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There's Finally a Wookiee iPhone Case To Match Your Awesome Chewbacca Hoodie. This Modern Island Home Is Entirely Powered by the Sun. An NYC Staircase a Giant Could Climb—And You Can Live In. Yes it is; i could sublet my 450 sqft studio apt for $2500/mo or sell it for 380-400 Well, I guess I'm never living in NY, then...

An NYC Staircase a Giant Could Climb—And You Can Live In

New luxury buildings like that, with nice amenities, doormen, washer/dryer (rarity in nyc) go for about $2,500 - $35,00 for studios and $3,000 + for 1 bedrooms. The Cash Register of the Future Wraps the iPad in Beautiful Bamboo. I'd also be concerned about the configuration and custom-ability of the software which isn't discussed here at all.

The Cash Register of the Future Wraps the iPad in Beautiful Bamboo

As for cost effective, I have easily setup and used the following: Hardware: Refurbished PC + refurbished 15" touch screen (though wasn't strictly necessary) [ < $400 ] thermal printer (receipts) + laser printer (invoices / reports), credit card reader Software: OpenBravo Community Edition (free) [though they have additional pay versions and premade appliances] OpenBravo has product categories, inventory management, customer management, handles multiple payment types at once, end of day reports, and customizable receipts.

When Living Room Furniture is Also Workout Equipment, It's Harder to Avoid Exercise. These Awesome Offices Have a Giant Slide Inside. Do you know why I love things like that?

These Awesome Offices Have a Giant Slide Inside

Why I love slides in offices, bowling alleys in offices, etc.? Because becoming an adult shouldn't mean you have to become boring as well. The Best Way to Recycle a 747 Is to Live In It. Only the Lonely Dine at This Transforming Dinner Table Bed. Ok, looking at the picture, i immediately notice that you can not actually sit at this in the standard seated position.

Only the Lonely Dine at This Transforming Dinner Table Bed

It looks about as high as your thighs, and the only way to get your legs under there would be to stretch them out flat and rest your feet on the other cushion. At this point, youre already eating off your lap, so why have all the extra hullabaloo? I guess you could sit side-saddle, but the taco place I like going to has seats like that and I hate it. Dress to Kill (Or Just Prick) With a Set of Pocket Knife Cufflinks. These are beautiful.

Dress to Kill (Or Just Prick) With a Set of Pocket Knife Cufflinks

And someone might actually notice them. That would be a relief, because cufflinks do not fare well on the hassle/benefit ratio of fancy apparel. Whimsical Floating Desk Supported By Balloons and Giant Jenga Pieces. The Luckiest Kid on Earth (or Hoth) Just Got an AT-AT Bunk Bed. An Upside Down Helicopter Makes For One Bad-Ass Ceiling Fan.

The 10 Most Awesome Pools In the World. The Private Rocker Is a Perfect Place to Escape the Office. Stay Off Your Boss's Radar With This Stealth-Inspired Desk. The Gazebo Gets a 21st Century Update. Concrete Business Cards Are Impractical and Exquisite Works of Art. Interesting but also impractical and potentially painful/destructive idea.

Concrete Business Cards Are Impractical and Exquisite Works of Art

I can picture this card breaking in someone's back/jacket pocket and either stabbing the client in the ass/under a fingernail, scratching their smartphone, or putting a small hole in their pants/jacket lining. You Don't Have To Be Drunk To Want This R2-D2 Hoodie. Baseball Mitt Wallets Resurrect Your Favorite Old Glove. This Couch Is the Only Place It's Ever Ok To Fall Asleep At the Wheel. Giant Loop Shower Is a Bidet For Your Entire Body. The Nicest Micro-Cabin $10,000 Can Buy. I can easily see people doing just that, buying a few and linking them together.

The Nicest Micro-Cabin $10,000 Can Buy

Very neat concept. Check out container housing. Convert cargo containers to living areas. We have a set at the deer lease, it works rather well; 2 bunk containers, 1 kitchen/bath container (bathroom|kitchen|bathroom, not a bathroom in the kitchen). Indoor Basketball Court, Summerlin, Nevada - John Giuffo. Soccer Goal Chairs Are the Only Way Children Will Voluntarily Sit Down. Panic Button Light Switch Adds Drama To Conserving Electricity. Take out old switch, install this.

Panic Button Light Switch Adds Drama To Conserving Electricity

Unless your old switch is part of a 3-way or 4-way setup (i.e. multiple switches on the same light) And even if your switch is on a 3-way or 4-way setup, your local hardware store should have a compatible switch. If you really want it, go for it. As for having an electrician to do the install.... 1) Shut off the power to the room 2) Even with power off, NEVER touch more than one wire at a time - I usually rewire outlets and switches with the power on and just use the only touch one rule, but don't do that. 3) unscrew cover plate.

Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props! The House That Can Live on the Water or in the Trees. Gray Walls and Various Imagery: A Simple Corner Workspace. The Best Towel Rack Is the One You Barely Notice At All. This Ridiculous Hot Tub Is Larger Than Some New York Apartments. What's to question, specifically?

This Ridiculous Hot Tub Is Larger Than Some New York Apartments

People have been putting electronics near copious amounts of super-conductive liquids for decades now. The technology to isolate them from one another is not new. Err... I'm guessing you've never seen pool lights. Most of the bath tub product that common in the market are seldom using integrated sound system or TV. Turn an IKEA Folding Desk Into a Convertible, Hidden Computer. Sadly, This Photoshop Mirror Doesn't Include a Magic Wand Tool For Baggy Eyes. Unedited: This Pool/Moat Sucks.

Tiny Table Turns Your Fire Escape Into a Luxurious Patio. Completely flawed design.

Tiny Table Turns Your Fire Escape Into a Luxurious Patio

There is nothing from stopping the table top from pivoting down under minimal weight. A single wing nut and a close-by screw plus a round rod off center are not going to lock it in place. It will pivot on the screw or wingnut inwards or outwards... or the weight will fall in the dowel... Only friction of the wood at the wingnut joint with minimal torsion support by the secondaryu screw is previnting this thing from falling over. Lounge Chair Ingeniously Hides a Workspace in Its Arms. Temperature Regulating Chairs Bring Peace To Office Thermostat Wars. You'd Never Want To Graduate From this Amazing, Automated College Dorm Room. Pop-up Bedside Table Is Another Reason Not To Get Your Butt Out Of Bed. Stunning Ice Sculpture Table Will Never Melt Away. These Sleek Salt and Pepper Shakers Have Only One Opening.

Store it with the opening downwards after use... Waste salt and get the counter dirty at the same time? Nope. Looks nice, but practical it is not. It has a "modern" look, but doesn't follow the "modern" philosophy. Real modernistic products are supposed to have the same functions as previous renditions of the idea, but do it better, without all of the frills. This Desk-Shelf Hybrid Harmoniously Combines Form and Function. This Toilet Is the Perfect Place To Sit When Perched On a Glass Floor Over a 15 Story Shaft. No way would i use it i can see it now some architect dude saying "that glass can hold and elephant" shatter AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Transform Your Office Cubicle into a Roman Palace With a Chariot Chair. If a Tree Falls In Your Living Room and There's No One To Sit On It, Does It Really Become a Bench? For Your Next Vacation, Book a Night In One of These Lovely Shipping Containers.

This Helmet Crafted from Sustainable Wood and Cork Is as Safe as Your Plastic and Foam One. I found this intriguing, and went both to the source article and Coyle's website. How Sweet Is This Subterranean Shanghai Hotel Going to Be? Inside The $400,000 Van Built Like A Private Jet. $386,000 buys quite a lot of gas. More than a million miles worth for that van :) I wish I had $386,000, heck, $38,600. Miniature Furniture Waffle Mold: Ken and Barbie Better Hit the Malibu Dream Gym. Million Dollar Subterranean Garage Is Only Accessible Through an Aircraft Carrier Elevator. The Gorgeous Spiral Staircase You Can Put Literally Anywhere.

Ikea's "Experimental" LED Lamps Are Perfect For "Experimental" Lying On the Floor Staring at the Ceiling. For what it's worth, I am 1/4 Swede, and a student of and a lover of the Swedish language. As Sneaky well knows, ä å and ö are separate letters of the language. The accent marks aren't just there for show, like some languages. New PU Leather Basketball Chair Sofa and Ottoman Set: Office Products. Retractable Beds Let You Hide an Entire Living Room Under Your Mattress. Stackable Pint Glasses Will Make You an Oktoberfest Superhero. Tetris Lamp Lights Up When Stacked Instead of Disappearing. Instantly Class Up Any Room With Beer Can Lighting. I Want This Imperial AT-AT Volkswagen Van. 65-Foot-High Lego Church Is Really a Party Cathedral. A Magnetic Metal Ball Is the Secret To This Designer Lamp's Flexibility. You'll Never Outgrow this Transforming Crib/Couch/Desk. My brother and I had captain's beds, which is like a high rise platform bed with shelves and drawers.

One side is open, so is put up against the wall, and the other side has the shelves and what-not. In the 90's, Mom gave our beds to her friend's little kids. Now, the adult son turned the bed around so the open side is out. He has his mattress in the open space underneath the platform and uses the platform as a desk. Designer Wireframe Chair Is Just Barely There. Millennium Falcon Guitar Guarantees You a Spot In the Cantina Band. Extending Camper Vans Give the Modern Hippy Plenty Of Leg Room. Seriously. Award-Winning Smoke Alarm Sounds Like a Bird and Could Save Your Life. The Olympics Will Have Bombproof Trash Cans with LCD Screens. Haptic Weather Forecaster Lets You Feel Tomorrow's Temperature. Shoot Your Lights Off with the BANG! Lamp. REK: A Shape-Shifting Coffee Table That Expands When Friends Come Over. Hankie Notepads Keep Reporters Looking Dapper. This Awesome Ship Is the Only Cruise I Would Take. The Pirate Bay's Founders Are Going to a Prison That's Better than Your Life.

Turn Your Old Airbus A300 Into a Lovely Hanging Lamp. This R2-D2 Rug Would Look Great In the Emperor's Throne Room. Keep This Inflatable RC R2-D2 Away From Jawas and Thumbtacks. Starbucks Builds a Drive-Through Out of Shipping Containers. Daily Desired: A Bullet Cocktail Shaker to Put Cold Shots in Your Head.

No, You Do Not Need a Set of Wi-Fi Cufflinks. This Fabulous Expandable Caravan Is Cooler Than Most Apartments. Artist Builds a Six Million-Matchstick Model Monastery. Question Block Lamp Won't Grant You a Single Extra Life. Crazy Four Player Ping Pong Adds Elements Of Pool. The Greatest Toilet Seat I've Ever Seen. A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor. How a Bounty Hunter Battles the Cold. Stay As Warm As a Wookiee In This Hoodie.

Soft Serve Cone Lamps: What? No Sprinkles? This Is Where the Avengers Do All Their Paperwork. McDonald's Outside of America Looks Way More Awesome. The World's Most Secret Garage Entrance Is Like A Tunnel To Tron.