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Myers-Briggs: You're an INTP! Note: this page is a dead page that is being left online so that all those who may already somehow be linked to it can still find it.

Myers-Briggs: You're an INTP!

However, the new location of the simulated Myers Briggs personality tests has been updated. You're on a quest for logical're motivated to examine universal truths and principles...always asking "Why? " and "Why not? "...can focus with great intensity on your appreciate elegance and efficiency in thought processes and demand it in your communication... You might appear low key in appearance and approach, you're hard as nails when challenging a don't like to deal with the your best when developing unusual or complex can be an under- achieving but very capable student...if you don't like a rule, you're quick to challenge it and find flaws in it -- this could make you somewhat of a rebel...if you like the rule, though, you have a respect for it and go along with it... Personality Types - INTP. Personality Types - INTJ.