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310-619-3055. O2 Worldwide. Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health and well-being.

O2 Worldwide

It is vital for proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, and digestion and the elimination of cellular and metabolic wastes. Even our abilities to think, feel, and act require oxygen-related energy production. It is no surprise then that scientists have determined that low levels of oxygen can disrupt the body's ability to function correctly. “...All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level,” states Dr.

Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., in The Textbook of Medical Physiology. Sufficient oxygen helps the body in its ability to rebuild itself and maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Unfortunately, because pollution is everywhere, we don't get enough oxygen just from breathing. WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT IF…you could heal faster and get back to feeling good again?

Hydrogen Peroxide v. Prostate Cancer. 1957 R.A. Holman. V60N05 283. The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide By Dr. David G. Williams. 26 Amazing Benefits and Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide. By Andrea Harper Guest Writer for Wake Up World Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen.

26 Amazing Benefits and Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation! For this reason, Hydrogen peroxide is considered the world’s safest all natural effective sanitizer. Hydrogen peroxide kills microorganisms by oxidizing them, which can be best described as a controlled burning process. 1. Soak any infections or cuts in 3% for five to ten minutes several times a day. 2. Use about 2 quarts 3% Hydrogen peroxide to a tub of warm water. 3. To cure a foot fungus, simply spray a 50/50 mixture of Hydrogen peroxide and water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry. 4. Patients infected by tiny mites report that hydrogen peroxide effectively kills the mites on their skins. 5.

A tablespoon of 3% Hydrogen peroxide added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. Drink H2O2 Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. New Cancer Treatments - Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Everything you ever wanted to know about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide,but didn’t know who to ask...

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

For centuries, people who have worked in the health sciences have been seeking to identify the primary biochemical cause of all disease, and the cure-all that thisbasic principle would yield. The cause and the cure have been found, but their utter simplicity makes them difficult to accept at first. It seems that if it’s really that simple, we should have discovered it ages ago and we should have been using it all along. Well, I’ve re-discovered it. I am absolutely NOT the first to do so. When something as vital as oxygen is taken away in a dramatic, immediate manner, its importance becomes quite obvious. Human beings can go for several months without food and even for several days without water, but we all require a continual supply of oxygen in order to survive.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! Oxygenated water (hydrogen peroxide) falls to earth in rain and snow. Section 2 DANGER? WARNING! Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment - Alternative Cancer Treatments. Warning Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are oxidants and should not be combined with treatments which are primarily anti-oxidants, such as the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment - Alternative Cancer Treatments

Because it is much easier to combine many anti-oxidants together the Dirt Cheap Protocol is considered a far more potent cancer treatment than using hydrogen peroxide at home. Plus it is a lot safer. Thus, the reason the Dirt Cheap Protocol is endorsed over the hydrogen peroxide treatment is that far more items can be combined together. The hydrogen peroxide protocol is only endorsed for newly diagnosed cancer patients who have slow-growing cancers. Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment Before reading this article it is important to know what is going on inside of cancer cells!! Note that cancer is caused by microbes which are inside the cancer cells. Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire: you need enough fire trucks to deal with the fire. While all of this is going on things must be done to deal with the immune system, etc. Why not? Hydrogen Peroxide Cures and Health Benefits.

Remediosconperoxido. Medical Uses of H2O2. Kenneth A.

Medical Uses of H2O2

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