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Where To Go and How To Get There I'm trying 25 new things before my birthday on August 29th! 1. Wear wedges every day for a week 3. Where To Go and How To Get There
Assume you are a Chinese immigrant... - Ferreira's dump
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Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters

While drafting the recent guide outlining the real dangers associated with combining different types of alcohol , I got to thinking about one of the most prominent and outspoken substance-mixers of our time, the late Hunter S. Thompson. A man who graciously documented the uncharted depths of the binge unlike any other in history, HST provided us with nuggets of wisdom and encouragement all along the way. So instead of merely sharing a list of my favorite quotes from the author, I have placed them in their proper environment, the pervasive motivational poster. Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters
16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts: Pics, Videos, Links, News

FOUND Magazine | Your Daughter's...

FOUND Magazine | Your Daughter's... FOUND by Travis in Baltimore, Maryland Found in the gutter on Ramsay Street. I am most struck by the comment about the stove.
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Extra Value Combo Alpha | Daily Shite
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Friday Frodos (4/9 Edition) - GeekWeek