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Women's Cool Animal Fun Crazy Socks (Animal Cuffs 6 Pairs): Clothing. Appa Plush 30" Jumbo: Toys & Games. Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Astronaut Adult Costume Hoodie Zip-Up Sweatshirt: Movie And Tv Fan Sweatshirts: Clothing. Art Prints by Caleb Thomas.


Lush. Animals. Cloths. Bento. Websites. Keeping Band-Aids On. .

Keeping Band-Aids On

All rights reserved. Okay, I’ll admit that keeping Band-Aids™ on isn’t an issue just in the galley, but all over a boat. Heck, it’s an issue anywhere if you’re active. But I justify covering it here for several reasons: With the motion of the boat I got more cuts, scrapes and minor burns than I did living ashore;Cuts and scrapes would always be on places like my knuckles, where it was hard to keep a bandage on in the first place;Washing dishes by hand (plus swimming and just perspiration living without air conditioning) always resulted in Band-Aids™ coming off, as did just crawling around to get to various lockers;I was likely to get into more dirt and “gunk” — meaning that I needed Band-Aids to stay on more than ever; and[Drumroll] I learned the solution!

Almost as soon as we moved aboard Que Tal, Dave and I had problems keeping any sort of adhesive bandage on. Tincture of benzoin works wonders. It’s simple to use. Now, before putting the cap back on, wipe the threads well. Da1I8od.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 1200 pixels) - Scaled (49. Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color. Thinkstock Makeup Courtesy of RMS Makeup Courtesy of Jemma Kidd Makeup Courtesy of Jane Iredale Makeup Courtesy of Dr.

Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color

Hauschka Makeup Courtesy of Lancôme Makeup Courtesy of L’Oréal Makeup Courtesy of Ellis Faas Makeup Courtesy of BareMinerals Courtesy of Make Up For Ever. Candy Japan - Mystery sweets from Japan. Zelda Playing Cards. Why play with plain old hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs when you can now play with these Cards Of Legend featuring Swords, Rupee’s, heart pieces and the legendary Triforce.

Zelda Playing Cards

These gorgeous cards come from Swiss designer Nelde and have secured the Swiss a place in my heart forever. All the major characters are accounted for. Link is the Jack in the Triforce club, with Princess Zelda taking her rightful place as queen with Gannon happily perched upon the throne as King. These are some absolutely gloriously sexy playing cards, with some fantastic art and great attention to detail. Trust me, these will make any Legend of Zelda Fan just squeal with pure joy when they see these in their Christmas stocking. I got so excited that I made a little slide show on YouTube. Kids sand, sandbox, play sand, sand toys. The Abhorsens Seven Bells - Prices & Packaging. Go to Shop.

The Abhorsens Seven Bells - Prices & Packaging

All prices are in Australian dollars (PayPal will show you the converted cost in other currencies) and are for a single bell charm. The cost has been kept as low as possible, only enough to cover production and packing costs and a design royalty to Oliver Smith. Unfortunately, as the bells are cast in small production runs and are hand-finished, they do cost more than many mass-produced charms. We did experiment with having charms cast in China, and it was cheaper, but the results were not as good.

All in Australian Dollars (excluding GST for Australian orders) Ranna 39.95 Mosrael 40.95 Kibeth 41.95 Dyrim 42.95 Belgaer 43.95 Saraneth 44.95 Astarael 45.95 Goods and Services Tax (GST) We are required to charge GST for Australian customers. Packaging Each bell comes in a small black shoe-string closed bag of a velveteen material. Words [xpost from /r/quotesporn] : introvert. Japanese bad boy wows foreign audiences with his beautiful Ghibli fanart 【Photos】 They say that beauty is fleeting and withers with age, at least in the personal sense.

Japanese bad boy wows foreign audiences with his beautiful Ghibli fanart 【Photos】

Perhaps that’s why Takumi Kanehara walked away from a life of charming women as a professional host in order to pursue a career as a comic artist. Now, the self-made illustrator is gaining international attention for his beautiful re-interpretations of the characters created by Studio Ghibli. The combination of recognizable characters and subtle symbolism shows the artist’s deep love of the source material, and the artistic execution is positively stunning, ensuring that these works will never lose their luster no matter how many years ago by. Until quite recently Takumi worked as a host in Hokkaido, making a living by chatting up women and encouraging them to buy drinks at the club where he spent his nights.

But now, he’s set aside that life of painted lips and over-abundant alcohol in order to pursue art! “It’s like a wonderful fusion of art nouveau and anime.” 6v5lI98.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 701 pixels) - Scaled (90.