link for testing the new app. You May Read: 9apps – A Leading Android Application Author: Huawei P40 Renders with Leica Lens and Dual Selfie Shooters - Waiting for the next-gen Huawei P series?

Huawei P40 Renders with Leica Lens and Dual Selfie Shooters -

Today, we are going to discuss all of them. Sony Xperia is Coming on 24 Feb at WMC 2020. 6 Online Side Hustle Jobs. There are thousands of side hustle opportunities out there.

6 Online Side Hustle Jobs

However, not all of them are equal; some are more lucrative than others. Foldable Nokia Smartphone, Fitness Tracker and Much More. A few days ago, a foldable Nokia smartphone in the Nokia 2720 style was seen.

Foldable Nokia Smartphone, Fitness Tracker and Much More

One was having a separate screen when opened just like the Surface Neo/Duo) and the other one hand a flexible display just like the Motorola Razr. According to the quick poll, more people liked the approach used by the Razr and some information has surfaced online that a foldable Nokia smartphone will be something we will see in the (near) future. Nokia new has shared some interesting insights via Twitter. According to his source(s), Nokia Mobile is having foldable smartphone ready in their labs. Before you get too excited, you should be aware of the fact that this can mean that there is a prototype that is ready and that device, if it exists, then that might never be launched. Huawei P40 Pro Is Going to Bring Quad-Curved Display. There are many rumors about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 family but don’t forget about the Huawei as they are also working on its next flagship devices.

Huawei P40 Pro Is Going to Bring Quad-Curved Display

P40 Pro is going to ditch its predecessor’s notch and it will be supporting a pill-shaped punch hole in its display. SwiftKey Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS. Looking for an alternative regarding your smartphone or tablet’s default keyboard?

SwiftKey Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS

If yes, then SwiftKey is the right option that is available on both iOS and Android devices. This was released in 2010, the Swiftkey will be bringing artificially intelligent typing predictions, nearly limitless customization, and different typing style options for your smart device. Upcoming Nubia Red Magic is Bringing 144Hz Display.

It’s 2020, now it’s time for a specs jump and break the rule set in 2019.

Upcoming Nubia Red Magic is Bringing 144Hz Display

Last year, we saw the beginning of 5G in the masses. Furthermore, in this era of gaming phones, the OEMs are expected to bring their “A-game” in the spec department, and Nubia will not disappoint a rumored 144Hz display on its upcoming Red Magic gaming phone. Top BI Trends to follow in 2020. Over the past decade, technology has transformed our lives in many ways.

Top BI Trends to follow in 2020

One prominent factor in this transformation has been the increased adoption of business intelligence (BI). From analyzing mobile usage patterns, shopping trends, and market dynamics, to the further development of e-commerce, the insights generated by BI have indeed opened new pathways for businesses. With constant innovation of new technologies, 2019 was disruptive for BI. Evolutions in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) have become synergized with BI to produce more powerful analytics, insights, and predictions than ever. As a new decade dawns upon us, let’s take a look at how these BI technologies will continue to trend in 2020, and for what we should be prepared to see. EU Law Might Force Apple to Have USB Type-C for the iPhones.

The European Commission has been talking about the single charging method for mobile devices over a decade. The commission was doing this to encourage tech vendors to voluntarily adopt a single charging standard. Instagram Policing Photo shopped Images. If you are using Instagram and finding that some of the images in the main feed are blurry, then there is no need to worry. You are not alone here! Note that the image-sharing platform’s fact-checkers have started flagging digitally altered images as “false information”, and this will include some Photoshopped images that are manipulated for artistic reasons. This new development is the part of parent company Facebook’s to control the fake news. It is important to note that Instagram has doesn’t clearly define what the platform is considering “false information”. A post should go through independent fact-checkers to pass muster. When a post is flagged, then Instagram makes it “harder to find by filtering it from Explore and Hashtags”.

MWC 2020- Launching of Honor View 30 Pro and 5 Other Products. Samsung Z Flip- Interesting Mockups Renders Are Here! 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for smartphone innovation. The foldable smartphones are returning with a fully foldable display. OnePlus 7 Pro Flagship Killer. OnePlus flagship devices are gaining popularity. What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Tactics For Getting More Business From Social Media. Do you ever have a curiosity about what is the most powerful Social Networking tactic for your business? Getting results from Social networking marketing is becoming increasingly harder since the “noise” increases.