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Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid. Dear Readers, We had a discussion in the QFS about Prozac.

Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid

Someone mentioned the technical name of the compound and it was noted that it was similar to Fluoride. So, several members of the group started looking at this issue and, yes, sure enough, the same poison that is being used to dumb us down in so many other ways, is being given to people as a prescription for any number of psychological problems. I guess that the Powers that Be figure if you are made stupid enough, you won't have brains enough to be depressed. This material was compiled for Signs of the Times by mgt. [Note: portions of this summary are drawn from a number of more extensive articles at] Environmentalists have become increasingly concerned about the widespread effects of fluorides in air pollution, both in gaseous and particulate form. Part I - The Wishing Well Declassified documents obtained by by Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson (1) appear to show that: "It is an ill wind blows no good" 3.

. (1). Dr. Tp11. ThyroidDangersOsmunson1-5-2010. Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid by Andreas Schuld. Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid by Andreas Schuld August 1999 A.

Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid by Andreas Schuld

Schuld/PFPC OPEN LETTER TO: Susan Cameron-Block Host - Current Health Issues Dear Susan, I am writing this letter with the intent to inform on various issues associated with the use of fluorides, especially as it relates to green and black teas, and to voice our concern about the continued promotion of green tea as a drink"beneficial to one's health" on your radio show "Current Health Issues". Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid by Andreas Schuld. Therapeutic Touch. Iodine supplementation markedly increases urinary excretion of fluoride and bromide - Letters to the Editor Editor: While the debate continues, regarding benefits and adverse effects of fluoridation of our water supply and bromination of our food supply, what can one do to minimize the toxic effects of these 2 halides?

Therapeutic Touch

Thyroid History. History of the Fluoride/Iodine Antagonism© 1996 - 2013 PFPC Canada 1854 - Maumene feeds sodium fluoride to a dog and causes a goiter to appear(also spelled goitre -> thyroid enlargement).

Thyroid History

He is the first to consider fluorides as a cause of goiter. Suggests that high fluoride in water might be the cause of endemic goiter. Effect of Fluorine on Thyroidal Iodine Metabolism in Hyperthyroidism. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology 1958; 18:1102-1110.

Effect of Fluorine on Thyroidal Iodine Metabolism in Hyperthyroidism

PIERRE-M. GALLETTI, M.D., PH.D* AND GUSTAVE JOYET, D.Sc. The Department of Medicine and Radiology, Kantonspital, Zurich, Switzerland. Fluoride Detective. A lot.

Fluoride Detective

A whole lot. When the element of fluoride is combined with something else, it becomes a fluoride compound. There is a vast range of fluorine-containing compounds because fluorine has the capability of forming compounds with nearly all the elements. Here are some common forms: Sodium Fluoride is used in most toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental varnish, dental preparations and nutritional supplements. Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is compound of calcium and fluorine which occurs naturally as the mineral fluorite – also called fluorspar.

Cryolite or Sodium Aluminum Fluoride is commonly used for aluminum smelting, though is also a pesticide often applied directly to field crops, resulting in permitted fluoride residues in and on fresh fruits and vegetables. Fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is commonly used for water fluoridation. RE: PROZAC is almost TOTALLY FLOURIDE! Reasons I don't want fluoride or fluorine compounds in my drugs or my water...especially compounded with a chloride.


Prozac is a fluorinated drug called "fluoxetine". Paxil is a fluorinated drug called "paroxetine" (also called Seroxat, Aropax). These drugs are designed to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin (serotonin reuptake inhibitors - SSRIs) and hence interfere with the biological actions of serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Both drugs contain fluorine and chloride. Fluoride is present as a '4-fluorophenyl' compound, part of the 'active' ingredient. Fluorophenyl compounds have shown to disturb thyroid hormone activity in several ways, specifically in the liver and at the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis. Observations In depressed patients receiving paroxetine the T4 level was reduced by 11. 2% (Konig et al, 2000).

In animals chronic administration of fluoxetine results in a decrease in both T4 and T3 levels. Ask Dr Stoll - Fluoride post archive. Fluoride. Prozac and Fluorine Posted by Lorna on December 06, 2002 at 12:11:00: Here is an eye-opening article on Prozac from Friday, December 06, 2002 For over a year, I have been pursuing a story about Prozac.


I have received much opinion and estimate, but until now I have been chasing elusive facts. I am perfectly willing to have these facts challenged, but only with better facts, not with feelings or presumptions or agendas. Here is what I’ve been chasing down: the assertion that Prozac actually contains fluorides. As many of us know, the subject of fluorides (in toothpaste, mouthwash, water supplies of cities) has been a very hot topic. I’ve written on this before, and you can find the stories in my archive. See other data on overgrowth of bones, crippling skeletal malformations, arthritic symptoms of varying severity, et al. There is much data in the counter-literature suggesting that fluorides can cause cancer. Okay. Here was the reply from Sandow. Prozac. Prozac/Paxil Facts© 2001 - 2003 PFPC Latest News: June 19th, 2003: FDA to review reports of a possible increased risk of suicidal thinking and suicide attempts in children and adolescents under the age of 18 treated with Paxil.


The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry. Intelligent Anti-Fluoride Statement - Dr. J. William Hirzy. Broadening Public Awareness on Fluoride. New Warning About the "Healthy" Fluoride That Can Damage Your Brain and is in Fact a Dangerous Toxin - The Examined Life. This video confirms what many have known for many a year.

New Warning About the "Healthy" Fluoride That Can Damage Your Brain and is in Fact a Dangerous Toxin - The Examined Life

I for one, for the most part used non-fluoride toothpaste for years. Trying to get my kids to do so is a different matter, mind… Truth Every Mother Should Know.